29th November 2019 Indian Consul General in New York Sandeep Chakravorty

Speech of Indian Consul General: Liberal Media Hides the Context. Quotes Out of Context

A video of Indian Consul General in New York Sandeep Chakravorty was spread on Social Media by Pakistan supporters and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi haters to defame Indian Government. Soon all the Liberal and Fake News main stream media (MSM) Media picked it up and twisted the facts and took certain remarks ‘out of context’ and twisted it to mean Zionism and Fascism and started writing stories on it against Indian Government.

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15th November 2019 Map of erstwhile Princely state of Jammu and Kashmir: Jammu and Kashmir Includes Chitral and Parts of Kohistan

Jammu and Kashmir Includes Chitral and Parts of Kohistan

Erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir Includes Chitral and Parts of Kohistan that are illegally occupied by Pakistan. New research by historians, who checked the historical records have found this information. As per a historian we spoke with, soon Indian Government will look into the claims made by Historians and will take appropriate actions including amendment in the Map of Union Territory of Ladakh, if needed, to extend to Chitral and Parts of Kohistan.

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14th November 2019 Map of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

Fake Pakistani Propaganda exposed in an Open Letter to US Congressmen before Kashmir hearing

We received an email from an Indian with the subject matter “Open Letter to US Congressmen before Kashmir hearing on 14th November” with an Open Letter about the Fake Pakistani Propaganda, written to the US Congressmen before Kashmir Hearing. We are publishing the same here without any edits. We are glad that most of our previous articles were quoted in the Open Letter to the US.

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21st October 2019 ISPR

Did Pakistan ISI Conspire to Cause Communal Riots in India? – Hindi

पाकिस्तान ISI ने गोधरा कांड की तरह ही कमलेश तिवारी की हत्या की योजना बनाई। गोधरा में पाकिस्तान द्वारा भारतीय संसद पर हमला करने के बाद भारतीय सीमा पर दबाव कम करने की योजना बनाई गई थी। क्या होता यदि यह हत्या इंडिया में भारतीय सीमा से सैनिकों को वापस बुलाने के लिए पाकिस्तान की एक चाल थी जो देश में बड़े सांप्रदायिक तनाव पैदा करती?

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6th October 2019 Islamist Radical Terroristan Pakistan responsible for bleeding Kashmir

Islamist Radical Terroristan Pakistan Responsible for Bleeding Kashmir

Islamist Radical “Terroristan” Pakistan is responsible for Bleeding Kashmir. Kashmir was once a Hindu Land, and for centuries different invaders and rulers plundered this land. The culture of Kashmir became unique with lots of Hindus and soft and moderate form of Islam known as Sufism was followed in Kashmir. However Terrorist Nation Pakistan which was a born enemy of India, had been constantly needling India and bleeding Kashmir. Who is the worst sufferer? Over a Million Kashmiri Pandit Refugees are forced to live the lives of refugees else where in India. Original culture of “Sufism” has been hijacked and destroyed by Pakistan by infiltrating Terrorists for several decades and brainwashing people to become Radical Islamists.

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24th September 2019 Sage Patanjali

Essence of Yoga: A Journey of Soul to Self-Realization.

What is the Essence of Yoga? There are myths that Yoga is for Hindus alone. That is not true. India is the land of Yogis, Maharshis, Saints, Spiritual Gurus who spent their lives in seclusion in the Himalayan Caves for time immemorial. This Yogic science was made easy to understand and adaptable by great sages in the past. This knowledge was passed on from one sage to his disciple since time immemorable. Some sages did extensive work to get this knowledge to general public. The purpose was to let common man know himself, his potential and take him to his path of Spiritual growth. The concepts were made easy to be understandable.

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