31st July 2019 Picture of Imran Khan meeting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during this recent visit to Iran

Pakistan to Face Multi-Billion-Dollar Penalty over stalled Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline

Pakistan may face an arbitration case from its neighbor Iran, over the $7 billion stalled Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project. As per the reports, Pakistan hired a French law firm, Gide Loyrette Nouel to look at options to deal with an Iranian threat to bring international court action against Islamabad over missed construction deadlines and see if the project can be completed without attracting US sanctions and to explore ways of avoiding being hit with a multi-billion-dollar bill for failure to complete its side of a gas pipeline project with sanctions-hit Iran.

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28th July 2019 Afghanistan Army killed Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists.

Afghanistan Army Killed 811 Pakistan Supported Taliban Terrorists in last 13 days

In last 13 days, 811 Pakistan Supported Taliban Terrorists were killed and 324 Terrorists were wounded as a result of continuous clearance operations. Huge quantity of Arms and Ammunition and Drugs were seized and vehicles used by Taliban were destroyed. These figures are provided by Ministry of Defense, Afghanistan during different press releases over the past 13 days.

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27th July 2019 Can Pakistan Survive without Loans and Foreign Aid?

Can Failed Pakistan Survive Without Loans and Foreign Aid?

With its decades old strong and robust industry “Terrorism”, Can Pakistan survive without Loans and Foreign Aid? Pakistan is a Failed Nation. Does going to the multilateral agencies like IMF, World Bank, ADB and demanding for loans, signing dotted line, not equivalent to begging for money? Pakistan is a “Terrorist Producing Factory” of the world. Can the whole world let Pakistan spread its Terrorists, Radical Islamist, Grooming Gangs worldwide without impunity?

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27th July 2019 Balochistan Freedom Fighters Killed 10 Pakistan Army Personnel in an Ambush attack in hills

Balochistan Freedom Fighters Killed 14 Pakistan Soldiers. Engineers, Students Strikes Continue.

Balochistan Freedom Fighters killed 14 Pakistan Army personnel on Friday 26-July 2019. In another attack by unidentified gunmen on a Pakistan Army post, several more Pakistan Army soldiers were killed and many injured. In the Meanwhile, the strikes by Engineers, Students, Pharmacists, Medical students and others continue with no hope of resolution.

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26th July 2019 Members of Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs ordered to be deported from UK for raping and pimping minor girls

Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in UK Raped Thousands of Girls 8-12 Year Old

Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in UK have raped and pimped thousands of non-Muslim British Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Atheist girls of age 8-12 years. Majority of the convicted persons are Pakistani Muslims. However as per people, the convictions are just a tip of the iceberg. There are far bigger number of Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs that are still out at large and have created a terror in whole UK.

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21st July 2019 25 Year old Christian girl who refused to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim was attacked by Acid an then set on fire.

Christian and Hindus Face Blasphemy Laws, Acid Attacks, Forcefully Converted to Islam in Pakistan

In cases where Christian or Hindu women reject the advances of Muslim men or refuse invitations to convert to Islam, violence can erupt. Because of this, Christian and Hindu women are often kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam. According to a study by The Movement for Solidarity and Peace Pakistan, as many as 1,000 Christian and Hindu women face this treatment in Pakistan every year.

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21st July 2019 Christians are persecuted in Pakistan. Islamist Radicals mob burnt Pakistan Christian Houses and shops

Pakistan A Living Hell for Christians. But Takes Foreign Aid From Christian Countries.

Pakistan is always begging money and Foreign Aid from the West which is predominantly Christian. One of the Journalists recently questioned Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on the Begging Bowl Syndrome. What for Pakistan need the funds? Did the Politicians in US and Europe look at the conditions of Christians in Pakistan before funding FATF Grey Listed Pakistan?

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