Afghan forces ready for the war

In last 11 days, Afghanistan Security Forces killed 1186 Pakistan sponsored Taliban Terrorists (including 34 Pakistani Terrorists who were Pakistani nationals from Swat, Parachinar, Sadda & Hangu districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan) and wounded 568 Terrorists, as a result of continuous clearance operations. Huge quantity of Arms and Ammunition were seized, and vehicles used by Taliban were destroyed. These figures are provided by Ministry of Defense, Afghanistan during different press releases over the past 10 days.

Before this Afghanistan Security forces had killed 811 FATF Grey Listed Pakistan supported Taliban terrorists in 13 days (16-July 2019 to 28-July 2019). We covered that in details in our previous article, Afghanistan Army Killed 811 Pakistan Supported Taliban Terrorists In Last 13 Days

Ministry of Defense, Afghanistan via a Press release on a daily basis provides an update on the operations carried out in 24 hours in different provinces. They also provide the figures of how many Taliban or Pakistani Terrorists, the Afghanistan Security Forces killed in 24 hours.

As per the Press Releases by Ministry of Defense, Afghanistan on their official website, over past 11 days (29-July 2019 to 8-August 2019), Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, launched 128 joint offensive & clearance operations, and conducted 947 Commandos, Special Forces operations in different parts of the country, in order to remove security threats, destroying the enemy’s sanctuaries and ensure better security to the people of Afghanistan, Afghan Air Forces conducted 1554 flights and carried out 231 airstrikes on enemies’ positions in support of these operations.

As a result, Afghanistan Security Forces killed 1186 Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists (including 34 Pakistani Terrorists who were Pakistani nationals from Swat, Parachinar, Sadda & Hangu districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan) and Pakistani Army Regulars (that were fighting along with Taliban Terrorists) and wounded 568 and 53 (including many Pakistani Nationals) were detained.

Data compiled from Ministry of Defense, Afghanistan Press releases showing that Afghanistan Security Forces killed 1186 Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists in last 11 days.
Data compiled from Ministry of Defense, Afghanistan Press releases showing that Afghanistan Security Forces killed 1186 Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists in last 11 days.
  • Joint offensive & clearance operations – 128
  • Commandos, Special Forces Operations – 947
  • Number of flights by Afghan Air Forces – 1554
  • Total Number of Airstrikes – 231
  • Number of Taliban Terrorists Killed – 1186
  • Number of Taliban Terrorists Wounded – 568
  • Number of Taliban Terrorists Detained – 53

These operations were conducted with support of Resolute Support and Afghan Air Forces in almost all the districts of Afghanistan including Ghazni, Wardak, Helmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan, Faryab, Zabul, Badghis, Ghor, Takhar, Paktia, Balkh, Sir-e Pol, Logar, Kunar & Nangarhar provinces.

During the operations huge quantity of Arms and ammunition were seized. Many different types of IEDs were recovered and defused. Many vehicles belonging to Taliban Terrorists were destroyed.

Video showing special unit operation in which 2 Taliban Terrorists were killed and a large quantity of weapons and explosives were recovered.

As per the sources, ANDSF operations are continuous. These operations will continue everyday and all year long. Taliban will remain on the run until they surrender or rejoin the modern Afghan society.

FATF Grey Listed Pakistan sending Pakistani Terrorists for fighting along side Taliban

As per reports, Pakistan continues to harbor Taliban Terrorists and keep supplying them Arms to take over larger portion of land in neighboring Afghanistan.

Three Terrorists Arrested by Afghan Security Forces.
Three Terrorists Arrested by Afghan Security Forces.

As per the recent reports, in order to put pressure on the US and Allies to help Pakistan on Kashmir issue, Pakistan has stepped up its support to Taliban Terrorists. Pakistan Army regulars are now fighting in large numbers along with the Taliban Terrorists. In last 2 days, Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists carried out 4 suicide bomb blasts killing civilians mostly women and children.

Pakistan Army is also sending its terrorists to support Taliban Terrorists. Many of the killed Terrorists are Pakistani Nationals and not the Afghan Taliban.

Gun battle between Afghanistan security forces and Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists

As per a news release the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) has announced that a network containing of 3 suicide bombers are detained from the Kunar province. The department said in a news release that special operations forces targeted a 3-person Pakistani terrorist network that were planning suicide bombings in the city of Asadabad, Kunar province.

In a recent tweet from Rehan Khan from NDS with Twitter handle @rehankkhanNDS on 4th August 2019, he mentioned, “51 Taliban have been killed in ghazi province, including 34 Pakistani nationals from Swat, Parachinar, Sadda & Hangu districts of Pakistan.”

Suicide bomb blasts by Taliban Terrorists

On 7th August 2019, in a suicide car bomb explosion carried out by Taliban Terrorists, 14 people were killed and 145 injured. Explosion took place outside a Police station in Capital Kabul. Most of the killed and injured were civilians including women and children. Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Taliban claimed that they killed Afghanistan Security forces in the suicide bomb blast. But in reality they are killing civilians.

The bomb went off when a vehicle was stopped at a checkpoint outside the police station.

Victims of suicide bomb blast in Kabul. Taliban claimed they killed Afghanistan security forces. Are these children security forces?
Victims of suicide bomb blast in Kabul. Taliban claimed they killed Afghanistan security forces. Are these children security forces?

We obtained the pictures of the victims of the suicide bombing attacks that Taliban Terrorists claimed they killed Afghan Security forces. However readers can themselves judge if the wounded and killed are Afghanistan Security forces?

There was a great condemnation of this attack. One person said, “US had a policy of not negotiating with Terrorists. Where is that policy now? Why is the US negotiating with Taliban Terrorists who have no remorse for the innocent civilian’s lives including those of women and children?”

In a press release the Office of the National Security Council issued a statement on the Terrorist attack in Kabul

“07th Aug, Kabul: Several innocent civilians were killed and injured in the cowardly Tablian attack in PD6 of Kabul today. This attack reveals the real and ugly face of the enemy of peace, and the enemy of the people of Afghanistan. We strongly condemn this attack and share our prayers with the victims’ families.

Victims of suicide bomb blast in Kabul. Are these women and old people, the security forces?
Victims of suicide bomb blast in Kabul. Are these women and old people, the security forces?

“Recently, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) bravely foiled multiple terrorist attacks, ceased tons of IEDs, arrested scores of suicide bombers and terrorists, and destroyed their hideouts in Kabul and other cities across the country and its people from all threats.”

“The Taliban are simultaneously attacking innocent civilians at home while attending peace talks. As our country becomes more hopeful about the possibility of peace, we believe a successful peace process & mandate for political participation need strong  support from the people. Any attacks on civilians prove further that Taliban are not serious about the peace process.”

“The enemy must understand that the Afghans are capable of preserving through tough times and have the experience and know-how to respond to such crimes and attacks.”

 5-August 2019, Afghanistan Sercurity forces killed 51 Taliban Terrorists in Ghazni province. As per local authories, the 51 Terrorists that were killed included 2 Pakistani nationals as they had Pakistani shanakhti card (ID Card) on them.

On 31-July 2019, 3 Pakistani nationals were captured by Afghanistan security forces in Kunar province of Afghanistan.

Reacting to the suicide car bombing carried out in Kabul at the orders of FATF Grey Listed Pakistan in order to send a message to the US, there was a lot of condemnation of Pakistan on the social media. People are calling for the Unity of Afghanistan, India and Balochistan nation to fight join forces and fight against the common enemy i.e. Pakistan.

One of the respected Afghans, Rehan Khan from NDS in his tweet said, “India does not need help from outsiders, however but if there was a war in Kashmir, we will make sure to screw Pakistan from our ends inshallah.”

Another twitter users said, “Afghanistan, India and Baloch Nation should join. UN is BLIND when it comes to looking at the Terrorism being carried on by Terrorist Nation Pakistan. In DECADES, UN couldn’t declare Pakistan a Terrorist Nation. Shame on @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva for Keeping blind to Pakistan.”

Taliban Terrorists dressing like women for escape

The Afghan Special Forces arrested a Taliban fighter disguised in women’s dress in south-eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

Taliban Terrorists disguised as women in order to escape security forces.
Taliban Terrorists disguised as women in order to escape security forces.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) in a statement said the Special Unit of the Afghan National Police conducted an operation in Qarabagh district on Friday night.

The statement further added that the Special Forces arrested a Taliban militant who had disguised himself in women’s dress in a bid to flee the area.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Interior said the Special Forces also discovered and confiscated three weapons from the detained militant.

On Previous occasions as well Pakistan sponsored terrorists Burqa to disguise like women and escape.

Taliban Lies

In order to show off to the US, Taliban had been making tall claims of casualties it inflicted on the Afghanistan security forces and the police. We investigated some of those reports and found that the Taliban claims were only lies. The suicide bombs are killing civilians including women and children.

In a claim Taliban Terrorists claimed to have killed over 3000 Afghan Security forces in last 3 months. However, that claim was total false. All the suicide bomb blasts in the last 3 months killed mostly civilians including women and children.

In a statement Taliban sources said that their suicide bomber attacked a “recruitment centre” and a large number of soldiers and police were killed or wounded.”

However, the reality was that the car suicide bomb attack was outside the police station in a busy market and 90% of the casualties were civilians.

One person questioned the credibility of Taliban. He said, “During the so called “Peace Talks”, Taliban talks of the peace, but in one night they carried on four suicide bombing attacks in Kabul killing innocent civilians that included women and children. Is this the kind of peace Taliban wants to impose on us? Is this the peace US wants people of Afghanistan to live with? When we as citizens of Afghanistan do not trust Taliban Lies, how can US negotiate with Taliban and give our lives in the hands of Terrorists who do not believe in Democracy and women rights?”

Another person said, “If US wants to leave in a hurry, why don’t they just leave and let us live our lives in freedom? We will fight till our last breath to keep Afghanistan free from Radical Islamist Taliban Terrorists, who has no remorse when the lives of innocent women and children are lost. History knows we have survived many brutal attacks from the invaders. Taliban Terrorists are also nothing but Invaders who want to take our freedom. We will not let it happen. We will ensure even the last of the Taliban Terrorists are eliminated.”

Pakistani Truck full of weapons seized

Afghanistan Security Forces captured a Pakistani vehicle full of weapons in Herat province in Afghanistan.

Pakistani Truck Captured by Afghan security forces, laden with huge quantity of arms and ammunition
Pakistani Truck Captured by Afghan security forces, laden with huge quantity of arms and ammunition

Herat’s Public Relations Office said in a news release, “Discovery officers discovered a Mazda-type ammunition truck loaded with ammunition in Chisht police district this morning.”

According to the office, “the shipment consisted of 10,500 M-16 rounds, 9000 Kalashnikov rounds, 2800 M49 rounds and 2400 US made Dragunov rounds.”

According to Herat Police, “two individuals were also detained in connection with this seizure.”

Pakistani Tantrums

FATF Grey Listed Pakistan blackmailed the International community and held the Afghan peace talks as a hostage, asking to criticize India, for scrapping Article 370 of Indian Constitution, that was “Internal Affair” of India.

Pakistan Foreign Minster Qureshi linked Afghanistan Peace with Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Throwing his tantrums on the US, Qureshi indirectly gave threats that Pakistan will pull out of the Afghanistan Peace talks, leading to the stepped-up Taliban Terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

President Trump wants to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan before 2020 elections in the US. Pakistan showed its tantrums. Pakistani Foreign minister said, “It will have serious implications not only for peace in the subcontinent but can potentially derail ongoing efforts to seek a political solution to the Afghan war.”

Pakistan foreign minister Qureshi told US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, “Pakistan’s biggest worry is that any tension with India at this stage will make it difficult for the country to focus on the Afghan peace plan.”

One of the ministers in Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet said, “if US will not help Pakistan on Kashmir issue, we will not help US on Afghanistan issue”.

As per one source on conditions of anonymity, “Pakistan has given a clear signal to Taliban Terrorists to step up their operations more vigorously in Afghanistan to make as much noise as possible. More the civilians will die, the more US will listen to Pakistan over Kashmir issue. Pakistan held a meeting with leaders of Terrorist organizations like Lashkare-e-Taiba and Jamait-e-Islami and other terrorist groups and order them to prepare their terrorist armies for a launch of attack on Indian cities. Pakistan has asked them to pull some fighters from Afghanistan if required.”

ID Card of one of the Pakistan National killed who was fighting along Taliban Terrorists
ID Card of one of the Pakistan National killed who was fighting along Taliban Terrorists

In order to prove their worth, Taliban Terrorists at instance of FATF Grey listed Pakistan, conducted four suicide bombing attacks in one day in Kabul leaving many civilians dead and many wounded including children.

There was a strong condemnation of the Pakistan stand linking Afghanistan talks to peace in Kashmir.

Talimand Khan, a freelance journalist said, “The statement of opposition leader Shabaz Sharif linking Afghanistan peace with Kashmir proves that Pakistan is responsible for whatever is happening in Afghanistan. It is synonymous to a public admission of interference in a sovereign neighboring state Kashmir.”

Another public figure Shahid Quetta in his tweet on twitter said, “Yesterday Pakistani Politicians/Government Ministers and Generals said, they cannot guarantee Peace in #Afghanistan if #US @POTUS didn’t help us solve #Kashmir issue & today at least 43 people are wounded in the blast in #Kabul’s PD6, #Afghanistan #KabulBleedsAgain”

Afghan Security forces, ready for the next operation
Afghan Security Forces, ready for the next operation

He further said, “After threats by #Punjabi Puppet Pimps of #PunjabiArmy @CMShehbaz @fawadchoudhry @ Mushahid #GenShoaib etc a blast shock #Kabul killing more than 30 innocent #Afghans. #Pakistan its #PunjabiArmy, its Politicians, it’s Generals & it’s Proxies are responsible for All these attacks”

Press Release over the Taliban’s Statements on Afghan Presidential Elections

Taliban in a statement has threatened to target the Afghan public if they attend upcoming presidential elections.

As evidently enshrined in the Afghanistan Constitution, it is the legitimate and legal right of the people of Afghanistan to attend poll centers and directly elect their future leader.

Contrary to allegations of the Taliban, who are currently negotiating with the United States in Qatar, most of electoral budget is covered by the Government of Afghanistan and the process is fully managed by Afghans.

Besides, the representatives of the Afghan people at the Lower House of the Parliament issued an enactment and provided support for holding of elections in a timely manner.

Once again, the Government of Afghanistan asks all electoral entities and stakeholders to continue their regular activities to ensure holding of elections in a timely fashion.

ANDSF is fully prepared to protect their compatriots against such threats & will never allow anyone to prevent voters & owning their future. AFG Defense & Security forces are sternly instructed to thwart any attempt aiming at the disruption of this national and crucial process.

We want the Taliban, who apparently chant for peace, but at the same time intimidate the Afghan public to death on daily basis, to prove their peace-wanting voice in action and stop intimidating the public.

People of Afghanistan have constantly proved in the past that such threats posed by enemies of the country cannot stop them to take part in national and crucial processes of the country.

People of Afghanistan will attend the poll centers and cast their vote to directly elect their future leader and to disgrace enemies of their freedom.

Addressing a gathering of women who had gathered from all over Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani said, “Women in Afghanistan are no longer invisible. They’re contributing to the economy, uplifting the spirits of our collective resolve to fight terrorism, and moving us forward toward self-reliance.”

President Ashraf Ghani Addressing a large gathering of Women who had gathered from all over Afghanistan.

He further said, “Women now believe in their strengths, and in the past five years we created opportunities for women to become a core part of our leadership. Than you to the thousands of women who attended our rally today and endorsed team #StateBuilder. You empower us!”

As per our local source, “Elections are supposed to be in September but no idea what comes next with that peace deal going on. All journalists have left Doha and the US envoy is in India, the Taliban have left Tajikistan, it looks as if they couldn’t succeed to sign a deal. But it is too early to tell.”

US special envoy for Afghan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad visits India

US special envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad on Tuesday met Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and apprised him about progress in the Afghan peace process.

As per an article published in Hindustan times, The Indian side raised several “pointed questions” about the Taliban’s proximity to the Pakistani military establishment and the implications for Afghanistan, but Khalilzad said this was less an issue of “trusting Pakistan or the Taliban” and more about ending the war as there were no returns for the US even after spending about $45 billion a year in Afghanistan, the person cited above said.

 US special envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad met Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar
US special envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad met Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar

The people said Khalilzad believed the US and India should focus on peace in Afghanistan because of their common stake in achieving stability in the war-torn country. Khalilzad also suggested that India could a channel of communication with the Taliban, they added.

New Delhi has so far held off on holding direct talks with the Taliban even though the Indian Army chief had said earlier this year that the government should consider the possibility of such talks. India has aligned its position with that of the Afghan government on this issue and called for an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled peace process.

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