Pakistan Exposed Again: Tries to Create Rift Between India & Afghanistan using its puppets

Pakistan is Exposed Again. This time the Terrorist Nation that is good in Fake Propaganda, tried to create rift between two friendly nations India and Afghanistan. However a little investigation revealed the Fake Propaganda by Pakistan.

Terrorist Nation Pakistan is the sworn Enemy of India. It has sworn to bleed India with thousand cuts. Using the Fake Propaganda network, Terrorist Nation Pakistan tried to create rift between India and Afghanistan. This time by organizing protest rallies against India in Taliban Terrorist held provinces while running the propaganda to make it appear as if all Afghan people are protesting against India. All Pakistani and Turkish Twitter handles and Leftist and Liberal Media propagated this news of Protests against India in Afghanistan whole day as if it was a big news. Media created a delusion that the long Friendship between India and Afghanistan is lost.

Known Liberal Leftist Anti-Modi Indian Media handles were quick to denounce Indian Foreign Minister Dr S Jayashankar and Indian Government. One such handle was that of Shekhar Gupta, a well known Leftist Liberal Modi-Hater Journalist.

Another was National Editor and Diplomatic Affairs Editor of a Leftist Liberal anti-Modi newspaper, The Hindu who also jumped quickly to blame Modi Government in New Delhi.

Knowing very well that Herat is under the control of Iranian Terrorists and Shia supporters. The Iranian have big influence in Herat and the Hazara living provinces of Afghanistan. Hazaras and most Heratis are Shia Muslims. Recently there were thousands of Hazara Terrorists who fought for Iran in Syria under the Fatemiyoun Brigade, came back to Afghanistan. Fatemeyoun Brigades is an affiliate of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) that was originally created to defend the shrine of Sayyeda Zeinab outside of Damascus before the Syrian war broke out in 2011. It is made up almost entirely of Shia Afghans and refugees. The force fought in the front lines of the war alongside regime forces. These are not ordinary men, all trained by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and have gained much experience in the warzone. These men are ready to act at any corner of Afghanistan, if Iran reactivates them again. They are all a ticking time bomb. Besides that, Taliban Terrorists which are sponsored by Pakistan Army and Intelligence Agency ISI and are nothing but puppets of Pakistan, are present in huge numbers in Herat. As Pakistan and Iran has formed the Axis of Evil, such Anti-India protests organized in Herat by this Axis of Evil is to create a delusion that the friendship between India and Afghanistan is no more. Being a responsible Media personnel, Shekhar Gupta must not have given any weightage to the Anti-India Protests in Taliban Terrorists controlled province that is filled with IRGC trained Terrorists from Ftemeyoun Brigades that are sponsored by Iran and Pakistan.

Questioning the credibility of the International News Media as well as the Indian Main Stream Media, that were quick to pick the news of Anti-India Protests in Pakistan Sponsored Taliban Terrorists controlled regions and presented as if they were held in Kabul as well, they completely exposed themselves.

What happened a month earlier?

It is worth mentioning here that a month earlier, Media hide the fact that on 5-February 2020, Afghan Intercontinental Hotel, a luxury hotel in the Afghan capital, canceled Anti-India event that was planned by Pakistan embassy as the program was direct interference in India’s internal affairs.

The hotel refused to host the event after which the Pakistani mission on Tuesday 4-February 2020 wrote to Afghan foreign ministry to protest against the cancellation of the booking, claiming that it was done on the “instructions given by the Afghan government.”

Meanwhile, thousands of Afghan and Pashtuns protested against Pakistan outside its embassy in Kabul against Islamabad’s continued interference in Afghan Affairs and also in Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Afghan Protesters foiled Pakistan’s malicious attempt to hold Kashmir Solidarity Day function on 5-February 2020.

The Pashtun protesters carried placards like ‘down with Pakistan’ and ‘Pakistan is enemy’, ‘Leave Kashmir Alone” and demanded release of Manzoor Pashteen, the chief of Pashtun Tahfuz Movement – a movement for protection of ethnic Pashtun people in Pakistan.

Manzoor Pashteen, the 27-year-old PTM activist, was arrested along with nine supporters in Peshawar last month and sent to a jail on a 14-day judicial remand.

President Ashraf Ghani expressed concerns over Pashteen’s detention and said governments in the region “must support and encourage peaceful civilian movements for justice and must avoid any means of force and violence against these movements.”

Meanwhile on the same day thousands of Afghan also held anti-Pakistan protest in Kabul outside the Pakistan Embassy against Islamabad’s continued interference in Afghan Affairs and also in Jammu and Kashmir.

Anti-Pakistan sentiments in Afghanistan have been rising with Islamabads mounting atrocities against the Pashtuns in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA.

The Afghan government has time and again accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban Terrorists and other Terror groups to create instability in the war-torn country

Did the corrupt and Anti-India Main Stream Fake News Media show the world that Afghan public hates Pakistan and loves India? NO.

What happened on 6th March 2020?

As per the sources, the failure of Pakistan on 5-February to organize an event against India in Kabul was a test by Pakistan that failed and Pakistan Realized that they cannot hold any protests in Kabul or any region under Afghan Government control.

Hence they crafted these protests in Pakistan sponsored Taliban Terrorist held regions or Iran supporting Shia dominated areas and branded them as protests were held in Kabul. Another Area selected for the protests was Herat which has too deep of Iranian influence due to its proximity with Iran. Pakistan used Iranian statement and orchestrated protests from Iran supporters in Herat.

As the videos of the protests against India in Afghanistan became viral, many Indian nationalist social media handles were deeply hurt. Millions of Troll Army of FATF Grey Listed Pakistan, controlled by its DG ISPR, started posting such Anti-India Protests videos from Afghanistan through thousands of their fake social media accounts.

As if that was not enough, Pakistani sold out handles like Michael Kugelman also helped Terrorist Nation in its Fake Propaganda. He shamelessly retweeted a tweet from Zalmay Afghan with Twitter handle @Zalmay_Afg (who is a supporter of Taliban Terrorists), ‘Can’t remember the last time an Indian flag burned in Afghanistan. There’ve also been protests against India in Bangladesh. These are expressions of public sentiment in nations that are two key Indian partners in South Asia. Those “internal matters” have int’l implications.

What is the Truth?

Our team got in touch with the Afghanistan Intelligence Agency and tried to find the truth behind the Anti-India Protests in Afghanistan.

The results we found were shocking and exposed the malicious Pakistani Propaganda to break Indo-Afghan friendship.

As per Afghan Intelligence sources, the protests took place initially in the Northern provinces where Khorasani’s are in majority! They are also claiming to re-create Khorasan and dismantle Afghanistan. Of course all such protests were funded by crooked Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI. Abdul Latif Pedram was their Presidential candidate who lost big time during the Afghan Presidential Elections.

Another shocking truth came forward. All the Pakistani Twitter handles used the location of the protests as Kabul which was, totally wrong. Kabul has been almost under complete lock down since couple of days after an attack on a ceremony.

It needs to be mentioned here that on 6-March 2020, there was a deadly Terrorist attack by Pakistan sponsored Terrorists at a ceremony marking the anniversary of the death of Abdul Ali Mazari, an ethnic Hazara leader who was killed in 1995 after being taken prisoner by Taliban fighters. The ceremony was being held in the Afghan capital where an opposition Afghan political leader, was present but escaped unharmed. More than 30 people were killed and 42 wounded, 20 of whom were in a serious condition. The ISIL claimed it killed and injured 150 people, according to the group’s Amaq website, without providing evidence.

Encounter between Afghan security forces and the terrorists lasted for nearly six hours. 

As per our Afghanistan Intelligence sources, since whole Kabul was under lockdown, there were no Anti-India protests in Kabul on 6-February 2020 and all the protest videos were from Pakistan sponsored Taliban Terrorist held territories.

Whole world knows that Pakistan is organizing and orchesterating all the protests worldwide in different countries against India.

Who is Abdul Latif Pedram?

Abdul Latif Pedram is a historian, poet, professor of Persian Literature, and was a member of the lower house of Afghanistan’s parliament (Wolesi Jirga). He was first elected to Parliament representing the northern province of Badakhshan in 2010. He is also the co-founder, and head of the National Congress Party of Afghanistan (Kongara Milli Afghanistan). 

His political leaning has been described as leftist, with Marxist tendencies, and he has campaigned extensively in parliament for women’s rights. Pedram, who is an ethnic Tajik, supports a decentralized federal system of government, and has called for the name of the country to be changed to Khorasan. His argument is that the name Afghanistan represents only one ethnic group, the Pashtuns. Historically, and still even today,  “Afghan” is used as a synonym for Pashtun. Furthermore, he wants good relations with Pakistan (over India), and he has stated that Afghanistan must recognize the Durand Line as the official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because of this, many Pashtun lawmakers have called for him to be tried for treason and worse, some have called for him to be stoned to death. Pedram has been accused of being an Iranian puppet and that he is secretly getting assistance from Iran to cause ethnic divisions in the country.

To bolster his political standings, especially, among his fellow Tajiks, Pedram sometimes displays photos of himself alongside photos of the late Afghan military commander who fought against the Soviets, and the Taliban, Ahmad Shah Masood, and the late former Afghan President and head of Jamiat-e Islami, Burhanuddin Rabbani.  Pedram was a supporter of Masood and worked with him against the Soviet occupation.  However, Masood and Rabbani’s political beliefs were quite different than the beliefs Pedram holds.  Neither Masood, nor Rabbani ever called for the name of Afghanistan to be changed to Khorasan, and they never wanted Afghanistan to recognize the Durand Line. Masood blamed the Pakistani government, specifically, its intelligence agency, the ISI, for creating the Taliban to weaken Afghanistan, and eventually make it a puppet state, subservient to Pakistan.

Photo shared by Pedram (left) of himself on Social Media, next to Masood (center) and Rabbani (right).

Pedram ran in the October 2004 presidential elections against President Hamid Karzai, but only managed to garner 1.4% of the total ballots. Pedram was highly critical of President Hamid Karzai and the religious conservatives. In early May 2005, he told the publication Payam-e-Mujahid that he is against a permanent American military presence in Afghanistan.

Pedram is also a fierce critic of President Ashraf Ghani. He has accused Ghani of following chauvinistic policies that discriminate against non-Pashtuns in Afghanistan. He believes that Ghani wants to weaken the non-Pashtun tribes and give absolute power to the Pashtuns.

On June 27, 2018, Pedram was verbally and physically attacked during a parliament session by Pashtun members of parliament, after he accused Ghani’s government of dividing Ghazni province into three electoral constituencies, so that more seats can be given to the Pashtuns.

Members of parliament trying to physically assault Pedram

In his own words – notable statements from Pedram on Twitter

From the above you can clearly make out that Pedram is a supporter of Terrorist Nation Pakistan and it was at the instigation of Pakistan and Iran, he orchestrated recent Anti-India protests in Northern provinces.

Some sane voices trying to tell Truth to the world that MSM ignored.

We came across replies from Sobdar Baloch, a noted Journalist to the hateful tweet with Anti-India Protests from Kabul/Herat provinces. He tweeted, “Breaking News. Pro Iran mons held anti India demonstration and burnt Indian flag in #Herat province of Afghanistan. Baloch people strongly condemns Iran’s proxy war against our allies.”

He tweeted, “Again i want to clarify it that Afghan public loves India. Those who burns Indian flag are actually pro Iran and pro Pakistan…”

“#IranPakistanNexus. Tehran and Islamabad funding anti India protests in Delhi and Kabul. ISI burns & disrespects Indian flag in Balochistan to convey message that Baloch people hates India. But despite Pakistan & Iranian proxies we Baloch & Afghan public stands with India”

“Iran Pakistan funding anti Indian protests in Afg & India. These people are pro Pakistan pro Iran.

Iran’s FM & supreme leader tweeted about Indian muslims soon after that tweets these protests erupted & burnt Indian flag. All is clear this is the game of Tehran & Rawalpindi.”

SULTAN MARRI @MarriBaloch2020 tweeted, “No, Afghan public is pro India and they love India. These people who burnt Indian flag today in #Herat are on payroll Iranian mullah regime. This happened 24hr after the tweet of Iranain mullah regime @khamenei_ir. We urge India to Back Baloch to end Pakistan Iran dirty game.”

Points to Ponder

How long India will allow Pakistan to keep maligning its image in different countries? Despite knowing the fact that FATF Grey Listed Nation Pakistan is responsible for orchestrating riots all over India and bringing Indian Economy to a stand still, Why Indian Government is not taking punitive action against Pakistan? With many Hindus killed in Pakistan sponsored Anti-Hindu riots in Delhi and other places, should India not increase the cost for Pakistan? How long India will allow Pakistan to fight their proxy war on Indian Soil? When will India take this war back to Pakistan? Will India now openly support Independence of Balochistan, Sindhu Mahadesh and Pashtunistan? Or Will India still continue to have a good boy image in International space or will India shed its good boy image and help Balochistan, Sindhu Mahadesh, Pashtunistan get Independence from tyrannical illegal occupation of Pakistan? We are sure that if India sheds its image of a good boy and support breaking of Pakistan, Pakistan will go bonkers with no support internationally.

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