British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken in intensive care in hospital. Earlier he made an appearance at the door of 10 Downing Street.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken in intensive care in hospital after his condition due to Chinese Virus infection worsened, his office said on Monday.

The PM revealed he had tested positive on March 27 and started self-isolating in his Number 11 flat, where he resolved to continue leading his team of ministers and officials.

He made a brief appearance on the doorstep of Number 11 on Thursday to clap NHS workers.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken in intensive care in hospital. Earlier he made an appearance at the door of 10 Downing Street.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken in intensive care in hospital. Earlier he made an appearance at the door of 10 Downing Street.

And was last seen on Friday, when he posted a video message on Twitter revealing he was still suffering from a high temperature.

Appearing exhausted, he said: ‘I still have minor symptoms, I have a temperature, and so in accordance with the government I must continue my self-isolation until that symptom goes’.

Yet when he was admitted to hospital last night, Downing Street insisted he was still at the helm of government.

However, his transferal to ICU tonight means he has had to hand the reins of government to his de facto deputy Mr Raab, who tonight vowed to keep the engine of government alive during the PM’s recovery.

“Since Sunday evening, the Prime Minister has been under the care of doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London, after being admitted with persistent symptoms of coronavirus,” Downing Street said.

“Over the course of this afternoon, the condition of the Prime Minister has worsened and, on the advice of his medical team, he has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.

“The PM has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who is the First Secretary of State, to deputize for him where necessary.”

A source later said Johnson remained conscious.

Below are some immediate comments from health experts:

* James Gill, a general practitioner and honorary clinical lecturer at Warwick Medical School:

“This shocking news should certainly be taken as a sign to reinforce the existing advice to maintain social isolation and distancing in order to weather this pandemic.

“We do not have enough information to, nor should we speculate about the condition of Mr Johnson. He is just another patient who is currently running the marathon of the COVID19. Without a doubt for all patients in his situation, this will be one of the most physically demanding challenges of their lives. The support of the ITU (Intensive Therapy Unit) team will be crucial over the next few hours and days to increase the chances of a successful recovery, completing this marathon challenge.”

Alison Pittard, Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine:

“The Prime Minister is in all of our thoughts as he enters intensive care. As an ICU patient, he will have a fantastic multiprofessional team looking after him – it is the intensive care team, their experience and their training, that will be the central component of the treatment he receives. The experience will give him a special insight into what intensive care is and its importance for the future. I know he will receive the highest quality of care.”

* Derek Hill, a professor of medical imaging at University College London (UCL):

“There is no doubt this turn of events means Boris Johnson is extremely sick.

“One of the features of COVID-19 in all countries seems to be that many more men become seriously ill than women – especially in the over 40 age group. Also we know that people under about 60 seem to have a higher chance of making a recovery from critical illness with COVID-19 than older people.”

* Linda Bauld, a professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh:

“The admission of the Prime Minister to intensive care is of huge concern and illustrates just how indiscriminate this virus is. Anyone anywhere, including the most privileged in our society, can be affected and can become seriously ill.

“It is imperative now, more than ever that the rest of us comply with government guidelines to stay at home and not put others at risk.”

Speaking tonight after the PM was moved to intensive care, Mr Raab insisted that ‘government business will continue’ and said there is a fantastic ‘team spirit’ among ministers.

He also reassured that the premier was ‘receiving excellent care’ and thanked the NHS medics who were treating him and other patients across Britain.

Mr Raab’s role as first secretary of state – the second most senior cabinet minister after the PM – means he is primed to take charge of the government’s coronavirus response at this critical period as cases approach the peak. 

Following the PM’s hospitalisation last night on the advice of his doctor, Mr Raab had already stepped up to chair this morning’s daily meeting of top officials steering the nation through the health crisis.

And at this afternoon’s Downing Street press briefing, he confirmed a further 439 coronavirus deaths, taking the toll to 5,373, while the number of patients rose by 3,802 to 51,608.

Mr Johnson was still in charge during this press conference, but his symptoms spiralled and he required oxygen, prompting the move to critical care, according to Sky News. 

Health experts tonight appeared unanimous in their view that the PM’s admission to intensive care means he is ‘extremely sick’.

Yet world leaders and politicians around the globe rallied around Mr Johnson, who received well wishers from David Cameron, Emmanuel Macron, Ivanka Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and advisor, tweeted that her “thoughts and prayers” are with Johnson and his family.

“Godspeed Mr. Prime Minister!” she tweeted.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweeted, “Hang in there, Prime Minister @BorisJohnson!  Hope to see you out of hospital and in perfect health very soon”.

The Queen has also been kept informed by Downing Street about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s condition, Buckingham Palace said.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said his thoughts were with the prime minister and his pregnant partner, Carrie Symonds, and that Mr Johnson would “come out of this even stronger”.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was “sending [Mr Johnson] every good wish”, while Northern Ireland’s First Minister Arlene Foster added she was “praying for a full and speedy recovery”.

Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford called it “concerning news”.

Mr Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn both said their thoughts were with him.

Mrs May noted that the “horrific virus does not discriminate”.

Who is Dominic Raab?

Raab is the son of a Czech-born Jewish father who came to Britain in 1938 to escape Nazi Germany.

Due to his mother he was raised in the Church of England.

The 46-year-old studied law at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and won the Clive Parry Prize for international law.

He then did a master’s degree at Jesus College, Cambridge. He studied law at Oxford University before becoming a lawyer working on project finance, international litigation and competition law.

Raab started his working life at Linklaters in London and qualified as a solicitor in 2000.

He then joined the Foreign Office where he advised on a number of areas including the Arab-Israeli conflict, the EU and Gibraltar.

Between 2006 and 2010 he worked in Parliament as Chief of Staff to David Davis and Dominic Grieve.

He was elected to Parliament in the 2010 election where he represented Esher and Walton, a safe Conservative seat in Surrey.

After Davis resigned as the Brexit Secretary on July 9, 2018, Raab took up the post.

But he didn’t last long in the job, resigning on November 15, 2018, after disagreeing with the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Raab entered the Tory leadership race but was eliminated in the second round, then throwing his support behind favourite Boris Johnson.

On July 24, 2019, he was appointed Britain’s Foreign Secretary, replacing Johnson’s leadership rival Jeremy Hunt

Raab is a hardline eurosceptic, who has long campaigned for Britain to leave the EU.

Points to Ponder

Leftist/Liberal Media houses could not digest that Dominic Raab, a Jewish could be given the helm of affairs of UK. Despite the whole world is going through the worst Chinese Virus Pandemic, these Leftist/Liberal Media houses already started their negative propaganda against Dominic Raab.

Why are Leftist Media houses opposing Dominic Raab? Why are they against a Jew taking over UK as the Deputy? Is it because of a lot of Pakistanis in the UK? Is it because of them London is being called Londonistan or a Colony of Pakistan?

How will Dominic Raab change the image of UK and get freedom from Pakistan?

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