Freedom Fighters in Karachi set Civil Aviation Aircraft on Fire

Freedom Fighters in Karachi Destroyed a Boeing 737-200 Civil Aviation Air Craft by setting it on fire late night on 26 January 2020.

As per information received, Freedom Fighters in Karachi had set on fire a Civil Aviation Air craft boarding Passengers, mostly Police Personnel at the Jinnah International airport Karachi. As a result of the fire, the plane is fully destroyed. Fire Tenders took one hour to extinguish the fire but could not save the air craft. Some of the police personnel got injured.

Burnt remains of the Civil Aviation Plane
Burnt remains of the Civil Aviation Plane

It is being considered as the biggest victory of the freedom fighters in Karachi who are sending a loud and clear message to the Pakistan Army and its Fauji Foundation that unless they are not given Freedom, the Freedom Fighters would continue to attack the strategic assets of Pakistan and will continue to bring huge losses to the exchequer.

One of the OSINT handles tweeted, “#Breaking Fire engulfs a passenger airplane inside Jinnah International airport Karachi. Heavy firing reported in North Karachi, many police personals are critically wounded. Operation for liberation of Sindh is still going on”

As per local sources, they could hear the gun fire also around the Airport.

As we have covered in our previous articles, Pakistan is on the verge of collapse. Balochistan, Sindhu Mahadesh, Pashtunistan are on the way to get Freedom from the tyranny of Pakistan Army.

Sindhu Mahadesh is the land of all Sindhis and Mohajirs (Muslims who went to Pakistan from India during Partition in 1947) who settled in Sindh mostly in Karachi. Karachi is the biggest contributor of Pakistan GDP, however Mohajirs are still treated as third class citizens and do not have any reservations in the Government Jobs even after 72 years of making of Pakistan.

Remains of the burnt Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi
Remains of the burnt Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi

Atrocities of Punjabi dominated Pakistan Army are increasing on Sindhis and Mohajirs day by day. Approximately 25000 Sindhis and Mohajirs have been disappeared by Pakistan Army and Pakistan Rangers in Sindh (mostly in Karachi) and either sold for organ harvesting or killed. No records for their detention exist. Moreover despite Karachi contributing maximum to Pakistan GDP and virtually feeding the Pakistan Army with its tax revenues, the conditions in which Sindhis and Mohajirs are forced to live are heart wrenching.

We covered about the delipidated situation of Karachi and Sindh and especially Mohajirs in several of our previous articles

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Recently some political parties under the leadership of MQM leader Altaf Hussain who is regarded as the modern-day Nelson Mandela has called for the united freedom struggle for Freedom of Sindhu Mahadesh.

As soon as the news came, the Pakistan authorities under the direction of Pakistan Army started blaming bush fire to burn the whole Aircraft.

Remains of the burnt Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi
Remains of the burnt Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi

According to Airports Security Force (ASF) spokesperson, a derelict aircraft of Shaheen Air caught fire. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) fire tenders extinguished the fire.

According to Karachi Airport Manager, the fire erupted in an old aircraft parked at the airport. Pakistan CAA fire tenders extinguished the fire and the incident is being investigated by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Media Coverup

The biggest surprise came how the ISPR controlled Media tried to hide this big loss. Almost all the media houses that are controlled by ISPR under the new law PEMRA

 Burning Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi
Burning Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi

Pakistan Army and current Pakistan Government does not want the information about the activities of Freedom Fighters escape Pakistan. Pakistan Media has officially never shown any videos or any news of the activities of Freedom Fighters. Whether the activities are carried on by Freedom Fighters of Balochistan or the Freedom Fighters of Sindhu Mahadesh, Media houses have to adhere to the narrative and cover up provided by ISPR. No journalists are allowed to do any independent investigation unless they are prepared to lose their lives and that of their near ones.

We had mentioned about PEMRA in details in our previous article “Fake Pakistani Propaganda Exposed In An Open Letter To US Congressmen Before Kashmir Hearing” 

Here is an excerpt from the above mentioned article:-

Questions should be asked, why the media in Pakistan not sending the right information to the public. You know the answer of it as well. A simple google search will tell you as well. There is Suppression of Free speech and Media Gag in Pakistan. Check the article Pakistan Shamed Over Twitter Censorship During “Defend Media Freedom” Conference In London for detailed information. Pakistan follows the policy of “shoot the messenger”. 61 journalists have been killed in Pakistan between 1992 and 2019. Their crime, they wrote against the Pakistan Government or Pakistan Army or Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI. On July 8, 2019, Military-backed #PEMRA took off-air three news channels namely 24News, AbbTak News and Capital News without any prior notice or giving them a hearing, for showing live speech of Maryam Nawaz. Journalism organizations announce country-wide protests in Pakistan in solidarity with Capital TV. Earlier on June 12, 2019, A new order issued by Pakistan’s media regulatory PEMRA has advised media channels to not air “satirical content” that demeans politicians or individuals associated with law enforcement agencies.

“Furthermore, an effective In-House Editorial Committee must also be constituted in order to ensure compliance of PEMRA laws which could sift unwarranted content,” the order declared.

Recently on 9th July, A journalist, Mureed Abbas working with a Pakistan News channel “Bol TV” was killed outside a local café in Khayaban-e-Bukhari area of Karachi.

Coverup Stories full of Discrepancies

Different Pakistani local media channels aired different stories and all had some discrepancies.

As per ARY news, “the fire erupted suddenly in one of the inactive planes parked around one kilometer away from the runway. The airport authorities, after being informed, called the fire tenders which extinguished the blaze.

 Burning Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi
Burning Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi

The sources said that bushes near the grounded planes caught fire, which eventually engulfed one of the planes parked in the compound.”

According to Geo News, the biggest mouth piece of Pakistan Army ISPR, the Aircraft fire was brought under control after one hour. An aircraft is badly damaged. Fire in wild bushes being extinguished. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) negligence blamed for fire because they had not removed wild bushes from the area since a long time.”

According to Express News channel, the fire erupted in wild bushes and due to wind direction moved towards a derelict aircraft.

Pakistani Aaj News channel posted another contradictory story. As per the News Channel, “the fire erupted in garbage and reached a derelict aircraft. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) fire tenders have brought the fire under control. The incident did not cause any loss of life.”

They should tell how such a huge Garbage dump be placed near the Air Craft? Why only one derelict aircraft got burnt while, (as some Pakistani channels claim) others did not get burnt

According to DAWN News channel, “the fire erupted in wild bushes and reached an engine of a derelict aircraft. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) fire tenders controlled and extinguished the fire quickly.”

As mentioned earlier, all these narratives of all Pakistani Media channels have discrepancies and are running a fake narrative.

Picture released by PIA
Picture released by PIA

Geo News posted another contradictory news. As per Geo News, “fire erupted in an engine of a derelict aircraft on a parking bay. Probably one of Shaheen Air Boeing 737-200s dumped on soft/unpaved surface at Karachi Airport”

Usage of the word “Probably” in their statement means that none of these Media houses even sent their journalists to the scene of fire to verify the facts. They all got a media briefing from DG ISPR and thus running contradictory imaginary stories.

Points to Ponder

No one could answer how did the metal body of the aircraft or even the engine of a standing old, derelict, neglected, defunct aircraft could catch massive fire that could be extinguished after one hour.

Burning Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi
Burning Civil Aviation Plane that was set on fire by Freedom Fighters in Karachi

It is not possible even by the fire in the bushes to burn the metallic body of the whole air craft as per the pictures received unless the aircraft had fuel in it and was operational.

People are asking questions, “Does that mean that the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) keeps the tanks of the standing old, derelict, neglected, defunct aircraft full of fuel?”

As per a local who confirmed the activity told, “Old jet did not catch fire. It was the one on which people were boarding that caught fire. Parked jets are not visible from terminal. It is 2 km away and is not in direct line of site. It is not possible to make video from terminal of parked jet.

People of Karachi are asking the question as to why is DG ISPR and all their media are terming this Aircraft fire as accidental and not attributing it to Freedom Struggle of people of Sindhu Mahadesh? Is it because that Pakistan Army is afraid that if this news leaks out, it will raise the morale of all other freedom fighters including the freedom fighters in Balochistan and Pashtunistan? Will more such strategic assets of Pakistan be on line of fire of the Freedom Fighters in Sindhu Mahadesh and Balochistan? Will Pakistan Army increase their oppression and kill more Sindhis and Mohajirs as a revenge?

Some people are attributing this Aircraft fire as a revenge for the recent fire set by Pakistan Army and their land Grabber units that engulfed near teen hatti slums area Karachi. More than 400 tent houses burned into ashes which left thousands of Mohajirs and Sindhis including women and children living in the slum tent houses homeless in such cold weather.

Does that mean that now every atrocity on Mohajirs and Sindhis in Sindhu Mahadesh will be responded by similar or bigger attacks by the Freedom Fighters? Does that mean that if any further Mohajirs and Sindhis are abducted by Pakistan Army or the Intelligence Agency ISI will be responded by similar attacks on Strategic Assets or some High Value Targets (HVTs)?

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