28th March 2020 Cheyenne Mountain Bunker

U.S. Military Command Teams Charged With US Homeland Defense Moves Into Cheyenne Mountain Bunker Until Chinese Virus Pandemic Passes

Cheyenne mountain bunker have become the alternate site for U.S. Military Command Teams in charge of protecting homeland security. They are being isolated in the infamous Cheyenne mountain bunker where they will remain ‘sealed off’ until the Chinese Virus pandemic passes.

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23rd March 2020 Why is China Rattled with the Chinese Virus Cartoon?

Is China rattled with Chinese Virus? Will World demand Compensation?

The reality is this. Whether one likes it or not, the virus originated in China and it shouldn’t offend anyone to call it China Virus or Wuhan Virus. But, yes. Racist terms like Kung Flu are a big no, but tagging the virus to the place of origin is a no brainer. After all, all history, we had similar names – Spanish Flu, German Measles and even recently, Ebola and Nipah. But, China is not happy that the virus is tagged against it’s name by American President Donald Trump, who in no mean words, said, it is Chinese Virus because it originated in China.

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22nd March 2020 Pakistan Army using Coronavirus as Biological Weapon against Baloch Nation.

Pakistan Army using Coronavirus As A Biological Weapon Against The Baloch Nation

Dr. Murad said, “The people infected with coronavirus are kept in Balochistan; rather than, sending them to their own areas. This is a willful attempt to spread the coronavirus across Balochistan which fits perfectly their planned Baloch pogroms and genocide. This is being used as a biological weapon against the Baloch nation.”

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10th March 2020 U.S. Health Care System : A nurse demonstrates how she wears a respirator helmet with a face shield intended to prevent infection.

Is the U.S. Health Care System Prepared for Coronavirus? Here are some Alarming Figures.

Much of the current discourse on — and dismissal of — the Covid-19 outbreak focuses on comparisons of the total case load and total deaths with those caused by seasonal influenza. But these comparisons can be deceiving, especially in the early stages of an exponential curve as a novel virus tears through an immunologically naïve population.

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