6th July 2019 Will the IMF Bailout loan to Pakistan stop kidnapping and forced conversion of Hindu and Christian girls.

Multiple protests by different minority groups against Tyrannical rule of Punjabi Pakistan

There is a growing resentment in the public against the Punjabi dominated Pakistan government. As per the reports received there were a lot of protests organized in Pakistan on different issues by Mohajirs.

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4th July 2019 President Donald Trump USA Bans BLA in Balochistan

US bans BLA. Was the US forced to take the decision in a haste?

People are of the opinion that it is a decision by the US, that seems to be taken in a haste without consulting the neighboring countries including Afghanistan and India and without consulting the Human Rights Organizations operating in Balochistan. People are of the opinion that the US President Donald Trump will not bow to the Chinese pressure or Taliban demands and ally with the FATF Grey Listed Pakistan again.

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