9th January 2020 Forest Fire Jihad in Australia. Over 500 million animals killed.

Did Forest Fire Jihad Caused The Largest Forest Fire In Australia?

Was it the Forest Fire Jihad that caused the largest Forest fire of the century in Australia? It matters not whether it’s the greatest forest fire known to mankind. What matters is over 500 million animals killed and there is a high chance that some species which were not even considered as vulnerable may go extinct due to loss of numbers and loss of habitat.

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30th August 2019 Indian Army Ready to Kill Pakistan Jihadists and Terrorist that Pakistan Army is trying to push

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories on the Boil. Jihad Fervor Grips Pakistanis

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories are working overtime to ferment Jihadist fervor among the Pakistanis. Pakistan always diverts its public attention to India and specifically Kashmir whenever the Pakistan Economy is in shambles. In order to divert public attention from the Economic Bankruptcy, increasing prices, mounting debt, rising inflation, Pakistan has resorted to the Jihad rhetoric to create a delusion about Kashmiri Muslims in trouble.

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