15th October 2019 US President Trump Imposed Sanctions on Turkey for killing Kurds in Syria

President Trump Imposed Sanctions on Turkey, EU Nations to follow suit : Turkey Stock Market Crash

US President Trump imposed sanctions on Turkey over Syria Invasion. He signed the executive order imposing the sanctions on Monday night (14-October 2019). EU Nations also met in Luxembourg on Monday and banned all Arms Exports to Turkey. They also considered placing sanctions on Turkish Oil drilling companies. After Monday’s Stock Market crash in Turkey, the fresh sanctions are expected to further crash the Turkish stock market and put pressure on its currency LIRA.

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13th October 2019 Imperialist Turkey Invasion of Cyprus

Imperialist Turkey Threatens to Invade whole of Cyprus, Encircles Cyprus

Imperialist Turkey is being condemned worldwide. Periodically stoking tensions with Greece and Cyprus has always been a part of Turkish foreign-policy strategy. This time is far more dangerous, however, because there are signs Turkey might be ready to escalate its confrontation beyond mere rhetoric. Tension mounted in the Eastern Mediterranean on 8-October as the Imperialist Turkey Navy practically encircled Cyprus with almost 20 vessels, including frigates and submarines.

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18th August 2019 A Yazidi girl praying

Understanding Yazidi Culture and the Plight of Yazidis

Yazidi Culture is entirely a unique culture, totally different from Islam or Christianity. There are many resemblances with Hindu Culture. We appeal the world to recognize Yazidi plight and help Yazidis in settling in a peaceful environment where they can follow their unique Yazidi Culture without any oppression and hindrance and grow.

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