30th August 2019 Indian Army Ready to Kill Pakistan Jihadists and Terrorist that Pakistan Army is trying to push

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories on the Boil. Jihad Fervor Grips Pakistanis

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories are working overtime to ferment Jihadist fervor among the Pakistanis. Pakistan always diverts its public attention to India and specifically Kashmir whenever the Pakistan Economy is in shambles. In order to divert public attention from the Economic Bankruptcy, increasing prices, mounting debt, rising inflation, Pakistan has resorted to the Jihad rhetoric to create a delusion about Kashmiri Muslims in trouble.

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28th August 2019 Wild Amazon fire burning everything coming on its way, Killing all wild life

Amazon Fire : Destruction of Amazon Rain Forest a Threat to Human Existence

Amazon Fire is burning the Amazon Rain forest in Brazil for more than three weeks. People worldwide are demanding that President Bolsonaro be prosecuted for Crime for killing lakhs of animals and crime against Humanity for destroying the lungs of the planet. People are demanding that Amazon Rain Forests be declared protected like Antarctica.

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23rd August 2019 Pakistan Army committing Extra Judicial Killings

Pakistan Army Committing Genocide in Balochistan: Massive Operation Launched

Pakistan Army has launched a massive operation in occupied Balochistan. About a Division of troops along with helicopter gunships are operating in Kohistan, Marri, Kohlu, Sibi & the surrounding area of Tadhi, Shakha & Daho. If International Human Rights Organizations including UN Geneva, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others do not intervene immediately and send fact finding missions in Balochistan, there is a Catastrophic Human Rights Disaster underway, that cannot be undone.

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21st August 2019 2 persons already Electrocuted. Third person also died.

Corrupt Imran Khan Arrogant K-Electric Electrocuted 37 People in Karachi, Sindh

Corrupt Imran Khan and Arrogant K-Electric are considered by people of Karachi as responsible for killing over 36 people in Karachi during the recent rains. Electricity Infrastructure in Karachi is in dilapidated state. Some people consider lose wiring, poor maintenance, lack of trained and qualified staff, cost cutting by K-Electric, Poor sanitation, poor rain water management, incompetence of government regulatory authority NEPRA in checking lack of preparation prior to the rainy season as responsible for the death of over 37 people in one major City, Karachi alone.

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18th August 2019 A Yazidi girl praying

Understanding Yazidi Culture and the Plight of Yazidis

Yazidi Culture is entirely a unique culture, totally different from Islam or Christianity. There are many resemblances with Hindu Culture. We appeal the world to recognize Yazidi plight and help Yazidis in settling in a peaceful environment where they can follow their unique Yazidi Culture without any oppression and hindrance and grow.

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17th August 2019 Posters around the UK

Pakistani Demographic Invasion of UK & The Demise of British Glory

Pakistani Demographic Invasion in last few decades and more assertive Pakistani Muslim community is leading to erosion of the UK culture. With population of Pakistani Muslims almost doubled in last 10 years, more and more districts are becoming Pakistani Muslim Majority districts and “No-Go” areas coming up. Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs raping tens of thousands of British Girls. Sharia Zones coming up, and there is less tolerance for non-Muslims. With the recent 5000 plus strong Pakistani Muslim mob terrorizing Indians in London are a few examples that show, how UK will shape in 2050. Will it be another Pakistan at the heart of Europe?

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