17th November 2019 Pakistani Army Continues Its Genocide In Balochistan

Pakistani Army Continues Its Genocide In Balochistan: Human Rights Abuse Report for September and October 2019

Pakistani Army continues its Genocide in Balochistan during the month of September and October 2019. We presented to you the earlier Human rights abuse report on August in our previous article Pakistani Army Continues Barbarism In Balochistan: Killing Baloch Point Blank and we mentioned that we will try to post the Human Right Abuse Report from Balochistan every month. Here is the Human Rights Report for the month of September and October 2019 for our readers.

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16th September 2019 Baloch Human Rights Camp near Broken Chair outside UN Human Rights Conference venue.

People Want Pakistan Army Generals Punished for War Crimes

People want Pakistan Army Generals Punished for the War Crimes. Pakistan Army Generals and the top Military brass as well as the Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI are continuing their bloodbath in Balochistan. Despite the UN Human Rights Conference taking place at Geneva, there is no respite to the people of Balochistan from Army Atrocities. Daily more and more reports are coming of the Pakistan Army committing mass Genocide

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7th September 2019 Pakistan Army Barbarism Continues in Balochistan

Pakistani Army Continues Barbarism in Balochistan: Killing Baloch Point Blank

Pakistani Army Continues Barbarism in Balochistan. One person asked, “Does the International Paid Media not consider people of Balochistan as Human Beings? Are we not eligible to Human rights while Pakistan is doing the propaganda for Indian Kashmiri Muslims? Are we not Muslims whom Pakistan is killing? Arabian Gulf world and the OIC that is the champion of Human Rights for Muslims, are the cries of us Baloch Muslims not reaching the Saudi, the UAE, the Qatar and other Muslim Nations? What is it that, when it comes to Balochistan, the whole world including all the International Human rights organizations look elsewhere and deny us our existence which is under threat from Pakistan?”

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23rd August 2019 Pakistan Army committing Extra Judicial Killings

Pakistan Army Committing Genocide in Balochistan: Massive Operation Launched

Pakistan Army has launched a massive operation in occupied Balochistan. About a Division of troops along with helicopter gunships are operating in Kohistan, Marri, Kohlu, Sibi & the surrounding area of Tadhi, Shakha & Daho. If International Human Rights Organizations including UN Geneva, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others do not intervene immediately and send fact finding missions in Balochistan, there is a Catastrophic Human Rights Disaster underway, that cannot be undone.

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16th August 2019 Taliban’s Doha Office must be turned into Balochistan’s Embassy

UN must be asked to intervene immediately in Balochistan: Sobdar Baluch

Taliban’s Doha Office must be turned into Balochistan’s Embassy, which guarantees regional peace and stability. Kabul, Delhi and Washington must allocate land for Balochistan’s embassy and exiled government in their countries. The friendly countries must hold a global conference in Washington, Kabul or New Delhi, inviting the Baloch pro-independence leadership, to discuss future peace plans and mechanism to end Pakistan sponsored war imposed in the region.

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