14th August 2019 Demonstrations in South Korea

Balochistan Independence Day Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, Demonstration in South Korea

Baloch National Movement (BNM) spokesperson said that Balochistan Independence Day Conference and Demonstrations were held by BNM on August 11, in Balochistan and various other countries. A conference was held in Frankfurt (Oder) Germany and protests were organized in the city of Münster Germany, Melbourne Australia, and also a reference program was held in Greece. Demonstrations were also organized in South Korea and South Korea’s capital city Seoul in front of Chinese embassy. BNM submitted a memorandum against the Chinese hegemonic ambitions and Pakistani war crimes, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, and human rights violations in Balochistan.

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8th August 2019 Event in London during which Balochistan Liberation charter was released for public suggestions and feedback. Sobdar Baluch speaking at the event.

Balochistan Liberation Charter: A Contract for Freedom From a Repressive Pakistan

The Balochistan Liberation Charter is a road map and a contract with Baloch nation to guarantee them that there will be democracy, justice and freedom for all the citizen of Balochistan. It is also to tell the international community that what kind of state the Baloch people are struggling for and how is Balochistan going to be different from Iran and Pakistan.

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27th July 2019 Balochistan Freedom Fighters Killed 10 Pakistan Army Personnel in an Ambush attack in hills

Balochistan Freedom Fighters Killed 14 Pakistan Soldiers. Engineers, Students Strikes Continue.

Balochistan Freedom Fighters killed 14 Pakistan Army personnel on Friday 26-July 2019. In another attack by unidentified gunmen on a Pakistan Army post, several more Pakistan Army soldiers were killed and many injured. In the Meanwhile, the strikes by Engineers, Students, Pharmacists, Medical students and others continue with no hope of resolution.

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17th July 2019 Balochistan Engineers on Strike

Balochistan Engineers, Medical Students, Pharmacists, Mine Workers, Teachers on Strike

Balochistan has come to a standstill and people are protesting the government policies. Engineers are on strikes because of unemployment and Engineering Jobs given to non-technical Punjabis and those close to government. Medical students are protesting by holding medical classes in camps on the road as the Government has de-recognized 3 Medical Colleges. Pharmacists are protesting as there are no jobs for young pharmacists. Government has not announced a single vacancy of Pharmacists in last 5 years. Workers in Saindak mines are protesting against low wages and lack of medical facilities by Chinese Mining companies.

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4th July 2019 President Donald Trump USA Bans BLA in Balochistan

US bans BLA. Was the US forced to take the decision in a haste?

People are of the opinion that it is a decision by the US, that seems to be taken in a haste without consulting the neighboring countries including Afghanistan and India and without consulting the Human Rights Organizations operating in Balochistan. People are of the opinion that the US President Donald Trump will not bow to the Chinese pressure or Taliban demands and ally with the FATF Grey Listed Pakistan again.

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2nd July 2019 Press Release by BRAS in Balochistan regarding killing of Death Squad workers.

Balochistan Freedom Fighters Baloch Raaji Ajoi e Sangar (BRAS) attack Death squads of Pakistan Army: 12 workers killed

On 29th June Baloch Freedom fighter groups attacked the Death Squads created by Pakistan Army, that comprise of Criminals, Islamist Radical extremists and the militia. Pakistan Army is using these expendable criminals and terrorists to kill and loot the local Baloch civilians, burn their villages so that people leave the areas and the same areas can be exploited by Pakistan and Chinese companies for natural resources.

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25th June 2019 1 Pakistan

Hub Chowki, Balochistan: 1 Pakistan Army Soldier killed and 2 injured in firing and hand grenade attack by BLA

Spokesperson informed that Army Soldiers came by a regular passenger bus service named Al Javeed Coach to Hub Market. Our Sarmachars (Brave Freedom Fighters) ambushed them with keeping civilian’s safety in their minds. When civilians reached out in the safe distance, they attacked. BLA take complete responsibility of this attack.

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