Game of Malicious Prosecution has begun. Who will lose?

Game of Malicious Prosecution has begun. Radicals & Leftists are filing complaints in Gulf countries against hateful social media posts by a few handful of Indians working in Gulf countries. In some instances fake Social Media IDs are coming up and posting inflamatory material against religion and blame is put on Non-Muslims. How would the whole world react to this? Will the Game of Malicious Prosecution limit to Gulf Countries? Or what will happen if Patriots and Nationalists worldwide join this game of malicious prosecution and file complaints against Pakistanis, Radicals and Leftists for hurting their religious Sentiments?

The global left economy survives on a single principle – Talk about Newton’s Third Law and deliberately confuse between action and reaction and build an outrage narrative projecting the reaction as action and declaring the perpetrator of the original crime as the victim. This model has run decently well till now. One of the greatest successes of this model is the vilification of India’s Prime Minister and then Chief Minister of the Indian Province of Gujarat who is still castigated for the 2002 riots in Gujarat which are actually engineered by Pakistan to reduce the pressure on Indian border after Pakistan based proxies attacked Indian Parliament in an attempt to save Osama bin Laden from certain death at Tora Bora.

Game of Malicious Prosecution has begun. Who will lose?
Game of Malicious Prosecution has begun. Who will lose?

But with the rise of social media and easy dissemination of information, there are cracks visible in this well oiled machine. A clear proof of this is Imran Khan’s Bloodbath Rant in United Nations where he threatened the world with bloodshed if the demands of Islam are not met which wasn’t taken kindly by the global audience.

In fact, it is observed that non-Muslims are deliberately provoked to criticize against Islam in the Islamic States of Arabian Peninsula to settle personal or political scores. In some cases, fake cases are also being filed under blasphemy laws. This has become such big an epidemic now that it may soon force governments to interfere into this ecosystem of hate.

It has surfaced that Pakistanis with the support of their government and interested parties are deliberately filing cases against non-Muslims/complaining to the employers over trivial and even historical anti-Muslim stand taken by individuals.

It is foolish to believe that there won’t be a hitback for this. It’s a matter of time concerned individuals or even governments take things into their hands and make the life of an innocent Muslim in their country tough. The attitude of the general Islamic community is also not helping. For instance, when there is a global lockdown due to the virus, you wouldn’t want to see someone deliberately violating the lockdown. Besides the notorious Tabhlighi Markaz, there are instances of people contaminating supply lines and cleaning vegetables in drainage before selling them.

There are several news articles that went viral in Indian Media.

Coronavirus in UP: Fruit vendor allegedly licks bananas before selling them

Viral video: Vegetable seller caught washing veggies in sewer water

These above are not the only cases that surfaced. There are numerous instances viral on social media.

Please read our previous article Panic Grips Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema: Maulana Saad On The Run where we had exposed how Hindus are being killed just for questioning Tablighi Jamat for spreading Chinese Virus in India. There was no reaction to the killings of Hindus or the loss of Human Lives that were directly attributed to the spread of Chinese Virus infection directly due to Tablighi Jamaat members.

Also read our previous article Tablighi Jamaat Accelerating Spreading Chinese Virus In India Using Obstinacy, Obstructionism & Violence.

We had also mentioned that Saudi Arabia had issued Fatwa against Tablighi Jamaat, Tablighi Jamaat is banned in Saudi Arabia, Russia and other countries. Then why anyone speaking against Tablighi Jamaat is being reported as commenting against Islam? Is Tabhilghi Jamaat a synonyms to Islam? Why the entire Radical Islamic infrastructure trying to protect and white wash the crimes against humanity by one group as an attack on Islam? Similar outrage is also expressed against Tablighi Jamaat in other countries that lost people due to the Tablighi Jamaat action.

Check this article published in New York Times with title ‘None of Us Have a Fear of Corona’: The Faithful at an Outbreak’s Center that says, “A gathering of 16,000 at a Malaysian mosque became the pandemic’s largest known vector in Southeast Asia, spreading the coronavirus to half a dozen countries.”

Here is another article published in New York Times with title ‘God Will Protect Us’: Coronavirus Spreads Through an Already Struggling Pakistan” that says, “A gathering of more than 150,000 people was held this month on the outskirts of Lahore by Tablighi Jamaat, one of the world’s largest proselytizing groups.”

For readers who do not know the meaning of “Proselytizing” , as per Cambridge dictionary means, “to try to persuade someone to change their religious or political beliefs or way of living to your own.

In France

For the action of few, People are now coming out for protests. Would you deny these protesters the right to protest?

Further the Washington Post which is a known Leftist Newspaper, comes out with the post New World Order: Muslims to be majority in Europe within two generations. What would common Americans think? Is this not an invasion on Europe and later could be an invasion on the USA itself? If the people protests, would their voices be crushed as Islamophobia?

Very conveniently the criminal act of one group was turned into a Hindu Muslim issue by the Leftist Media echo system. Hundreds of articles in all major leftist Media outlets cropped up vilifying India and Hindus for Islamophobia. Indian Constitution guarantees Freedom of speech, which Leftists have always used to send lewd and dirty remarks on Hindu Gods and practices including use of “Gau-Mutra” (Cow Urine) among various things. When the Indian general public uses their freedom of speech to condemn a group of people who are knowingly hiding and 33% or more virus spread is directly related to them, Why the Freedom of speech is denied to the common men? How a comment of Tablighi Jamaat is an act of Islamophobia and Radicals and Leftist are free to throw lewd and sexiest comments against Hindu Gods and religion?

Another prominent case came from Paris where a police contingent was ambushed by Islamic immigrants.

All of this point to a single fact. There is going to be a limit to tolerance. No one would want to see a non-Islamic state to bend an Islamic State to roll back its blasphemy laws. No one would want an innocent Muslim to be caught in the crossfire between the tolerant non-Islamic majority and those taking the cover of Islam to further their nefarious agenda.
It is important to note that one of the first casualty in such a case will be a near bankrupt Pakistan which will be ejected out of Arabian Peninsula because of the deliberate hate it is spreading to further it’s agenda at the expense of Islam. A rogue, nuclear armed state sponsor of terror who is an international pariah is not something no one would want to wish to have as a neighbour.

You may still want to confuse the world between the action and reaction. But, when an innocent and average Muslim has already suffered, what’s the point in blaming someone?

This is the reaction which is being projected as action.

Tell that Social.Media is flooded with videos of their notoriety

Muslim Lynch Mob attacked Sanitation workers with Axe in MP, India. One was injured.

The case basis is, this is what they are doing. Attacks on Doctors, Medical workers, Sanitation staff, attack on Police…

Will you be surprised if there is a retaliation?


Islamists join hands with a UAE ‘journalist’ to ensure that Indian man faces jail for mocking TikTok users claiming Namaz can keep Coronavirus away

An Emirati businesswoman and philanthropist has called out an expat over his Islamophobic tweets. Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi shared screenshots of tweets from a now-deactivated account and warned: “Anyone that is openly racist and discriminatory in the UAE will be fined and made to leave.”

And this is the sort of support they are getting. Can personal prejudices and open lies be used to hold relations between countries at ransom?

Former ‘journalist’ Irena Akbar, who is often found spewing venom against Hindus and Dalits in India, had posted a tweet asking people to report “Islamophobic” posts on Facebook/Twitter by UAE-based Hindus to one Mazhar Farooqui of the Gulf News, so a retaliatory action can be taken against such individuals. Irena claims Mazhar to be a “big asset to the Indian Muslim community”.

Game of Malicious Prosecution begins: Former Journalist taking a leading role in complaints.
Game of Malicious Prosecution begins: Former Journalist taking a leading role in complaints.

Even Congress Party in India followers are also at the forfront of reporting Hindu social media handles to Gulf authories.

Game of Malicious Prosecution begins. Tweet by Congress Party in India worker also complaining to Dubai Police against Hindu handles.
Game of Malicious Prosecution begins. Tweet by Congress Party in India worker also complaining to Dubai Police against Hindu handles.

Bunch of Indian Muslim handles gang up to target Hindus living in Middle East, send them to jail by branding them ‘Sanghis’ and accusing them of Islamophobia

Following tweet and the article is a single proof that we need a robust fake news handling mechanism. This is already debunked and the SHO who framed the case is arrested. But the Fake News Media like BBC have played exemplary role in maligning the image of Hindus and India worldwide.

What if the Patriots an Nationalists world wide including the US, Europe, Indo-Pecific region, Australia get into game? there will be no where to run. Whole world will be a battlefield. Everyone in Christian/Hindu Families are educated, can get alternative jobs. Think in Muslim families one out of ten gets good job. Think if he looses job, who will be the sufferer.

Check this article Coronavirus: US Slams Pakistan For Reportedly Denying Food To Hindus, Christians . Who stands for Hindus? Are they children of lesser god?

We spoke with an Indian Advocate who on the conditions of anonymity said that this is a big problem. But once Nationalist lawyers form small teams, we will make sure that those posting hate against Religion and India on Social Media will not Only be prosecuted in India, but we will collaborate with HR of all US and European Multinationals and will make sure Action is taken against them besides filing legal complaints in respective countries. He said that research work has already started and you will start hearing on Social media how many people lost their jobs.

He further said that in this game of Malicious Prosecution, the worst sufferers will be Pakistanis. He elaborated on it. He said 99% of Hindu Indians working abroad are Secular and respect the law of the land they work in. However, Pakistanis are the worst offenders. No matter whichever country they live in, they will not end religious hatred against Christians and Hindus because of their redical preachers misinterpreting the text of their religious book Quran. He said if the Quran is interpreted correctly and correct version is circulated, it will end the compulsive hatred among Muslims and there will be peace everywhere. He said this can be done by International Community asking Saudi Arabia to take a leadership role in the Islamic world and make new interpretationa that are secular in nature and promote universal brotherhood. He said India has a huge population, a few persons losing their job, will not impact India. But imagine if every Radical Pakistani losing his job because of religious intolerance will be a death blow to the already bankrupt economy of Pakistan.

He said let Pakistanis decide if they want to play this game of Malicious Prosecution. Patriots worldwide are ready to take on all the radicals from the work spaces. He said already Pakistanis and Radicals have maligned a good religion like Islam and made it a religion of hatred by propagating different forms of Jihad in every non-Muslim country. Hence none of the Multinationals in any country will bear that they hire Radical extremists that support negative form of Jihad and post Anti religious hateful messages against other religions on the social media. All MNCs have very strict social Media policies.

Game Of Malicious Prosecution Begins:  Whatsapp and Telegram messages are circulating giving Email addresses of Gulf authorities. What if Christians and Hindus use these to complain about hateful content by Pakistanis, Radicals and Leftists working in Gulf?
Game Of Malicious Prosecution Begins: Whatsapp and Telegram messages are circulating giving Email addresses of Gulf authorities. What if Christians and Hindus use these to complain about hateful content by Pakistanis, Radicals and Leftists working in Gulf?

He further said that the action will not only be limited to US, Europe, South Asian countries, but also in the Gulf.

He said Gulf has one of the strictest rules against posting content that contains any form of religious hatred. It applies equally to Pakistanis posting content online against Christians, Hindus.

Proof of fakery that India is not taking care of its Muslims – people standing in queue for the money India PM Narendra Modi issued
Medical staff applauded the release of a Muslim Patient who got cured from Chinese Virus. No Biased treatment by Doctors or Hospital staff on grounds of religion
15 Muslim Patients discharged from hospital in Coimbatore, India. No discrimination on basis of religion in their treatment

We had a discussion with lawyers in Gulf countries. One of them (on condition of anonymity said that they have agreed to help Indians with legal formalities to take on anyone irrespective of religion, whoever posts Hateful comments or content against the other religions. He said, “Gulf Countries want to send out a message to the world that we are very tolerant towards all other religions besides Islam in Gulf Countries. We will not let anyone take benefit, just for the reason that they are an Islamic nation. We will take action against everyone using our land to spread hate against other religions. This Chinese Virus Pandemic has taught us that whole world is one family and we have to coexist with others religions. He said we want to send out a message that we are very tolerant modern society and will take action against anyone spreading hate on religious ground.”

In an article published in Gulf News titled UAE: Up to Dh1m fine, 5 years in jail for religious intolerance Any act that insults the divine entity, any religion, Prophet, messenger, divine book or house of worship will be considered contempt of religion and the offender will be jailed for five years and penalised up to Dh1 million, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has stated.

Ameena Al Mazrouei, Social Responsibility Specialist at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, said, “We stand against the differentiation of people based on their caste, creed and colour, and the offender will be jailed for five years and penalised up to Dh1 million as per the rules of the country.”

“We respect all human beings and ensure they get fair services and justice. Whoever they are, irrespective of their religion, nationality, background or culture, they are treated equally here in the UAE. Everyone gets justice equally,” she said.

As per Federal Law No (2) of 2015 pertaining to Discrimination and Hate, Article (4) penalises the offender with fines ranging from Dh250,000 to Dh1 million and five years jail.

The law pertains to, “Offending any religion or any of its sacred things, disrupting or preventing religious observances or ceremonies by violence, distorting in any way, any of the holy books, destroying or desecrating the sanctity of places of worship, graves, appurtenances or any of their contents.”

Al Mazrouei said the law comes down heavily against anyone who insults a religion, desecrates it or vandalises a house of worship, whether it is a mosque, temple, synagogue, church or gurdwara.

Peaceful coexistence

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department held an exhibition “Following the Steps of Zayed – Justice and Tolerance”. In an earlier exhibition, the ADJD displayed a series of efforts of the department to spread the message of peaceful coexistence, communal harmony, religious tolerance and respect to all faiths among community members.

She said, “If people are talking on social media sites, they are not allowed to disrespect any religion, faith or God. In case there is a breach, offenders will be charged under contempt of religion laws and will be penalised.”

“We are also focusing on social media because nowadays, many people text messages at will and don’t realise that they may be hurting the feelings or beliefs of some others,” Al Mazrouei said.

People from different backgrounds think they can say anything online and nobody would recognise them. They must understand that they have freedom but it ends if it hurts someone, she added.

Points to Ponder

If those who think that Gulf Countries stand only against Hindus, need to read the laws of Gulf Countries again. Gulf countries have stood for protecting the religious beliefs of all faiths and practiced multiculturalism. If some people are playing the Game of Malicious Prosecution against one particular religion, they need to realize if they are coming out clean. Have they not every used derogatory remarks against Hindus or Christians? What if someone is scanning your social media profiles and collating all your comments against Hindus/Sikhs/Jains/Christians or other religions and then making a similar complaint to the employers in Multinational Companies those bigots work in?

It is a disconcerting phenomenon that people are using the laws of foreign governments in a global village to settle their personal scores and further their religious agenda. This raises a further question – if an Indian Muslim residing in India is using the laws of UAE to target Hindus in UAE and with a government not interested to stand firmly behind the suffering Hindus, what exactly should Hindus do? Today, the target is Hindus. How long does it take to make this a full blown Jihad targeting Europe and Americas?

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