Flies Infestation in Karachi

There is Flies Infestation in Karachi. After torrential rainstorm hit the Karachi city a few weeks ago, it led to days-long power outages and flooding on major access roads, streets as well as in the drainage system. Sewerage system is clogged with garbage. Streets and roads were already filled with years of garbage.

Swarm of Flies infestation in Karachi. Pakistan has no money to pay for fuel for Fumigation Vehicles.

Pakistan then celebrated Eid-ul-Azha (Animal slaughtering festival). As the remains and tripe (Leftovers after slaughtering animals) were left behind on the streets, there are heaps of garbage collected on the streets and roadsides. The blood-filled streets, along with clogged sewerage and rain water, tripe of animals lying on the streets, no garbage collection taking place, no fumigation place, worked as a perfect breeding ground for flies. Swarms of flies can be seen all over Karachi. Pakistan does not have money to pay for fuel for vehicles used for fumigation.

Karachi is today under flies’ infestation. Residents do not know how to get rid of them. Pakistan’s Sindh government has called for special prayers to get rid of the menace of flies in the Assembly.

Diseases are spreading in the city as a consequence of the poor waste management and stagnant rainwater. The ailments include malaria, gastroenteritis, typhoid, dengue fever, the chikungunya virus, respiratory disorders, and Congo fever.

The recent Economist Safe Cities Index 2019 placed Karachi at the bottom of its list, with Karachi being the worst city with population more than 15 million.

Economist Safe Cities Index 2019 placed Karachi at the bottom of its list
Economist Safe Cities Index 2019 placed Karachi at the bottom of its list

Economist Safe Cities Index 2019 ranked Karachi 59/60 in Health Security. The flies infestation in Karachi is one of the greatest symptoms to tell what went wrong.

Economist Safe Cities Index 2019 ranked Karachi 59/60 in Health Security.
Economist Safe Cities Index 2019 ranked Karachi 59/60 in Health Security.

When Karachi Bleeds, Pakistan’s Economy Bleeds

Karachi Contributes Maximum Revenue to Pakistan Budget. Mohajirs and Sindhis are hated and exploited by Punjabi dominated Pakistan. Decades of exploitation of Karachi is reflected in this epidemic of biblical proportion.

Flies Infestation in Karachi. Pakistan has no money to pay for fuel for Fumigation Vehicles.

Flies are all over Karachi. No fumigation or spray was done. All the vehicles and machines given to Karachi for fumigation are non-functional. Those vehicles and machines that are working, are not able to operate because the KMC is unable to pay for the fuel for the vehicles. In one district, where 40 vehicles had to operate for spray in one district, only 5 are operational in one zone.

Karachi the Capital of Sindh – Exploitation of Mohajirs and Sindhis

Karachi is the capital of Sindh. Ranked as a beta-global city, the city is Pakistan’s premier industrial and financial centre. Karachi Contributes Maximum Revenue to Pakistan Budget. However, Karachi has been exploited by successive Punjabi dominated Pakistan federal governments. Whether Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) or Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) or Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) everyone exploited Mohajirs and Sindhis.

Mohajirs and Sindhis have been discriminated against since the inception of Pakistan. Quota system was imposed against them in Sindh. They are deprived of jobs and equal opportunities. Even in education institutions they are discriminated on the basis of their ethnicity. Mohajirs are not allowed to become members of the Armed forces, police, government departments etc. Punjabis have been exploiting them for ages.

Even Dr. Abdul Qadeeer Khan, a Mohajir Nucelar Scientist , who made Pakistan a nuclear power is also discriminated for being a Mohajir. Mohajir are languishing in abysmal and horrible conditions. They are the one who played the instrumental role in developing the city of Karachi and turning it into a revenue engine for Pakistan. However, what did they get in return for this great contribution? The answer is nothing. Such is the plight of Mohajirs in Pakistan.

Today Karachi, is the biggest and filthiest city of the creaking country with overflowing drains, complicated by rains and the slaughter festival of Eid-al-Adha has left a mess, with all that meat and blood in its streets. Karachi is under flies infestation. This scale of epidemic is of biblical proportion.

Anger among Mohajirs and Sindhis. Voices of Freedom brewing in.

Pakistani TV channels released videos that were floating around on social media. From the videos we can see that Karachi is in a war-like situation, except that Pakistan is losing it to the flies, house flies.

One person we talked to said, “PTI Imran Khan government is thinking of fighting with India on Kashmir issue, when it cannot control flies in Karachi. They do not have money to pay for fuel for the vehicles that were to be used for fumigation drive. The Jihad and War rhetoric, Kashmir hour, school children protest march in Karachi, is only to divert public attention from the failure (Nakamyabi) of the ‘New Tabdeeli Government’ of Imran Khan.”

Another person said, Imran Khan government is sucking taxes from people. They are finding new ways of sucking every last rupee in our pockets. Recently they sent notices to every household to submit a form declaring what all electrical appliances like TV, refrigerator, oven, geyser, microwave they have, what kind of vehicle they have, how many children they have, which school the children are studying, how much fees they are paying for each child. They want to suck every rupee from Karachi. What are we getting as a result? High electricity prices, high prices of daily use food items like milk, essential commodities, Water logged roads and streets, electrocution of people by K-Electric, failed sewage system, piles of garbage in every road, every street, no vehicles to lift the garbage, they don’t have money to pay for the fuel. Where is all our tax money going?”

Yet another person we spoke with said, “Imran Khan’s government is dominated by Punjabis who have always exploited us Mohajirs and Sindhis in Karachi. We, the Karachi people are virtually paying the salaries of Pakistan Army. What did we get? Our people are regularly disappeared and killed by Pakistan Rangers. Both the Political parties, PTI and PPP have their own affiliated criminal gangs that extort money regularly. What do we get in return? You can see there are diseases spreading. Soon Allah forbid if there is a mass disease outbreak that may kill many, who will be responsible? Imran Khan is leading Pakistan into self-destruction. We need to get freedom from Pakistan and form our own Mohajir nation.”

A doctor in Karachi, Pakistan, says the current fly infestation is the worst she’s ever seen. “They’re so scary, they’re hounding people. You can’t walk straight on the road, there are so many flies everywhere.”

Social media uproar against Pakistan and Sindh Government.

SHAHEEN SEHBAI with Twitter handle @SSEHBAI1 tweeted, “KARACHI OR KACHRACHI: If anywhere else, the economic engine of a country faced such a total breakdown of govt/management, making it world’s biggest stinking dustbin, full of flies/bugs, ALL Govt Leaders wld have been Sacked, Jailed n Emergency Declared. Not so. POLITICS, POLITICS”

Another person Saadat Ali Zia with Twitter handle @my55cents tweeted, “There are 5,000% more flies in Karachi than people. And we already have too many people.”

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs and Member of the National Assembly, Ali Haider Zaidi with Twitter handle @AliHZaidiPTI tweeted, “Had predicted this in various media talks. God forbid if an infectious disease hits us. This city is not equipped to handle it. The hospitals are dens of corruption & ghost Dr’s. Imagine if we had not cleaned the storm drains?”

Flies Infestation in Karachi

Meanwhile instead of acting, blame game has started in Karachi. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah alleged that the federal government had picked up the trash accumulated in storm-water drains only to leave it on the roadside instead of transporting it to designated landfills which led to the problem of flies swarming the city.

“This scale of epidemic is of biblical proportion. Pakistan is doomed.”

“Pareshaan ho gaya hoon: Karachi is losing the war to flies. Forget nuclear threat to India – Trending News News -“

“Flies have invaded KARACHI”

“Karachi is under attack of flies…”

“Karachi has no voice, this city has been destroyed by PPP, MQMP and now left to rot by PTI. A city of nothing but filth, flies and injustice. Fuck the Bhuttos.”

“A long journey from City of lights to City of Flies #Karachi”

“Naimatullah Khan turned Karachi into City of lights. Waseem Akhtar turned  into City of Flies.”

“Shame on all the stake holders of Karachi sipping tea and having pakoras together , PPP is a inept bastard so no point talking about it , these flies all over the city won’t leave and won’t be handled till a few hundreds die from dengue , a few thousands get malaria”

Kinza Tariq, twitter handle @Kinnzayyy tweeted, “Karachi is now plagued by swarms of flies. They seem to be in every neighborhood, bazaar and shop, sparing no one. They’re flying in and out of stores and cars and homes, and settling onto every available surface, from vegetables to people. #GoodByeHouseFlies”

Sabiha Akhlaq, Twitter handle @akhlaq_sabiha tweeted, “KARACHI, Pakistan — First came the floods, as weeks of monsoon rains deluged neighborhoods across Karachi, sending sewage and trash through Pakistan’s largest city. Then came the long power outages, And then it got worse. Karachi is now plagued by flies.”

Karachi Contributes Maximum Revenue to Pakistan Budget. What did Punjabi dominated Pakistan Government give to Mohajirs and Sindhis?
 Decades of exploitation of Karachi is reflected in this epidemic of biblical proportion.
Karachi Contributes Maximum Revenue to Pakistan Budget. What did Punjabi dominated Pakistan Government give to Mohajirs and Sindhis?
Decades of exploitation of Karachi is reflected in this epidemic of biblical proportion.

Former Justice Markandey Katju, Twitter handle @mkatju Tweeted, “I heard der were lot of donkeys in Pak, but now I am hearing der is lot of kachda (filth)&lot of makkhis (flies) causing diseases in Karachi”

Prof. Steve Hanke twitter handle @steve_hanke tweeted, “#Pakistan literally means ‘Land of the Pure’. #Karachi suggests otherwise. Floods & animal waste from #EidAlAdha have added to the city’s daily 12,000 tons of waste. @MediaCellPPP & @PTIofficial’s mismanagement has condemned Karachi to flies & disease.”

UNICEF USA @UNICEFUSA tweeted, “Karachi’s livability is falling.” The city is undergoing a sanitation emergency, as flooding and waste has brought swarms of flies, writes @nytimes. Globally, about 700 children die daily from diarrhea linked to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene.”

Tahir Sarwar, Pakistan Air Force Officer (Retired), twitter handle @TheTahirSarwar tweeted, “Most of us must have read the Novel ” Lord Of The Flies” by William Golding. Now watch “City Of The Flies”. Shame on Sindh Government and City Government. Once the most beautiful Face of Pakistan Karachi?”

Stupid Household Remedies being tried

In today’s modern, scientific world, some people are sadly spreading stupid household methods of controlling flies. One such website in Pakistan “Health Taste Vitality” HTV.com.pk was a front runner in spreading such ignorant household remedies. Reading their article “The Rise Of The Flies (In Karachi)” We felt pity reading their remedies. We are posting a screenshot of their remedies for our readers. We are not sure if our readers will feel pity on their ignorance or feel angry or will laugh at their stupidity at an epidemic like situation in Karachi.

Flies Infestation in Karachi -  Stupid household remedies being tried
Flies Infestation in Karachi – Stupid household remedies being tried

Slice lemons in half and stud them with cloves. Leave them lying around at different spots in your home- it may ward off flies. (It seems like the person is not living in Karachi or has not seen videos of swarms of aggressive flies all over Karachi. When insecticides and fumigation has failed, a slice of lemon will not deter flies. Moreover, the prices of lemons are touching sky in Karachi that everyone cannot afford lemons.)

You may already have heard on pink cheeni. Don’t be fooled by its flowery name- it’s quite deadly. You can find it at flower/seed shops. Put out a container/plate of this substance and you’ll have a carpet of dead flies to sweep away the next day. Keep away from children and be very cautious when using it. (When swarms of flies are present in every possible available space, on how much area can you use such method? Few square feet?)

Turn to machines. An electric racket, or an electric cage might control the infestation to a certain extent. (When flies present in every road, every street, every corner, how many electric racket will be needed? Consider the cost of one racket and the electricity needed to charge it, is it economically feasible? Many people don’t have money to buy Naan (Roti), can they afford these rackets? Utterly nonsense)

Fill a plastic bag with water and hang it near entrances. Strange, you may think. Upon further research, we found out that the sun reflects in the water and interferes with fly vision. (We have no words to say on this stupidity)

Fly paper- you can make your own with sugar syrup. It’s true ‘you catch more flies with honey’. (It will breed more flies)

Keep a rolled newspaper handy. (No comments)

Sindh High Court Issues Notices on Flies issue

The Sindh High Court (SHC) issued notices to the provincial government, Karachi mayor and chairpersons of the six district municipal corporations of the city over a petition regarding the swarms of flies in the city.

A two-member bench, comprising Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Agha Faisal, was hearing the plea. The petitioner, Sameer Samoo’s counsel argued that swarms of flies had made life in the city unbearable. He said that the flies have multiplied on a large scale as the offal of sacrificial animals hasn’t been picked up and there’s a risk of a large-scale outbreak of diseases. The Sindh government, Karachi mayor and city administration are neither making any arrangements to clean the city nor are they spraying insecticides.

The court issued notices to the parties after hearing the arguments and directed them to submit their replies by next Saturday.

Waiting to beg money from International Donors in the event of Epidemic?

On one hand Pakistan is demonstrating aggression on Afghanistan as well as India borders by continuously firing using Rockets and Artillery shells. Pakistan has failed at economic front. However in order to divert the attention of its public, Pakistan has started Jihad rhetoric and infiltrating Radical Islamist Terrorists in India to spread terror and kill innocent civilians. We covered this delusion of Kashmir and Jihad created by Pakistan to hide its failure on economic front in our previous article “Pakistan Jihad Terrorist Factories On The Boil. Jihad Fervor Grips Pakistanis

Sadly, one-week time given by the court and considering the time consuming judicial process thereafter, it may lead to an outbreak of an epidemic of such a large extent that can it may not be controllable. Is Pakistan Government and its Judiciary expecting a major outbreak of disease at an epidemic level? What is the intention of Pakistan government to let it go unchecked? Are they waiting for the international community to give alms to Pakistan? Is Pakistan Government planning to launch a donation campaign in the name of controlling flies in Karachi and then use those funds to infiltrate Terrorists in Afghanistan and Indian Kashmir? Does Pakistan want thousands of Mohajirs and Sindhis to die due to the outbreak of a looming epidemic because of contagious disease? Is this not a planned ethnic cleansing?

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