14th February 2020 Pakistani Origin Sajid Javid and Indian Origin Rishi Sunak who replaced Sajid Javid

UK Got Rid Of Pakistani Origin Sajid Javid As UK Chancellor Of Exchequer

UK finally got rid of the Pakistani Origin Sajid Javid as Chancellor of Exchequer whose history as a British administrator caused more harm to UK than good. In the past he had opened doors of UK to the Jihadists from Pakistan and other countries with no concern for the safety of Britishers. It may not be a coincidence that violent protests happened outside Indian High Commission in London days after he got down as Home Secretary.

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5th September 2019 Broken window pane after violent protests by Pakistanis in the name of Kashmir in Sadiq Khan's Londonistan

Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan: Fear Psychosis and Destruction of Tourism

In the midst of all the controversies surrounding London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs, Pakistani Knife violence, Pakistani violent agitations, hooliganism, the worst sufferer is the UK Tourism Industry. As the word is spreading around the world of London getting converted into Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan, People are avoiding visiting London.

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17th August 2019 Posters around the UK

Pakistani Demographic Invasion of UK & The Demise of British Glory

Pakistani Demographic Invasion in last few decades and more assertive Pakistani Muslim community is leading to erosion of the UK culture. With population of Pakistani Muslims almost doubled in last 10 years, more and more districts are becoming Pakistani Muslim Majority districts and “No-Go” areas coming up. Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs raping tens of thousands of British Girls. Sharia Zones coming up, and there is less tolerance for non-Muslims. With the recent 5000 plus strong Pakistani Muslim mob terrorizing Indians in London are a few examples that show, how UK will shape in 2050. Will it be another Pakistan at the heart of Europe?

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11th August 2019 Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs

Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs – British Girls’ Honour Doesn’t Matter

The reason 2000 of our young white girls were raped in one town alone, Rotherham, was because When girls went to police, the police didn’t want to be called Islamophobic, when the girls told the social workers, they didn’t want to be called Racist, the girls were pushed away, no you must be wrong, must be from care home, no one believed, in the end 2000 girls were raped by Gangs of majority Pakistani Muslim men.

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2nd August 2019 Pakistani swindler Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Group

Pakistani Swindler Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Investment Defrauds US Investors of over $1 Billion

Abraaj, which claimed to have managed almost $14bn in funds, was forced into liquidation last June after a group of investors, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation and The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Opic), a US government agency, commissioned an audit to investigate the alleged mismanagement of money in its $1bn healthcare fund.

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26th July 2019 Members of Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs ordered to be deported from UK for raping and pimping minor girls

Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in UK Raped Thousands of Girls 8-12 Year Old

Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in UK have raped and pimped thousands of non-Muslim British Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Atheist girls of age 8-12 years. Majority of the convicted persons are Pakistani Muslims. However as per people, the convictions are just a tip of the iceberg. There are far bigger number of Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs that are still out at large and have created a terror in whole UK.

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11th July 2019 Ezra Levant questioning Pakistan Foreign Minister during “Defend Media Freedom” conference

Pakistan shamed over Twitter Censorship during “Defend Media Freedom” conference in London

In a biggest ever embarrassment for Pakistan, Media Journalists boycotted Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s session and empty chairs welcomed him. As per the Social Media users, it was very unfortunate and shameful for the meeting organizers to invite Pakistan during the “Defend Media Freedom” conference in London.

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11th July 2019 Tommy Robinson sentenced to 9 months for exposing Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs

Tommy Robinson, sentenced to 9 months Jail for exposing Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs

Tommy Robinson, sentenced to 9 months Jail for exposing Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs The hearing that went the whole two-day hearing, Tommy Robinson was convicted of contempt of court. Tommy Robinson has been sent back to prison for the second time, for the “crime” of live-streaming his political commentary outside the trial of a Pakistani […]

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