18th November 2019 Iran Gasoline Price Rise Protests.

Iran Supreme Leader Backs Gasoline Price Rise To Stop Oil Smuggling by Pakistan

Protests due to Gasoline Price Rise in Iran has claimed 63 lives. Protests are ongoing in 93 cities. 101 regime-sites are destroyed in Iran. Dozens of banks, government owned buildings & vehicles were burned by the people during Gasoline Price Rise Protests in Iran. Major unrest was seen in Tehran and Qom. Internet has been blocked in major portions of Iran.

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17th November 2019 Pakistani Army Continues Its Genocide In Balochistan

Pakistani Army Continues Its Genocide In Balochistan: Human Rights Abuse Report for September and October 2019

Pakistani Army continues its Genocide in Balochistan during the month of September and October 2019. We presented to you the earlier Human rights abuse report on August in our previous article Pakistani Army Continues Barbarism In Balochistan: Killing Baloch Point Blank and we mentioned that we will try to post the Human Right Abuse Report from Balochistan every month. Here is the Human Rights Report for the month of September and October 2019 for our readers.

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15th November 2019 Map of erstwhile Princely state of Jammu and Kashmir: Jammu and Kashmir Includes Chitral and Parts of Kohistan

Jammu and Kashmir Includes Chitral and Parts of Kohistan

Erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir Includes Chitral and Parts of Kohistan that are illegally occupied by Pakistan. New research by historians, who checked the historical records have found this information. As per a historian we spoke with, soon Indian Government will look into the claims made by Historians and will take appropriate actions including amendment in the Map of Union Territory of Ladakh, if needed, to extend to Chitral and Parts of Kohistan.

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14th November 2019 Map of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

Fake Pakistani Propaganda exposed in an Open Letter to US Congressmen before Kashmir hearing

We received an email from an Indian with the subject matter “Open Letter to US Congressmen before Kashmir hearing on 14th November” with an Open Letter about the Fake Pakistani Propaganda, written to the US Congressmen before Kashmir Hearing. We are publishing the same here without any edits. We are glad that most of our previous articles were quoted in the Open Letter to the US.

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10th November 2019 Systematic Destruction of Gurudwaras of Pakistan

Gurudwaras of Pakistan: Systematic Destruction by Islamist Radical Pakistan

Gurudwaras of Pakistan show the true love of Pakistan for Sikhs. The Sikh Gurudwaras of Pakistan and Buildings including Havelis of cultural heritage have been systematically destroyed. Many Gurudwaras of Pakistan have been illegally occupied by Islamist Radicals and are using them as their residence. Thousands of acres of Land belonging to different Gurudwaras of Pakistan are illegally occupied by Islamist Radicals who do not let Sikh Devotees go near the historic Sikh sites. Many of the historic gurudwaras are in dilapidated state that local Islamist Radicals have even stolen the bricks from the Gurudwaraswalls to construct their own houses. In most of the Historical Gurudwaras, the holy scripture of Sikhs “Guru Granth Sahib” is not allowed to be kept.

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8th November 2019 Standard of Living of Pakistan Army versus Pakistan General Public

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan looting Pakistani Tax Payers Money

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan is a group of companies run by Pakistan Army. Fauji means Army man. Every country has an Army or in other words the Army works for the country. However, Pakistan is the only country in the world where “Army has a country” or in other words, “the country works for the Army”. All the policy decisions of Pakistan Government are directed to benefit Pakistan Army.

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3rd November 2019 Submarine Cable Fault being used as an excuse by Pakistan for Internet Blackout

Submarine Cable Fault An Excuse: Internet Blackout in Pakistan to hide Genocide

Submarine cable fault is being used as an excuse to block Internet in many parts of Pakistan. However the reality is that Pakistan is suppressing the voices of millions of Freedom fighters who want freedom from Pakistan. Amidst the Political and Economic turmoil in Pakistan, Pakistan created a massive Internet blackout across the country on Monday 28-October 2019 .

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