30th June 2019 Afghanistan Army on an Operation

4 Humvees detonated by Taliban Suicide bombers in Kandahar, Afghanistan: 154 Taliban Terrorists killed in last 4 days

FATF Grey Listed Nation Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists detonated Four Humvees on Sunday morning in Maroof district of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. At least 19 people including 8 Election commission employees were killed in the suicide attacks.

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30th June 2019 Haftar spokesperson in Press conference

Haftar blames Turkey for helping rivals GNA invade Gharyan city: Orders forces to attack Turkish ships and bans flights to Turkey

Head of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, declaring Turkey as an enemy state of their force, has ordered his forces to attack Turkish ships and interests in the country, his spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari said on Friday, accusing Turkey of being actively involved in battles.

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29th June 2019 Twitter legal notices to different Twitter users that allegedly violated Pakistan Law

Anger against Pakistan Govt sending Legal Notice to Twitter users beyond its territorial jurisdiction.

As per the Legal expert, it is time for US, Afghanistan & India to jointly sue Pakistan for $5 Trillion damages or compensation for over 2000 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan, devastation caused by Pakistan sponsored terrorists in Afghanistan, over a Lakh civilians and armed forces killed by Pakistan sponsored terrorists in India and for printing fake US and Indian currency notes by Terrorist Nation Pakistan.

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28th June 2019 Pakistan demolished houses of Minority Mohajirs, Sindhis, Hindus and Christians on Eid day

Special Eid gift by Pakistan to minority Mohajirs, Sindhis, Christians and Hindus. Demolished hundreds of their houses.

On the day of Eid, Building authorities came along with Police and Pakistan Rangers and demolished hundreds of houses belonging to poor Sindhis, Mohajirs, Christians and Hindus using bulldozers. No prior notice was served to the poor people, nor were they given any time to vacate their houses…..

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27th June 2019 Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire – Was the investigation a sham to cover up for French Govt policy failures? Is French Government hiding the Truth?

Cathedral was set on fire at a time when there was no workers on the scene. However, the videos received of the fire and the Firefighters also claimed that there were some people inside the cathedral when the church got on fire. Who were those people?

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27th June 2019 Mysterious GPS signal disruption in Planes flying around Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport

Mysterious GPS signal disruption in Planes flying around Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport.

For the past three weeks, planes flying over Israel complained that they were facing issues with GPS disruptions. The issues are noted only with flight navigation and not ground navigation and there was no incidents of planes in danger due to this. The impact was felt both by the pilots and by the ATC.

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26th June 2019 People are questioning Pakistan Government why it happened only in Ratodero, Larkana, Sindh, Why not in Punjab?

Increasing Number of HIV cases in Ratodera in District Larkana, Sindh. Is Pakistan committing Genocide?

Experts confirm that as many as 700 people have tested HIV positive since April 25 in Ratodera, Larkana. Out of which 576 are children aging between 2 to 15 years. None of their parents are HIV positive. What could be the reason for this huge number of HIV Positive children?

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25th June 2019 Commercial for Ariel Soap, owned by US based Proctor & Gamble faces ire of Islamist Radicals in Pakistan.

Commercial for Ariel Soap, owned by US based Proctor & Gamble faces ire of Islamist Radicals in Pakistan.

Islamist Radicals started showing their anger on Twitter and other social media platforms calling it an attack on their religion and using the hashtag “#BoycottAriel” on Twitter. YouTube is filled with videos calling US and its companies a lesson and boycott their products. Pakistan’s Radical Islamists calling it as a blasphemy and asking their government to take action against the Directors of the US Multinational and ban the commercial.

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