5th January 2020 Pakistan Against Minorities: Blood Thirsty Mob of Islamist Radicals led by Mohammed Hassan's brother, the boy who is accused of forcing a Sikh girl to convert before marrying her waiting outside Gurudwara Nankana Sahib in Pakistan

Pakistan Against Minorities: Open Letter to Muslims of Khalistan

We have got an open letter from an Indian Vaibhav Singh. He has written this open letter to the Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI Sponsored and funded Khalistani Muslim stooges who are working on harming Sikh community globally. He has asked direct questions to the sold people on their motive and blamed them as responsible for the situation of the Sikhs who are trapped inside Nankana Sahib Gurudwara with a blood thirsty Mob of Islamist Radicals waiting outside to finish them off.

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