18th November 2019 Iran Gasoline Price Rise Protests.

Iran Supreme Leader Backs Gasoline Price Rise To Stop Oil Smuggling by Pakistan

Protests due to Gasoline Price Rise in Iran has claimed 63 lives. Protests are ongoing in 93 cities. 101 regime-sites are destroyed in Iran. Dozens of banks, government owned buildings & vehicles were burned by the people during Gasoline Price Rise Protests in Iran. Major unrest was seen in Tehran and Qom. Internet has been blocked in major portions of Iran.

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31st July 2019 Picture of Imran Khan meeting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during this recent visit to Iran

Pakistan to Face Multi-Billion-Dollar Penalty over stalled Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline

Pakistan may face an arbitration case from its neighbor Iran, over the $7 billion stalled Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project. As per the reports, Pakistan hired a French law firm, Gide Loyrette Nouel to look at options to deal with an Iranian threat to bring international court action against Islamabad over missed construction deadlines and see if the project can be completed without attracting US sanctions and to explore ways of avoiding being hit with a multi-billion-dollar bill for failure to complete its side of a gas pipeline project with sanctions-hit Iran.

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4th July 2019 Kulbhushan Yadav Case: ICJ to deliver Judgement

Kulbhushan Yadav Case: ICJ to deliver Judgement

While India is expecting justice for abduction of it’s citizen tomorrow, Pakistan is hoping ICJ will pin India and project itself as a victim. Whatever the judgement, the Baloch issue will get another public exposure before the eyes of the world and that is what Pakistan should be careful about.

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