30th August 2019 Indian Army Ready to Kill Pakistan Jihadists and Terrorist that Pakistan Army is trying to push

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories on the Boil. Jihad Fervor Grips Pakistanis

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories are working overtime to ferment Jihadist fervor among the Pakistanis. In our previous article “Whenever Pakistan Economy In Shambles, Kashmir Heats Up : Kashmir Updates”, we covered at length how Pakistan always diverts its public attention to India and specifically Kashmir whenever the Pakistan Economy is in shambles. This is the same scenario here. Since Imran Khan was selected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan by Pakistan Army, the Economy is on the verge of Bankruptcy and is surviving only on the Loan from IMF. In order to divert public attention from the Economic Bankruptcy, increasing prices, mounting debt, rising inflation, Pakistan has resorted to the Jihad rhetoric to create a delusion about Kashmiri Muslims in trouble. This is being done to divert the public attention to India rather than inviting mass protests and overthrowing of Imran Khan government.

History of Radical Islamist Jihad in Pakistan

Pakistan is responsible for creating turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir for decades by using terrorism as a tool to set its agenda. Pakistan has been using terrorists as proxies to create instability in Jammu and Kashmir. In 1947 Pakistan sent Pashtun tribal forces in the region. In the late 1980s, specifically around 1989 Pakistan formed terror groups such as Hizbul Mujahideen and Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen and spread Terror in Kashmir that forced lakhs of Hindus to leave the Kashmir valley and live as refugees for decades in their own country.

Later, Pakistan Intelligence agency ISI brought in Hafiz Saeed’s Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD).

After the 9/11 Terrorist attack in New York, strict measures were taken against terrorism. When Pakistan was pressurized by the international community then besides LeT, they further started promoting Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) headed by Maulana Masood Azhar.

Pakistan using its Terrorists in a Proxy War against India

Recently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan confessed that about 30,000-40,000 terrorists have been trained in Pakistan by Pakistan Army and Intelligence Agency ISI for spreading terror in Afghanistan and India.

Pakistan has been using Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’s territory as a launchpad for terrorists to infiltrate into Indian Jammu and Kashmir.

After the Pulwama suicide bombing by Pakistan sponsored Terrorists, India launched a pre-emptive Air Strike on Terrorist Camps inside Pakistan in Balakot. Following the Balakot airstrikes by Indian Air Force on Terrorist Camps inside Pakistan, Pakistan had closed its airspace on February 26 under NOTAM (A notice to airmen). Pakistan had fears that Indian Air Force may attack again on the remaining Terrorist camps inside Pakistan. However due to General Elections in India, India had put all the plans of attacks on remaining terrorist camps inside Pakistan on hold.

It is pertinent to mention that for last several decades, Pakistan had threatened of Nuclear attack on India in case India crosses the line of control or the International border. However, notwithstanding anything, Indian Air Force conducted a preemptive strike on terrorist camps inside Pakistan and killed over 300 Terrorists including Pakistani Intelligence officers who were stationed in the Terrorist Camp in Balakot to impart training to the Terrorists. India used Israel made Spice-2000 Bombs that penetrated the building and blasted inside the building leaving no damage to the building structure except a hole at the roof. Pakistan did not let Journalists visit the structure for 2 months. It took 2 months for Pakistan to clean up the place and present a new look to the place.

Since the new Modi Government has come to power, after a massive landslide victory, Indian Public have pinned high hopes with Modi to tackle this menace called “Pakistan” once for all. Indian public has given free hand to their beloved Modi Government to tackle Pakistan and free the Indo Afghan region of Islamist Radical Jihadists and Terrorists.

With this massive madate and support of Indian public, Modi Government abrogated Article 370 of Indian Constitution that was a barrier for the development of people of erstwhile Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir with the whole country. These special provisions had encouraged the dyenestic polititians to continue to exploit people of the state and their corruption reached the highest points.

We covered in details regarding the Abrogation of Article 370 and the situation in the regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh in a series or our previous articles

Celebrations In Jammu & Kashmir, Protests In Pakistan As Article 370 Indian Constitution Abrogated

Kashmir Remained Peaceful On Eid, Life Normal Jammu Ladakh Regions

Diplomatic Success for India

As covered in the above-mentioned articles, Most of the countries favored India and termed the abrogation of Article 370 as Internal affair of India and asked Pakistan to resolve issues with India in bilateral talks.

Pakistan approached UN Security Council. In an informal closed door meeting Pakistan lost 14:1 vote with 14 nations in UN Security Council rejecting to take Kashmir issue up.

US President Donald Trump who had previously pitched for mediation in Kashmir recently changed position at the G7 meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and backed New Delhi and Islamabad to talk it out. Plus, none of the Gulf Muslim nations – traditionally seen as benefactors of Pakistan – has backed Islamabad on Kashmir. Instead, countries like UAE and Bahrain have been strategically moving closer to India.

Pakistan’s Jihad Culture

Pakistani Terrorist groups are killing civilians and engaging in terrorism in Indian Kashmir under the guise of holy war. The government in Islamabad supports these Terrorists and their religious schools as cheap ways to fight India and misguide Pakistan’s youth. But this policy is creating a culture of violence that exacerbates internal sectarianism and destabilizes the region. Without change, this monster threatens to devour Pakistani society.

Pakistan has filled Pakistan Occupied Kashmir with Punjabi Radical Sunni Muslims. Pakistani Radical Sunni Muslim cleric are spreading hatred and teachings of Jihad among locals Shia Muslims. It should be noted that local Shia Muslims are being persecuted by Islamist Radical Punjabi Muslims, who have occupied Kashmir lands and destroying the Shia Kashmiri culture. Islamist Radicals are recording such videos in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to present it as the voice of Pakistan Occupied Kashmiri Shia Muslims. But these Punjabi Muslims do not represent Kashmir or Kashmiriat. Their rhetoric for Jihad and killings shows, Pakistan is a failed nation that has people who are ready to blow themselves in the name of Jihad. Pakistan is training and arming such Jihadists and trying to infiltrate them inside Indian line of control to spread terror.

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories on Recruitment overdrive

Pakistan has two reasons to support the so-called mujahideen. First, the Pakistani military is determined to pay India back for allegedly fomenting separatism in what was once East Pakistan and in 1971 became Bangladesh. Second, India dwarfs Pakistan in population, economic strength, and military might. Today India is the seventh-largest economy (GDP of $2.72 trillion) with the UK ($2.82 trillion) and France ($2.77 trillion) ahead in the pecking order. India is the second largest Military Power in the world with 1,440,000 active military personnel and the fourth strongest Military Power in the world. Whereas Islamist Radical Pakistan is plagued with Begging Bowl Syndrome and is struggling to walk with crutches of IMF loan. Pakistan cannot fight India a conventional war. Hence Pakistan found this cheapest option to brainwash Pakistani public with hate against India and impart them Jihadist education starting from early childhood.

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories brainwashing even the young girls.

The jihadi training in Pakistan starts early. A seven-year-old girl is put in a burqa and then made to behead her doll with a toy knife and then yell “Allah-O-Akbar”.  (video)

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories brainwashing even the small kids. Will they be the future suicide bombers?

In this above video you can see the level of brainwash of this Pakistani Kid who are taught hatred against India from this early age. You can see that this little Pakistani kid is so much brainwashed by Madrasas in Pakistan that his ambition is not to become a doctor or an engineer. He wants to become a ‘Jihadi-Martyr’. He just wants to wear a suicide vest on his chest and blow off all Kafirs. These kids in Pakistan, when they grow up will become suicide bombers and Terrorists.

A Pakistani Terrorist in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir openly recruiting Terrorists for Jihad against India. He openly threatens about sending Pakistani Terrorists operating in Afghanistan to India and kill innocent civilians including children in the name of Jihad. Is the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and International Community watching? Pakistan Government is promoting its biggest Industry “Jihad” and “Terrorism” to fight against India as Pakistan Army is a failure and incapable of fighting with Indian Army. Watch the Video on YouTube “Pakistani Terrorist Recruiting Terrorists for Jihad against India

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories on Recruitment overdrive

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories are collecting Donations in the name of sending Terrorists to India.

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories collecting donations from Pakistan Public
Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories collecting donations from Pakistan Public

Pakistan Infiltrating Terrorists in India

In our previous article “Whenever Pakistan Economy In Shambles, Kashmir Heats Up : Kashmir Updates”, we covered at length how Pakistan always diverts its public attention to India and specifically Kashmir whenever the Pakistan Economy is in shambles. This is the same scenario here. Since Imran Khan was selected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan by Pakistan Army, the Economy is on the verge of Bankruptcy and is surviving only on the Loan from IMF. In order to divert public attention from the Economic Bankruptcy, increasing prices, mounting debt, rising inflation, Pakistan has resorted to the Jihad rhetoric to create a delusion about Kashmiri Muslims in trouble. This is being done to divert the public attention to India rather than inviting mass protests and overthrowing of Imran Khan government.

US also Accused Pakistan as covered in our previous article “US Accused Pakistan Of Harboring Terrorists. Stops All Foreign Aid.

List of Terrorist Organizations run by Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI and Pakistan Army

We obtained a list of few of the Terrorist Organizations which are currently operating in Pakistan with the active support of Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI and Pakistan Army. However the number of Terrorist Organizations operated by Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI and Pakistan Army is quite high. These Terrorist organizations are used by Pakistan to spread terror in its Neighboring countries Afghanistan and India.

Besides that, these terrorist organizations are being actively used as Death Squads by Pakistan Army to hunt down Baloch Freedom Fighters. There were recent reports of these Terrorist organizations burning down complete villages of Baloch ethnic group and looted their houses. They killed everyone in those villages and didn’t even spare small children.

  1. LeT(Lashkar e Taiba)
  2. JeM (Jaish e Muhammad)
  3. Taliban 
  4. Al Qaeda
  5. LeS (Lashkar e islam)
  6. Ansar Ghazwatul Hind
  7. ISIS 
  8. LeJ Lashkar e Jangvi 
  9. Al Badr Mujahideen
  10. Sipah e Sahaba
  11. Jaish ul Adl
  12. Harakat Ul Mujahideen
  13. Lashkar e Omar
  14. JKLF
  15. TTP Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan
  16. UJM United Jihad Movement 
  17. Harakat UL Jihad
  18. Mutahida Jihad Council
  19. Kashmir Jihad Force
  20. AL Umar Mujahideen
  21. ISL Islamic Student League 
  22. Jamaat al Fuqra
  23. Muslim United Army
  24. Nadeem Commandos
  25. Sipahe Muhamad pakistan
  26. Tehrikee Nafaz e Pakistan
  27. TJP Tehrike Jaferia Pakistan 
  28. Harakat Ul Ansar
  29. Islamic Jamat e Tulba
  30. Ikhwan ul Mujahideen
  31. Al Mustafa Liberation Fighters
  32. Al Mujahid Force
  33. TeJ (Tehrike e Jihad) 
  34. IIM (Islamic Inqilab e Mahaz)
  35. Lashkar e Jabar
  36. Al Barq Pakistan
  37. HUJI( Harakat UL Hihad Islami)
  38. Mujahideen e Tanzeem e Pakistan
  39. Umar Tamir e Nau Pakistan
  40. Popular Front Mujahideen Pakistan
  41. Muslim Janbaz Force Pakistan

Exclusive List of a few Pakistan Terrorist Trust Accounts

We obtained the following list of Pakistani Terrorist Organizations from our sources. We shared the below list and information with Indian Intelligence Agencies for necessary action.

1. Muhabbat ul deen – website of imam Anwar al Awlaki ( operated by Pakistan intelligence agency ISI)
Site location – Sana, Yemen
Actual location – Houston, Texas

2. ( false news, fake news, a propaganda outlet for various terrorist organizations) connected to Pakistan intelligence agency ISI. Most members are AQ, Taliban, JeM, LeT, LeIslam, now even ISIS
Website is operated and monitored by Pakistan intelligence agency. 99% of this website is to distort facts regarding war on terror in Afghanistan and spread fake news among Muslim youth.
Mafa in urdu means ( alpha )
Location – Kandahar Afghanistan
Actual location – Islamabad, Pakistan and links in London

3. Worldwide Islamic front- a group affiliated with Taliban, AQ, hizbullah, Hamas and ISI of Pakistan.
Location- Karachi, Pakistan

4. Pakistan Ka khuda hafiz- affiliated with LeT( lashkar e Taiba) a proxy arm of Pakistan intelligence agency ISI ( let responsible for the attack in 2008 in Mumbai changed it to different names because of Indian army crackdown in Kashmir.
Jamaat-ud-Dawa, JUD, Jama’at al-Dawa, Jamaat ud-Daawa, Jamaat ul-Dawah, Jamaat-ul-Dawa, Jama’at-i-Dawat, Jamaiat-ud-Dawa, Jama’at-ud-Da’awah, Jama’at-ud-Da’awa, Jamaati-ud-Dawa, and Idara Khidmat-e-Khalq, along with Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation

5. Kashmir media services or KMS. – it’s the same as the #4 on this list just a different name to spread propaganda. Fake news and to collect charity/zakat from other Islamic nations or people

6. Back to #5 PKKH (Pakistan ka khuda hafiz) – recognizes china as a longtime ally. It depends on Pakistan ISI and Chinese govt for arms funding for the group. This shows that china is involved in terrorism as well.

7. Ansar al Jihad network- group shows affiliation with the Taliban, AQ and has very close links to Pakistan intelligence agency ISI . They have a website but it usually shows location as Belgium but actual location is Lahore, Pakistan.

All these terrorist groups have links to one trust fund (Voice for Peace)


The website is operated by an ISI officer and fake charity organizer by the name of Muhammad Al Khurshid

Location for this trust fund shows Balakot, Pakistan
But actual location shows a hotel somewhere close to PoK

Recent threats by Pakistan

Since the abrogation of Article 370 by amendment of Indian Constitution, Public in Pakistan has started full support for the terrorist organizations and their Terrorist Leaders like Hafeez Saeed and other Radical Terrorist groups to spread terror in India. We covered in details about how Pakistan is planning Terroirst Attacks on India in our previous article  Post Abrogation Article 370 – Life In Jammu, Kashmir And Ladakh

As a result of this Jihad rhetoric, everyone starting from Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan to all his ministers, predicting end of the world scenario. It gives the impression that every typical Punjabi Pakistani has a suicide tendency and is ready to blow himself by a press of a button.

The popular Pakistani news analyst and media personality, Tariq Pirzada, has caused a stir on social media with his comments on Kashmir. During a live television programme on a Pakistani channel, Pirzada was heard urging Kashmiris to ‘kill any Hindu if he steps into their territory’.

“I am urging all our Kashmiri brothers to kill any Hindu who settles there. Don’t let such a Hindu live even for a second. Don’t spare them and kill instantly. They simply want to grab your land. Your condition is worse than Palestinians,” he was heard as saying on the broadcast.

Pakistan Railway minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said, “Kashmir is on the brink of destruction due to barbarian and fascist Narendra Modi, and Pakistan is the only obstacle in front of him. Why is the rest of the Muslim world silent over the issue?”

The Pakistan minister said that the time for final freedom struggle has come and that he will visit Kashmir soon.

Increased Terrorist infiltration Bids by Pakistan, backed by Pakistan Army

August 1, 2019: Army foils an attack by Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT) on a forward post along the Line of Control (LoC) in Keran sector of Jammu and Kashmir, killing five to seven intruders. At least four bodies, possibly of Pakistan Army’s Special Service Group (SSG) commandos or terrorists, were seen in close proximity of an Indian post in the sector.

We covered it in our article “Whenever Pakistan Economy In Shambles, Kashmir Heats Up : Kashmir Updates”

On 6-August, A major infiltration bid by a group of about half-a-dozen heavily-armed terrorists was foiled along the LoC in Kupwara district of north Kashmir. A soldier was injured in the initial exchange of firing with the terrorists who were trying to sneak into the valley from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) through Machhal sector.

9-August Pakistan sends 200 PoK locals to terrorist camps for for indoctrination, training and infiltration into India. ​Security forces received reports pointing out that Pakistan has taken about 150 to 200 locals of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) to terrorist facilities for training.

On 12-August night Indian Army foiled a major infiltration attempt of terrorists backed by the Pakistan Army in the Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir. The infiltration push was backed by heavy firing from Pakistan Army posts.” Indian Army sources said the attempt of Pakistan Army was to push a group of terrorist into India to unleash violence in Jammu and Kashmir. Indian Army positions are on high alert to tackle any such threat from Pakistan.

On 14-August 2019, Indian Army foiled a major infiltration attempt of terrorists backed by the Pakistan Army in the Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir. The infiltration push was backed by heavy firing from Pakistan Army posts.  This infiltration push of Terrorists by Pakistan Army in India was to unleash violence in India.

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories getting ready to launch Terrorist attacks on India
Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories getting ready to launch Terrorist attacks on India

On 15-August 2019 night, Indian Army foiled multiple infiltration attempts by terrorists backed by the Pakistan Army in the Keran sector of Jammu and Kashmir. As per reports Pakistan has activated a major communication hub in Kali Ghati area near Neelam Valley in Pakistan occupied Kashmir to facilitate terrorists trying to infiltrate.

The communication hub with a range of 50-60 km, allows terrorists to communicate with their guides even across the LoC. Indian Army positions alerted on the LoC to prevent any misadventure by Pakistan Army.

All bases of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and other security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have been asked to be on high alert against possible attempt by Pakistan-backed terrorist groups to carry out terror attacks in view of Pakistani efforts to create disturbances in the Kashmir Valley.

Another set of inputs suggest that many Afghan terrorists are being prepared by Pakistan for carrying out terror activities in national capital New Delhi. The inputs also suggest that security forces in Kashmir may also be targeted.

Political figures in Kashmir might also be targeted by these Afghan terrorists, the inputs suggested.

Indian Army Ready to Kill Pakistan Jihadists and Terrorist that Pakistan Army is trying to push
Indian Army Ready to Kill Pakistan Jihadists and Terrorist that Pakistan Army is trying to push

A meeting was held on August 19 at Markaz Usman-o-Ali, Bhawalpur in Pakistan. The meeting was chaired by JeM chief Masood Azhar’s brother Rauf Asghar who is the commander of JeM’s armed wing.

According to other inputs on possible terror attacks in Kashmir, Pakistan-based terrorists are targeting schools, government buildings and personnel of the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Fresh Terror Alert

The Border Security Force (BSF) and Indian Coast Guard have been put on high alert along the Gujarat borders after intel inputs revealed that Pakistan Navy-trained terrorists and commandos are trying to enter the Gulf of Kutch in small boats.

Intelligence agencies have warned the border forces that Pakistan-trained commandos and terrorists are trying to enter the Gulf of Kutch and Sir Creek area in small boats.

High alert has been sounded in coastal Gujarat after receiving intelligence inputs about possible underwater attacks on the coasts of Gujarat and other ports.

The Coast Guard has received intelligence inputs that Pakistan-trained commandos have entered the Gulf of Kutch through Harami Nala creek area and these commandos are heavily trained in carrying out underwater attacks and attacks on ports and ships.

Indian Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said on Wednesday that if talks are held with Pakistan, they will only be about Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Keeping with India’s stand, he said that Kashmir is an integral part of India.

Venkaiah Naidu was speaking at the golden jubilee celebrations of Naval Science and Technology Laboratory in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

We are not war mongers, we are peace loving citizens, he added.

Advisory has been issued by several ports along the Kutch coastline and also by private port operators like the Adani Group that mans the Mundra port in Gujarat.

The advisory issued by Adani Ports in connection with the alert said that Security Level 1 alert has been sounded across the port and shoreline.

Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories getting ready to launch Terrorist attacks on India. Adani Group issued a Security Advisory
Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories getting ready to launch Terrorist attacks on India. Adani Group issued a Security Advisory

All the stakeholders, vessels and officials have been asked to remain vigilant and immediately inform authorities if any suspicious activity is seen in the waters, port area or shore. Security agencies manning the shoreline and port have been asked to look for any suspicious vessels, persons and activity.

All agencies, including Coast Guard, customs, port authorities, coastal police and the Indian Navy are on high alert across the vast coast line of Gujarat. A similar advisory has been issued by Deendayal Port and Kandla Port officials, asking all stakeholders and officials to remain vigilant and inform Coast Guard and coastal police in view of any suspicious activities.

Heavy deployment of security officials was done on Thursday across all ports following the input and security measures remain enhanced to the top level.

Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar said that India’s security forces are prepared to deal with any eventuality.

He was reacting to Indian media reports Thursday that quoted unidentified Indian intelligence sources as saying Pakistan-trained commandos have entered Indian waters to attack port facilities in western Gujarat state.

He said Pakistan is trying to create an alarmist situation after New Delhi imposed a lockdown and abrogated Indian-controlled Kashmir’s autonomy early this month.

How is Government Dealing with the Situation in Kashmir Valley (15.73% area)

As pointed in out previous articles, Kashmir valley which is being highlighted by the Pakistani as well as the International media, comprises only 15,948 Sq Km in area, which is 15.73% of the entire state of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir. This 15.73% area cannot be termed as representing the entire state.

Kashmir valley is area where Internet is blocked is about 15,948 Square Kilometres in area which is about 15.73% of the total area of union territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Union Territory of Ladakh. Internet is blocked only in 15.73% of the area. Compare this with Balochistan with an area of 347,190 square kilometres (134,050 sq mi), an area more than twenty times that of Kashmir Valley with no Internet services and no media allowed to report. None of the International Media is allowed to go inside this vast area of Balochistan.

Indian Government begins easing restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir in a phased manner. In this 15.73% impacted area, Schools, colleges, banks and all other services are already open. Landline and Mobile network services are also being enabled gradually. Internet continues to be blocked as Pakistan social media accounts are flooding with Jihadist and Fake videos and news to incite violence in India. Section 144 remains in place that prohibits gathering of more than 4 people at one place to avoid any untoward incidents. Four specific groups will be on the radar of the security agencies to prevent any kind of outbreak of violence in the Valley.

The first group has been dubbed as “movers and shakers”, which consists of either members from the Hurriyat Conference or key political leaders. To deal with this group, the govt had put several leaders under house arrest and detention soon after imposing Section 144 in the Valley. Their activities are being closely monitored to prevent any hateful speeches that could incite violence.

Second group is members of banned outfits and terrorist organizations. The government is planning to give a “free hand” to the Army to maintain peace along the border and restrict movement of terrorists. Public of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory are cooperating Indian Army in this measure. Cash rewards are announced for any information leading to the arrest or killing of any Pakistani sponsored Terrorists in Kashmir and other areas. As per Intelligence sources, People of Kashmir are fed of these Pakistani Sunni Punjabi Terrorists who have destroyed the peace and Kashmiri culture in the name of Jihad and Terrorism. People are giving information leading to the apprehending of these Pakistani terrorists at a massive level. Many a times, people are giving information without even seeking any reward money which government has offered. People want Peace and freedom from the violence imposed upon them by Pakistani Terrorists.

The third section under watch is stone-throwers, most of whom are teenagers. A strategy of “community bonds” has been adopted where 20 family members and acquaintances must sign a bond, ensuring that the teenagers will not indulge in these activities again. Indian Government agencies are monitoring the money transfer services like PayPal and others. Any stone Pelter who is arrested will be released only if 20 of his family members or relatives or neighbors give a written undertaking that the boy will not indulge in any stone pelting or anti-national activities, they are being released. Even the stone pelters know that if they are arrested again, their family, relatives, neighbors would have to visit courts on regular basis. Hence this innovative step of the Government has led to massive reduction in the stone pelting in the Kashmir valley. Security forces are trying to nab as many stone pelters as they can so that their identities can be recorded, and they desist from stone pelting in the future.

The government is also planning to put restrictions on religious leaders, the fourth group. The authorities will deal harshly with religious leaders and arrest them immediately, if required, in case they try to instigate people for violent protests. CCTV Cameras are being placed in all the Mosques in the Kashmir Valley to record all the sermons. Any Clerics imparting hate speech or inciting violence in the name of Jihad will be severely dealt with. Government has made a resolve to identify any hate mongers and take strict action so that Pakistani version of Islamic preaching are not spread.

As per a source, he said, “If the Pakistan continues to push the terrorists and if any major Terrorist incident happens in India, Indian security forces will unleash punitive actions on Pakistan and force it to dismantle its Terrorist producing factories. As of now, India has left this task to International organizations to push Pakistan to step terror financing and stop sending Terrorists. As a result of which Pakistan is put in enhanced terror financing list by FATF group. The day a major Terrorist incident happens in India, Indian patience will run out and we will not care about any International organization.”

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