16th September 2019 Baloch Human Rights Camp near Broken Chair outside UN Human Rights Conference venue.

People Want Pakistan Army Generals Punished for War Crimes

People want Pakistan Army Generals Punished for the War Crimes. Pakistan Army Generals and the top Military brass as well as the Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI are continuing their bloodbath in Balochistan. Despite the UN Human Rights Conference taking place at Geneva, there is no respite to the people of Balochistan from Army Atrocities. Daily more and more reports are coming of the Pakistan Army committing mass Genocide

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29th June 2019 Twitter legal notices to different Twitter users that allegedly violated Pakistan Law

Anger against Pakistan Govt sending Legal Notice to Twitter users beyond its territorial jurisdiction.

As per the Legal expert, it is time for US, Afghanistan & India to jointly sue Pakistan for $5 Trillion damages or compensation for over 2000 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan, devastation caused by Pakistan sponsored terrorists in Afghanistan, over a Lakh civilians and armed forces killed by Pakistan sponsored terrorists in India and for printing fake US and Indian currency notes by Terrorist Nation Pakistan.

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