Journey from Pen to Mountains: Balochistan Freedom Fighters

Journey from Pen to Mountains: Balochistan Freedom Fighters is the translation of an article written by a Baloch Journalist, Sumaira Baloch, published in local language in Balochistan Post.

Journey from Pen to Mountains: Balochistan Freedom Fighters
Journey from Pen to Mountains: Balochistan Freedom Fighters

It is said that there are only two forces in the world. One is the sword and the other is the pen, but it is also said that knowledge is more powerful than the sword. Absolutely true. Because knowledge gives consciousness, knowledge gives that power and existence, which no one else can steal from you, the enemy cannot destroy the power of your consciousness in spite of millions.

Balochistan is a land where the mountains become the home of the young and the conscious, because it is their consciousness that takes them to the mountains. Balochistan is the land occupied by the enemy country. And the greatest oppression of the enemy on the Baloch people is to keep the Baloch away from education. The purpose of depriving them of education is clear. Because the enemy is well aware of the power of knowledge and consciousness. That is why they want to deprive the Baloch of the power of pen.

Knowledge gives consciousness. And when consciousness comes, their pen takes them to the mountains. That is why most of the educated youth of Balochistan Shaheed Nawab Balach Murree completed his education from Russia and his residence became the mountains of Sarlath of Balochistan. Shaheed Fida Baloch did his double MA from Balochistan University. His residence also became the mountains of Balochistan. Dr. Allah Nazar Sahib is also a medalist. His home is in the mountains of Balochistan. Shaheed Shahdad Baloch and Ehsan Baloch who got MA degree from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad also made the mountains of Balochistan as their residence!!! 

Because it is the power of the pen that can make a person stand up for the truth, to recognize oppression and falsehood. The same pen that made forced Dr. Che Guevara to become a guerrilla commander, the same pen that made Nelson Mandela the voice of his nation, the same pen that gave him the power to spend 25 years of his life behind bars and change the destiny of his nation. That is why it is said, “The pen is more powerful than the gun.” 

So it is clear that the gun can be defeated, but it is impossible to defeat the consciousness. They are frustrated because they know very well that this is a movement of consciousness, it is impossible for their rights and the motherland to defeat it.

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