Pakistan's Modus Operandi Busted

Three cases came to light recently that busted Pakistan’s Modus Operandi. Stories are so scary for an ordinary gullible person that it will send shivers across the body and will give you Goosebumps.

Pakistan’s Modus Operandi Busted: Story of a gullible Indian who ended up being accomplice in a crime

Rajesh (Name Changed), was happily living in UAE. He decided to start a business. He could invest money but he needed a partner. He talked to his friends. A Pakistani neighbor Ali (name changed) who had been living in the neighborhood since a while approached him and offered to work with him to establish a business.

Rajesh had good relations with the Pakistani guy Ali and because of warmth in relations with this Pakistani he readily agreed. Rajesh knew that Pakistanis have deep infiltrated in UAE Government offices. Some of the UAE government offices including Police services are handled mostly by Pakistanis. Moreover being in a Muslim country he needed a Muslim partner who had contacts and Rajesh found those network qualities in Ali. Rajesh did not inquire about his antecedent in Pakistan nor the Pakistani guy tell much about his past in Pakistan.

Business started and Rajesh made a lot of profits. Due to family needs Rajesh had to travel to India to attend some family function. Ali from Pakistan gave Rajesh some money and asked to deliver it to his cousin Rizwan (name changed) in India. Since Rajesh trusted the Pakistani Partner like a family member, Rajesh agreed.

Rajesh went to India and delivered the money to the person whom Ali had sent.

A few days later Indian Intelligence agencies knocked at the door of Rajesh in India. Rajesh was surprised. He came to know about a Terrorist attack in Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Intelligence agencies followed the money trail and on interrogating the Rizwan came to know about Rajesh from UAE who delivered them the money.

Pakistan's Modus Operandi Busted: Story of a gullible Indian who ended up being accomplice in a crime
Pakistan’s Modus Operandi Busted: Story of a gullible Indian who ended up being accomplice in a crime

Now Rajesh was under a fix and unknowingly became a partner in the Crime against the Nation.

Rajesh told Indian Intelligence agencies about his partner Ali in UAE in his business and provided all the information Indian Intelligence agencies asked him.

Story of a gullible Indian who ended up being accomplice in a crime
Story of a gullible Indian who ended up being accomplice in a crime

To his surprise this was not the first case Indian Intelligence agencies had come across wherein a NRI (Non-Resident Indian) or an Indian living in a foreign country had been fooled to deliver money to Terrorists in India.

It was later learnt that Rajesh’s Partner, Ali in UAE was an ex-Pakistan Army officer who was working for Fauji Foundation and was planted in UAE to trap Gullible Indians by showing warmth in relationship and winning their trust and use that trust to transfer money to the Terrorists in India, misusing this trust of gullible rich Indian Businessmen.

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan

In our previous articles we had covered in details about Fauji Foundation:-

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Institutional Collapse Of Pakistan: Solution

This real story exposed the Pakistan’s Modus operandi. This is a real story from UAE. Pakistanis have infiltrated virtually every department of UAE Government. One such heavily infiltrated department is UAE Road Transport Authority (RTA). RTA public transport means, comprising Dubai Metro, public buses, marine transit modes and taxis (Dubai Taxi and franchise companies)

The administration of RTA is divided into five different agencies or departments.
Public Transport Agency
Traffic and Roads Agency
Rail Agency
Licensing Agency
Dubai Taxi

In UAE, you can find Pakistanis in almost every department of RTA. Pakistan’s Fauji Foundation issues sham certificates to its ex-officers and finance their settlement in UAE. Their purpose to watch Indians and trap Indian men, women and girls.

Pakistan’s Modus Operandi Busted: Real Story of an Indian lady, one careless mistake destroyed her life

Another story came to light. Anjana (name changed), aged 30, an Indian was living a happy married life in India. She went to UAE to visit her friends. There her she met Abdul, a Pakistani young man, good looking moderately with lighter skin tone, good height, big eyes, living in the same neighborhood. Anjana who had grown watching Bollywood, watching Khans as her heroes, found the good looking Abdul very attractive. Little she had knowledge about Abdul. One day she went to a late night party and with friends where she danced all night and got drunk. After the party she left the hotel.

Outside the Hotel she was waiting for the cab, Abdul approached her and offered her a lift back home. She was already attracted to good looks of Abdul and the warmth with which he offered help, she could not refuse. While in drunk state Abdul instead took her to his apartment and they went physical. Anjana forgot that she is married and that night ended up having sex with Abdul.

In her drunk state she did not realize that Abdul was filming her, taking her nude pictures and the pictures in compromising position.

She kept meeting Abdul, the Pakistani guy in UAE for next few days and then returned back to India and started living with her husband.

Now began the real trauma. Abdul kept in touch with Anjana over Whatsapp chat. Slowly he started asking for small amounts of money. Considering him as a friend, she obliged and transferred small amounts. Lately he demanded a sum of of $3000. She told him that this is not a small amount and she does not have that kind of money and she cannot ask her husband for that amount.

Abdul sent her some of her nude pictures over Whatsapp. Now Anjana Realized that she was trapped by this blackmailer and had dismal hope of coming out of this nightmare as there was a fear of what will her husband say, what will the family say on hearing about what she had done in UAE.

Pakistan's Modus Operandi Busted: Real Story of an Indian lady, one careless mistake destroyed her life
Pakistan’s Modus Operandi Busted: Real Story of an Indian lady, one careless mistake destroyed her life

She approached Indian Agencies for help and narrated everything to them. She was surprised that this was not the only case with her alone. Many Pakistani men have trapped Indian Girls and especially single or married ladies abroad and misused them.

Intelligence officer told her about the Ex-Pakistan Army officers who are planted by Pakistani Fauji Foundation in UAE trap single ladies or married ladies. They have already got several reports in this regards. Agencies informed Embassy staff in UAE who tried to locate Abdul. But it was too late. Abdul had already escaped to Pakistan.

She began to spend sleepless nights. When Abdul came to know that Anjana has contacted Indian Authorities, he uploaded her nude pictures and nude videos on Porn websites.

When Anjana’s husband came to know about her infidelity, he divorced her. She lives anonymously in a big city. She lost everything for one night of carelessness.

So we have heard of Love Jihad in India. We have heard of Love Jihad in Pakistan with Hindu, Sikh and Christian Girls. We have heard of grooming gangs in England where Gangs of Pakistani Men sexually exploit underage girls & destroy their lives.

Now the little known story of Love with “Sinister strings attached” that is taking place in a regular basis in the Middle East is emerging.

Since the 70’s & the Oil Boom Indians immigrated in several directions. Many higher middle class Indians immigrated to North America where Higher Education & the American Dream were the attracting forces.

Till today this group is one of the Most successful immigrant stories not just for Indians but for Americans too. Indians are one of the highest educated & well paid immigrant communities in the USA & also Canada.

However a great bulk of the Middle class & working/Blue collar worker class also found lucrative Petro Dinars in the Middle East. Since the last fifty years the Middle East had literally become the” Mecca” for quick money making because of easy VISA and highy paid Petro Dinars for the well qualified.

While it gave those in menial & blue collar jobs a great boost in their ability to raise their standards of living, it was at the cost of the men staying away from their families which is wife/ parents/ children for long periods of time.

It lifted the families back home out of poverty but the men worked in very harsh conditions of Hostel/ Dorm like living, being afraid of the Arab Masters & the Shariah laws & being away from all emotional support for months/ years at a time.

Since the 80s & 90s after the Arab Emirates opened their doors to Indian professionals especially those in the Finance & IT industry & Doctors, the Higher Middle class Educated Indians began to move to countries such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait etc.

They moved with & lived with family. For the first time in decades Indians of all religious backgrounds including Hindus,Sikhs & Jains as well as the Muslims & Christians began to settle in the Middle East.

The Liberal laws in the Emirates, the Temple & Educational institutes made the Middle East a Home away from Home for many.

It is here for the first time that non Resident Indians began to live as Neighbours & Friends & Co workers of expatriate Pakistanis. It is in the Middle East especially in the Emirates that Indians and Pakistanis meet in an almost equal footing.

This has over the years & with the natural mixing of cultures multi culture societies given rise to a more ” Liberal” mixing of people than back home in India.

Expatriate children of Indians & Pakistanis & other Nationals study & work together. They party at the High end Hotels of Dubai & Abu Dhabi & plan their University Education in the big cities of USA.

They go back to lucrative jobs in the Emirates & Jet set around the world… However under this seemingly ” Perfect” & harmonious picture of Utopia & Social Harmony the sinister haha & face if the ISI is emerging.

More than one Hindu or Muslim or Christian Indian girl growing up in the Middle East may have had a romantic relationship with a Man of Pakistani origin. How the parents have taken it is a question to individuals & families.

However a few sinister stories are emerging.

Pakistan’s Modus Operandi Busted: Trapping Indian ladies for getting entry into India for Crimes against Humanity

This story is of a Hindu girl Priya (name changed) in the Emirates who was seduced by her Pakistani Boy Friend. When the relationship became sexual & she asked for marriage or hinted that she wanted her family to meet him, the Man who we will call “Sameer” because violent & warned her never to share his photographs with her family or on line. However he still wanted to continue the relationship. Priya began to observe a few discrepancies.

One he wanted to start a “Business” with her in online sales of jewellery & merchandise from both India & Pakistani.

The responsibility of opening a bank account in India with Sameer insisting on being a hint account holder bothered her.

Then came the mysterious money transactions, contacts, trips he made alone to India by getting her help & guarantee in the Visa process made her wary.

One-day after overhearing a few suspicisous conversations she decided to approach the Indian Embassy staff on her own.

After speaking in confidence with very senior officers, the Intelligence wing of the Indian Foreign office alerted their people in India & Sameer came under the radar.

While in a meeting with known Gang members in Mumbai he was nabbed. He was Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI agent.

However Embassy staff & Indian Intelligence in the Middle East say that this is not a stray incidence but a pattern.

Pakistani Men who are Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI agents or Ex-Pakistan Army officers planted by Pakistan Army in Dubai by giving them Fake experience certificates of working in numerous companies under Fauji foundation, stalk single young Women of Indian Heritage in the workplace or Neighborhood.

They are wooed in style & made to believe that they are in a serious long term relationship. Business deals are struck, joint accounts opened in India & long term visas procured.

These Pakistanis then visit India as friendly business tourists & get into illegal Hawala money laundering & setting up local contacts for future reference.

This is the modus operandi of Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency ISI or Ex-Pakistan Army officers working for Fuaji Foundation who are given fake experience certificates and fake background are “Entering” the country. If the Indian women complain they are black mailed & threatened.

As per the authorities, in many instances the girls who want to prove themselves to be Liberals, critize the Government of India and even participate in Anti-Indian or Anti-government protests to appease their Pakistani boyfriends.

This article should serve as a warning to all women not only Indian but whatever your nationality is, whichever country you are in, you are at risk if you have a Pakistani national around you. A message especially for Indian females, not only in the Middle East but in other countries too… Be careful of who you are Dating… Be very sure of his background & credentials for he will not only destroy you but also your Motherland.

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