28th March 2020 Cheyenne Mountain Bunker

U.S. Military Command Teams Charged With US Homeland Defense Moves Into Cheyenne Mountain Bunker Until Chinese Virus Pandemic Passes

Cheyenne mountain bunker have become the alternate site for U.S. Military Command Teams in charge of protecting homeland security. They are being isolated in the infamous Cheyenne mountain bunker where they will remain ‘sealed off’ until the Chinese Virus pandemic passes.

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10th March 2020 U.S. Health Care System : A nurse demonstrates how she wears a respirator helmet with a face shield intended to prevent infection.

Is the U.S. Health Care System Prepared for Coronavirus? Here are some Alarming Figures.

Much of the current discourse on — and dismissal of — the Covid-19 outbreak focuses on comparisons of the total case load and total deaths with those caused by seasonal influenza. But these comparisons can be deceiving, especially in the early stages of an exponential curve as a novel virus tears through an immunologically naïve population.

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14th November 2019 Map of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

Fake Pakistani Propaganda exposed in an Open Letter to US Congressmen before Kashmir hearing

We received an email from an Indian with the subject matter “Open Letter to US Congressmen before Kashmir hearing on 14th November” with an Open Letter about the Fake Pakistani Propaganda, written to the US Congressmen before Kashmir Hearing. We are publishing the same here without any edits. We are glad that most of our previous articles were quoted in the Open Letter to the US.

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9th September 2019 Is Communism a Revolution or a Threat?

Communism – Revolution or a Threat?

When we converse about this political term “communism”, we sometimes use to get confused with political dilemma of “liberty” in communism. Well to be clear, Communism and Liberalism are two different aspects. Communism is more like Dictatorship and Totalitarianism, while liberty means freedom of everything. Hence, Freedom in communism is a false theory.

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2nd September 2019 Bernie Sanders woos Muslim Voters at an event organized by ISNA

Bernie Sanders Woos Jihadi Elements – Marriage of Leftists and Islamist Radicals

Bernie Sanders woos Jihadi Elements for upcoming 2020 elections. During the weekend Bernie Sanders attended a controversial event that was organized by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) which is an offshoot of “Muslim Brotherhood”. It should be noted that US has tried to declare as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” a couple of times in the past for it’s links with Kashmir terrorism, Hamas and other terror fronts.

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