18th September 2019 Fawad Chaudhry creating every possible nuisance to evoke sharp criticism and mockery for Imran Khan and Pakistan

Is Fawad Chaudhry Backstabbing Imran Khan?

People are asking if Fawad Chaudhry Backstabbing Imran Khan. In order to come in the limelight, Pakistan’s Science and Technology minister Fawad Chaudhry had made some vile and degenerated tweets, comments and statements that has given the whole world to make a mockery of Imran Khan for selecting such a mental retard as a science and technology minister.

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21st August 2019 2 persons already Electrocuted. Third person also died.

Corrupt Imran Khan Arrogant K-Electric Electrocuted 37 People in Karachi, Sindh

Corrupt Imran Khan and Arrogant K-Electric are considered by people of Karachi as responsible for killing over 36 people in Karachi during the recent rains. Electricity Infrastructure in Karachi is in dilapidated state. Some people consider lose wiring, poor maintenance, lack of trained and qualified staff, cost cutting by K-Electric, Poor sanitation, poor rain water management, incompetence of government regulatory authority NEPRA in checking lack of preparation prior to the rainy season as responsible for the death of over 37 people in one major City, Karachi alone.

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