11th October 2019 Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) leader Ata Ullah

In Asia’s largest Terrorist attacks, Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya Killed hundreds of Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar

Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known (also known as Rohingya) committed Asia’s largest Genocide and the Terrorist act in Rakhin State in Myanmar in 2017. Hundreds of Buddhists and Hindus were killed in different villages in a coordinated attack by these Bengali Muslim Terrorists. However, because the Buddhists and Hindus were killed, the International Media trashed this news under the carpet. However because the Muslims migrated to Bangladesh and India, the International Media and the UN and Human Rights organizations demonized Myanmar Government, Myanmar Army, and gentle peace loving, non-violent Buddhists without even checking the reality.

Rick Heizman is an independent Journalist. He is from New York City but lives in the San Francisco Bay area and holds a Bachelor of Arts in music composition and guitar from San Jose State. He spent a lot of time in Arakan, Myanmar. He uncovered the truth about the Massacre by Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists also known as Rohnigya. He conducted interviews of over 2000 Buddhists, Hindus and different ethnic tribals that were the victims of Bengali Muslim (also known as Rohingya). He also interviewed the captured Rohingya Muslim Terrorists.

Based on their testimonies, he produced a small documentary film titled “Arakan Ancient Buddhist Kingdom, Endangered by Jihad”. In the present article we have tried to bring forth findings of this great Journalist Rick Heizman.

Arakan Ancient Buddhist Kindom, Endangered by Jihad

Buddhists are in great danger as encroaching Islamic forces are trying to annihilate them and all other non-Muslims and destroy the deeply rooted Indigenous Buddhist culture and even Buddhism itself. The Arakanese in their own homeland for centuries have had to fight off and repel countless attempts by Muslims to destroy them. For 1400 years Muslim Armies have annihilated every Buddhist culture they encountered in massive genocides from the formerly Buddhist lands of Ancient Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and India. 500 Years ago the Muslim Genocidal conquest reached the border of the Buddhist Kingdom of the Arakan. Muslim Armies tried and failed many times to conquer the Arakanese. If ever the Muslims succeed, this unique culture of the world will be gone forever in  a massive Genocidal ethnic cleansing.

Know about the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Arakan, Mayanmar

Arakan – Ancient Buddhist Kingdom, Endangered by Jihad (Part 1) – A film by Rick Heizman

A magnificent Royal city called Mrauk-U was the capital of the last dynasty of the powerful and prosperous Buddhist Kingdom of Arakan. From 1433 until 1784. 1784 marks the end of the Arakan empire by the invasion and conquest of the Burmese Kingdom of Aba. In 1826 British and Ex-Arakan incorporated it into the British Indian Empire. During World War 2 Arakan was the scene of horrific fighting as British and American troops fought for roses battle to drive the Japanese out. Arakan as part of the new country of Burma achieved Independence in 1948. The ancient royal capital Mrauk-U with its many Buddhist temples and structures spread over a very large area constitute one of the largest ruin Buddhist cities in the world and is the heart of the Rakhine Buddhist identity.

Temples of Mrauk-U
Temples of Mrauk-U

Portuguese, Dutch and British writers complemented Mrauk-U as a city comparable and even greater at that time than Amsterdam, London and Venice. In 1639 the Portuguese wrote Arakan is a second Venice. Its streets are rivers, its gardens valleys, its ramparts mountains. They have chosen for their city a site fortified by nature and impregnable by force of arms. In 1660 Dutch Traveler wrote, as we ascended sufficiently high up the mountain, we could describe the city of Arakan and the golden roofs of the palace which shown magnificently in the rays of the Sun. Here and there both on the mountain and in the valleys the eyes fell upon many Buddhist pagodas which made the view most enchanting. Indeed, it will be difficult to imaging more entrancing landscape.

For centuries Arakan was the strongest kingdom in the Bay of Bengal area and beyond. It ruled over vast areas including Chittagong presently Bangladesh which itself has a history of close to 2000 years of Vedic Hindu and Buddhist empires. The most influential foreign power for the kingdom of Arakan was undoubtedly the Portuguese who were the first western power to navigate, explore and trade in far way Asia. The Portuguese and Arakanese formed a powerful alliance. The Portuguese had the best and fastest ships, the most advanced weaponry of the time, and the best navigation skills in the world at that time. Arakanese Gained greatly from their alliance. There were several thousand Portuguese living in the royal city of Mrauk-U also in Portuguese town of Dianga close to Chittagong.

From the 1500 to 1700s, Mrauk-U was at its highest and most prosperous periods and was a highly developed world city. The design and layout of Mrauk-U and its architecture, temple, sculptures were as great or even greater than other cities of Asia and Europe like Pagan, Lisbon, Amsterdam Venice and London. Mrauk-U had complex defense systems utilizing the natural hills, stream and rivers, while incorporating moats, earthen ramparts, walls and forts to protect the central city and palace. The Arakanese ships were fast. Their sailing techniques were skillful, and their weaponry was advanced all due of Portuguese influence an alliance they had with each other.

Been a port city Mrauk-U hosted many different people of many faiths. Buddhists from Ceylon, Cambodia and other Burmese kingdoms. Hindus from Indian ports, Christians of Portugal Holland France and Great Britain. Muslims from Persia, Bengal and Malacca. All who came and went with astonishing assortment of goods to trade bargain buy and sell.

Shit-Thaung temple
Shit-Thaung temple
Buddha Statues in Andaw Thein Temple, Mrauk-U
Buddha Statues in Andaw Thein Temple, Mrauk-U
Htukkanthein Temple-Rakhine State, Myanmar
Htukkanthein Temple-Rakhine State, Myanmar

Friar Sebastian Manrique, a Portuguese Augustinian monk who lived in Arakan for 8 years in early 1600s described life in the capital of Mrauk-U. So numerous were different classes of dress and language that the eyes were kept busy distinguishing different nationalities by their apparel. All these foreigners form streets of shops filled with a great variety of such articles as are produced by the earth. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires emeralds topazes golden silver plates and bars copper amber musk, incense, camphor, indigo, borax, quick silver, salt peter, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamoms, nutmeg, maze and cloves, many cloths of the finest cotton and much rich silk were on view with ebony ivory and porcelain. In spite of the great crowds, there was no confusion but many dances and other entertainments were going on in the midst of them. Whole scene was most festive. The number of people going to and fro along the canals in every kind of boat was no less.

Koe-Thoung Temple Mrauk-U, Rakhine's Ancient Capital
Koe-Thoung Temple Mrauk-U, Rakhine’s Ancient Capital
Shitthaung is a famous temple in Mrauk-U. The name means temple of 80,000 Buddha images
Shitthaung is a famous temple in Mrauk-U. The name means temple of 80,000 Buddha images

Arakan is littered with an astonishing of ancient Buddhist relics, ruins, artifacts and temples. There are ancient Buddhist artifacts in rice fields, forests and villages poking out of the thick foliage. Any time someone digs a hole there, there is a good chance that they will find an ancient statue relic or foundation stones of centuries old structure.


There are amazing spiraling tunnels under some of the biggest temples of Mrauk-U with astonishingly detailed painted stone carvings depicting so many figurines from earthy common people and animals to mythological and celestial beings. One can walk in concentric circles around and arounds reaching a central shrine in the middle. These are very unique to Arakan. One does not see this technique of temple building nor these styling of all the carved figurines, animals and celestial deities in surrounding areas. These are indeed the cultural treasures of the world. Also, very unique to Arakan are the Buddhist caves carved into the exposed rock cliffs. These caves are in punarjan an hour or two from Sittwe. All of the caves are very unique to Arakan and deserve to be recognized, saved, protected and preserved. These sites are in great danger of being destroyed forever.

 Shitthaung Temple
Shitthaung Temple
 Shitthaung Temple
Shitthaung Temple
Temples of Mrauk-U
Temples of Mrauk-U

In 2012, thousands of Muslims marched over from nearby Muslim villages to the large Buddhist village of Gudong which sits in front of these Buddhist caves. As the Muslim mobs started to attack and burn the village, every Buddhist man and boy had to run out and form a defensive line to protect the village and their sisters, daughters, mothers and wives. The Goal of the Muslims was to burn the Entire village, kill or drive out all of the 1500 villagers. And then they would have an orgy of destruction as they would break and destroy everything in those temples and caves. The Muslims believe they have the divine right to completely destroy all statues and figures because Quran tells them to.

Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) leader Ata Ullah
Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) leader Ata Ullah

The Buddhists held the line and prevented the Muslims from achieving their goal. However, 11 men and boys were killed as they defended their village, their women and kids. The Legacy of Arakan lives on. These are the descendants of those who built those magnificent  structures behind them. This land is the one and only homeland of the Rakine Buddhists. The men play sports, women talk at the wells and the life is simple or could be if not for the danger from an alien culture who wants to exterminate all of these people and take the land from them. The year is full of Buddhist Festivals. Down town Sittwe is the capital of Rakhine state. The city is more like a large town with population of 100,000, dense with Buddhist Pagodas, temples and monasteries. The street with many parts of Sittwe were set on fire in June 2012 by the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya. The Muslims will attack, burn and kill again and again as they have in the past and they will in the future. The people who are this living legacy of the kingdom of Arakan, deserve to be known and protected. Their culture can be recognized and preserved as a unique world culture. Those who want to destroy it must be stopped.  Currently much of the world has maligned these indigenous people, buying into the false and manipulative media which has fooled so many.  Truth will ultimately prevail. This ancestral and cultural homeland of Rakhine Buddhists can be peaceful and prosperous once again.

Jihad Threatens the Indigenous Buddhists, Hindus and Tribal Minorities of the Land

In their early pre-dawn darkness of 25-August 2017, Burmese Muslim Islamic Terrorists launched unprecedented, multiple surprise attacks on 50-80 targets, about 30 police and Army outposts and dozens of villages populated by Buddhists, Hindus and ethnic tribal peoples.

 One survivor said, “The Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya attacked our village with homemade bombs, so many bombs exploding, in the middle of the night. We didn’t even know which way to run. There were about 120 people living in our village which had Rakhine Buddhists, Hindu, tribal Daignet, Mro and others. All of us get along with each other fine, but all of us have so much trouble with the Bengalis.”

Ethnic Mro People - Victims of Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists (Rohingya)
Ethnic Mro People – Victims of Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists (Rohingya)

Another survivor said, “In the morning around 9:00 AM, the Bengalis came to our village. They were shouting they will kill all of us and make our village into a Rohingya village. The villagers were afraid to run, and we phoned the Army and implored them to save our lives. We survived because the army troops arrived just in time. We had nowhere to run. The Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya set landmines on the road. We walked the way near the graveyard.”

Another Survivor family of the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya attacks said, “We live in our own Rakhine State, and live our traditional Buddhist lives in our own homeland. But these Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya come to our land and kill us like this. Who are these Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya? Why do they attack us again and again? And, why do we have to run out from our own villages? I have never in my life heard of Rakhine Buddhists killing Bengalis, but I hear, again and again, about Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya killing people for no reason. Why is this? Who are these crazy people, who think they can just take our land and kill all of us? They want to make our land an Islamic State? What kind of justification do they think they have?

Arakan – Ancient Buddhist Kingdom, Endangered by Jihad (Part 2) – A film by Rick Heizman

The attackers were the ever-troublesome Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya. This time under the banner of ARSA (The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army). An Islamic Terrorist Group with a larger Islamic agenda. Upon slaughtering the security forces, steal weapons and much ammo, the squads of Islamic fighters stormed into villages slashing, killing and burning. In some cases, gathering terrified villagers, marching them out to pre-dug pits, and savagely executing them until all were dead. Dumping the bodies into the mass graves. Many of them with tongues and ears cut off and limbs heads hacked off.

One survivor said, “On that day (25-August 2017) first the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya attacked the security outpost. Then they came into our village with weapons, yelling, killing and setting our homes on fire. We had to run so fast to save our lives. We ran to the Buddhist monastery and joined other villagers who also had to flee. We all spent a fearful night in the compound. The next day we all fled to the mountains, and spent 3 fearful nights with no food and no water. It was especially difficult for the young children, and the old people. Education was disrupted, and health issues were many.”

Another survivor of the ARSA Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya attack said, “It was around 3.00 AM of August 25 that Bengali Muslim terrorists came to our village and attacked the police outpost until 6:00 AM. One BGP (Border Guard) policeman was killed. We fled from our village around 3:00 PM and it took 4 hours to arrive in Taung Pyo Town, because the roads had landmines that the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya put there. And, they set fire to 41 households, our Buddhist monastery, and the Charity Education Center building in our village. We saw this with our own eyes from a hill.”

This event constitutes one of the largest Islamic Terrorist attacks anywhere in the world. With an unprecedented number of targets, involving 4000 to 8000 assailants, over an area of more than 100 kilometers long. Furthermore, major attacks by ARSA and its village supporters continued for many days and in outer areas for weeks. It was all out war. 

Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) leader Ata Ullah with his Terrorist group
Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) leader Ata Ullah with his Terrorist group

One survivor old lady said, “One day, over 500 people with black masks on, and holding guns and swords marched from Tha Yet Oak Village to our village around 12:00 PM and opened fire. We had nowhere to run, so all the villagers gathered and stayed in the monastery.”

Another young female survivor said, “We had to flee our village so suddenly. Some of us villagers were caught and hacked to death with swords, and others with us were wounded. We had to run to the mountains nearby. In the mountains we found some Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya handmade landmines and then we were even more scared, and afraid to go in any direction. But, we were also afraid of the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya. It took us a few days to cross the mountains. We cannot live near those violent people. In northern Rakhine State the Bengali Muslims outnumber us. They have a lot of weapons and we have almost nothing.”

After the initial multiple target Terrorist attacks as the militants were repost and security forces were hot on their path, many ARSA Terrorists and the villagers who joined with them, torched their own houses and villages. This is best proven by the interrogations of the dozens of captured militants who gave great details in describing who ordered them to burn their homes and villages and exactly how they carried it out. The prisoners tell of a name Mawlawi Baja (30) which is the Bengali term for Imams and that the Mawalwis and ARSA leaders are the leaders, planners, commanders and the authorities that ordered the villagers to burn their homes and to flee to Bangladesh. They also threatened Bengali Muslim villagers who wanted to stay that ARSA militants would come back and cut their heads off. 

Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) leader Ata Ullah with his Terrorist group
Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) leader Ata Ullah with his Terrorist group

These interogations vividly show striking details of how they were recruited, who recruited them, the role of the Mowlawis [the Bengali term for Imams], in planning and leading, how they trained for the attacks, where they trained, how they prepared, how they attacked, what weapons they had, which targets they attacked, how many infidels did they kill or think they killed, how many of their fellow attackers were killed or wounded, what their goal was, why they fled to Bangladesh, who ordered them to burn their own homes and villages and how they were captured.  As well they constantly named others who participated in the savage attacks and may not yet be captured. These documents also showcase the incredible amount of violence and death threats in their own inherently violent culture. 

A young female survivor of the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya attack said, “The only reason we survived was that security forces arrived just in time. If not, the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya would have killed us all that night. They want to eliminate our Rakhine Buddhist ethnic people. They wore black suits and masks. The reason for wearing masks is that they themselves are from nearby villages and they did not want us to recognize them by seeing their faces. They had long swords, good guns, but we had nothing. We did not even have a good stick or sword.”

An old lady, survivor of the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya attacks, living in the refugee camp said, “We decided to flee for Taung Pyo town. The police commander of Taung Pyo told us that we would not be safe in our village with just 15 policemen and we should wait for Army troops. Then, when we had about 20 army troops and 15 policemen, all the villagers and students, totaling 300 people, went to the safety of Taung Pyo town by foot. We stayed in the Taung pyo School building for three or four days. Then later, the situation got worse and we moved and stayed inside a Border Guard Police outpost for five days. Then we came to Maungdaw under the security of Army troops.”

Another female survivor told, “We were surrounded by more than 300 or more Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya. The police station was surrounded and under attack by over 2000 Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya. We feared that after killing all the policemen, the two groups would join and kill us all. We had nowhere to run. We had nothing to fight back with. We had no preparation at all. Around 6:30, some soldiers arrived at our monastery and that is why we survived.”

The Burmese army was very busy during the first 2 or 3 weeks of the war. They had to rescue, protect and assist thousands of villagers who were trapped in villages surrounded by frenzied and maniacal Muslims. With no means of escape, because of blown up bridges by the Muslims, landmines laid by the Muslims and great fear of being ambushed overwhelmed and slaughtered. At the same time, the army had the duty as all armies have to neutralize the immediate threat against the civilians and kill, capture or drive away the enemy. Lets be very clear, leave no doubt, the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya, made themselves the enemy not only by launching Asia’s largest Terrorist attacks in History against a Government, security forces and civilians but also by systematically planning to actualize a Genocidal goal of Ethnic Cleansing of all non-Muslims, seizing the land, and declaring it an autonomous Islamic State.

If they had succeeded, It would be an extremist apartheid state ruled by Islamic Sharia Law where women would be veiled sequested and abused, gays would be killed, there would be no infidels among them and it would be a land of no progress, no development, no multiculturalism and no diversity. Besides the dominant culture of Rakhine Budhists, the Hindu Minority was savagely attacked. In one instance alone, about 100 Hindus were crawled and marched out of their cluster of villages in Kamong Sek, where they were tortured, executed and dumped into the pre-dug mass graves.

Dead Bodies recovered of Hindus killed and buried by Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)
Dead Bodies recovered of Hindus killed and buried by Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)

One Hindu man told, “The Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya periodically run into the village, scaring the Hindu people away with taunts of violence, such as, “You idol-worshipers only deserve death, go away, never come back, our knives are for you! They barge into our Hindu temple. They destroy our statues, and even pictures of our deities on the wall. They shit on our holy things, and pee all over. It is so disgusting. They have broken our statues so many times – that is why we have no statues anymore – we only have pictures and tiles and they will destroy them also, but we an buy more for just a small amount of money. We don’t feel safe here anymore, we are really scared. All the time we have to live with this fear. And they are constantly threatening us with death – because we are Hindus, and they hate our statues and deities.”

Survivor Family members of the Massacre by Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist Organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)
Survivor Family members of the Massacre by Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist Organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)

A Hindu lady with two kids in a refugee camp told, “Today I learnt that the bodies of my parents, my husband, and my villagers were found buried. I lost my husband, and other relatives, and villagers, and my house and my cow and my gold jewelry. Everything is gone, everything. Why do the Bengali Muslims do this to us? Why do they kill us like this? We Hindu people don’t make any problem with Muslims. We live peacefully with other people. How can the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya be this cruel? We don’t want these kind of people near us.”

Another Hindu Male survivor at the refugee camp told, “They threatened us to cut our heads off if we did not convert to Islam by the day after tomorrow. After that they exited the house. Also, before exiting, they forced us to destroy our holy Hindu shrine and deities, and told me not to keep and not to pay homage to our sacred deities. They ordered us to “destroy immediately. Destroy your pagan shrine and idols immediately and if you want to live here, you must change your false religion into our superior Islam” is what they said to me very arrogantly. One of them tried to hit and beat me.”

Hindu Refugee camp leader Kyaw Kyaw Naing said, “On 27-August 2017, 7 Hindus – a woman, 3 men, and 3 children were killed by Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya in Myo Thu Gyi village near downtown Maungdwa. And, in Zin Pine Nyar village a Hindu father and his daughter were abducted. We still have no information about them, but we believe that they have also been brutally murdered.”

The tribal ethnicities that are also indigenous to this land are in great danger of extermination as their small numbers are wacked down by the murderous Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya.

MRO Ethnicity

One such ethnic tribal male in the refugee camp told, “Farmers from our village went to the distant fields to work. Three of the young men were sharpening the hoes. And then, Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya came and shot them with guns. We heard the gunfire from our village. At first we thought that the army troops and Bengali terrorists were fighting somewhere up in the hills. When we heard more gunfire, we decided to check on our people who had gone to the distant fields. Then we found the dead bodies of our people there.”

MRO IDP from KhaingGyi, Rakhine, Myanmar
MRO IDP from KhaingGyi, Rakhine, Myanmar

Diagnet Ethnicity

Another female from another ethnic tribal group living in the refugee camp told, “So our villagers fled quickly, there were no security people around and we were terrified. Two people – one Mro and one Burmese were caught and killed as we fled. We had to walk so far, but finally there was a bus that we could use to get safety in Buthidaung. And then we managed to get to Sittwe. Now I am so sickened by this situation made by the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya and so scared. I don’t want to go out anywhere. I don’t know anything about my village, and all the villagers, and whether our homes are burned or not. This is the third time I have had to escape from these crazy violent Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya. I don’t want them near me.”

Thet Ethnicity

Another survivor old male from Thet tribal ethnicity group told, “One night (25-August 2017) a huge mob of Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya stormed into our village, setting our houses on fire. We had to unexpectedly run for safety. We ran to the security outpost in Tamathar Group and when we arrived there were already people from 4 other villages, protected by the few security police. Then the Bengalis came and surrounded all of us, shouting loudly that they were going to attack the security outpost, and kill all of us in it.  They had their arms high in the air and their weapons displayed. So, we were so afraid of being attacked, and some of us ran out the other side to Kyine Chaung Village. I am old, and my legs are bad, but I just had to run in pain or be slaughtered. As we were running from the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya, two Hindu villagers and one Daignet villager were caught and killed. The Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya were burning and destroying all of our homes. The Bengalis [Muslim Islamic Terrorists] were also burning their own village homes.”

History of Attacks by Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya

This conflict is not new at all. Bengali Muslims launched coordinated multiple target attacks on October 9, 2016 and a huge wave of attacks in 2012 and may other incidences all the way back to 1942, the year of the Maungdwa massacre. The largest slaughter in the contemporary Burmese history. 30,000 or so Buddhists killed in Maungdwa town alone. Hundreds of Buddhist villages burnt and destroyed. In over 100,000 Buddhist refugees fled for their lives. Actually the Maungdwa massacre is preceded by countless other episodes of attacks by Muslims. 500 years ago, the Muslim genocidal conquest reached the borders of the Buddhist kingdom of the Arakan. Muslim Armies tried and failed many times to conquer the Arakanese. If ever the Muslim succeed, this unique culture of the world will be gone for ever in a massive genocidal ethnic cleansing. From Ancient times to the present, there has been a non-ending campaign against the Rakhine Buddhists. These days it is also a campaign of deceit and manipulation of media, history, opinion and culpability which has largely succeeded in fooling and manipulating people into demonizing Buddhists and even Buddhism. As the Rakhine people try to keep their homeland, their culture, and their buddhist ways from falling into Oblivion. 

One very upsetting issue that you can see is the abusing and brainwashing of children in the Madrasas, Islamic Religious schools, where they emerge filled absolutely with hatred and intolerance against all non-muslims especially idol worshipers  i.e. the Buddhist and the Hindus for whom Islam instructs Muslims to kill without hesitation. These kids will grow up to be extremists, vicious killers in the name of Islam.

In the linked video, the young Bengali Muslim boys are seen with sticks and weapons. As per the subtitles, “these young Bengali Muslim (so-called Rohingya) boys are already brainwashed. They have been taught by the Islamic Madrassa schools and the mosques, and their fathers and brothers that they are superior and all other non-Muslims are inferior, and should be killed, in accordance with their ‘holy’ Quran. These boys are excited, because they actually will now march into Buddhist villages and kill the infidel Buddhist – men, women, children, babies. The Quran actually states that “idol worshipers’ (Hindus and Buddhists) are even worse than Christians and Jews, and should be killed mercilessly. Nearly all Muslim countries do not have even recognize Buddhism or Hinduism as valid religions. The parents are so proud of their killer zombie boys, who want to cut off heads today.”

Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)
Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)

Compare it with a young and dedicated Buddhist teacher with took refuge in a monastery with his students told, “On August 25, 2017, around 1 AM, ARSA militants made a surprise attack on police outpost around here. We heard guns shooting all night. All the students were so frightened and didn’t know what to do. In the morning security forces came in trucks and told us it is not safe here, the fighting is still going on, there are a lot of militants, and fighting will continue. The security forces even had to retreat back to Taungpyo because they only numbered 8, and the militants numbered several hundred, and had guns. The ARSA militants then destroyed the school, the dormitories where the students lived, and the temple, breaking and smashing all images of the Buddha, and then setting fire to everything. We are lucky, we can stay in this large monastery and temple complex in Maungdaw. And, we can continue learning, because we all love knowledge.”

The Indian and ISI angle of Rohingya Crisis

It has surfaced that Hafiz Tohar, the military wing chief of ARSA was maintaining close links with ISI, the intelligence wing of Pakistan and set up Aqa Mul Mujahideen (AMM) whose cadre was given training by Lashkar-e-Toiba, another Pakistan based terrorist organization known for it’s regional footprint in Islamic Terror. It is understood that the a few initial AMM recruits are trained in Pakistan, new cadre members were recruited from among the Rohingya youth in Rakhine State and at refugee camps in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazaar. They were then trained in camps set up on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, especially one at the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Two ISI operatives, Brigadier Ashfaq and Major Salamat are involved in this and are assisting the group to develop links with Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh. It is understood that AMM has developed links with Jaish-e-Mohammed, the Pakistan based terrorist organization which conducted the dastardly attack on Indian troops at Pulwama killing almost fifty people.

The ISI link to the Rohingya exodus which actually started with the ARSA terror attack on a Myanmarese Army Camp raises some serious questions. Fully knowing that Myanmarese Army will retaliate on the villages sheltering the ARSA terrorists, triggering an exodus of the villagers, why exactly was the military camp attacked? Or was it a part of the plan to trigger an exodus of Rohingya? If an exodus is planned, exodus to where? Fully knowing about the illegal Bangladeshi infiltration routes into India, is it possible that the plan was always to send the people to India and along with them, infiltrate some terrorists and activate them as and when needed?

 Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist Organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) -ISIS-Jamaat Nexus - Plotting series of terror attacks in South Asian Nations
Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist Organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) -ISIS-Jamaat Nexus – Plotting series of terror attacks in South Asian Nations

In 2015, a Rohingya, Chhota Burmi was killed in an encounter between Pakistan based terrorists and Indian forces in Kashmir, surprising Indian establishment. There are reports of Rohingya fighting along with the Pakistan based terrorists in the erstwhile Indian Province of Jammu and Kashmir.

This further cements the opinion that, as like the ISIS using the migrant routes to infiltrate ISIS terrorists into Europe, ISI has triggered a mass exodus of Rohingya and is pushing terrorists from Myanmar using that route. It is important to note that certain elements in India are helping settle them in various locations of India, including the prohibited province of Jammu and Kashmir and are blocking every attempt to deport them back, in spite of their illegal presence in India and they posing a serious security threat.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan is also responsible for bleeding India and especially Kashmir since last 72 Years. We covered it in details in our previous article Islamist Radical Terroristan Pakistan Responsible For Bleeding Kashmir.

Amnesty International Report

On 22 May 2018, a report published by Amnesty International said that New evidence reveals Rohingya armed group massacred scores in Rakhine State

A Rohingya armed group brandishing guns and swords is responsible for at least one, and potentially a second, massacre of up to 99 Hindu women, men, and children as well as additional unlawful killings and abductions of Hindu villagers in August 2017, Amnesty International revealed today after carrying out a detailed investigation inside Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

Based on dozens of interviews conducted there and across the border in Bangladesh, as well as photographic evidence analyzed by forensic pathologists, the organization revealed how Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) fighters sowed fear among Hindus and other ethnic communities with these brutal attacks.

“Our latest investigation on the ground sheds much-needed light on the largely under-reported human rights abuses by ARSA during northern Rakhine State’s unspeakably dark recent history,” said Tirana Hassan, Crisis Response Director at Amnesty International.

We will cover more details in our future article.

Arakan – Save, Protect, Preserve and Prosper

The land of Arakan has been Buddhist close to 2000 years. The land is saturated with Buddhism and the faith is reflected everywhere.

Arakan – Ancient Buddhist Kingdom, Endangered by Jihad (Part 2) – A film by Rick Heizman – Arakan – Save, Protect, Preserve and Prosper

The Rakhine people are not encroaching on any other people’s land. They live with harmony and respect with Hindus, Christians, animist tribal people and others. There are Muslims of other origin with whom there are no issues. And, they are the part of the fabric and diversity of the state and the country. However, the Rohingya Bengali Muslims Islamic Terrorists are different. They come with their minds twisted by their religion to have only contempt and supremacist views of the lands rightful culture. They will not tolerate nor assimilate with the indigenous culture. That creates a grave problem.

Protesters with the Banner "Rohingya is not Myanmar Ethnicity"
Protesters with the Banner “Rohingya is not Myanmar Ethnicity”

When a Buddhist village becomes surrounded by Bengali Muslim’s villages and sharpen bicycle spokes are being shot by slingshots through the thatched walls, eventually a baby, a child or a mother or a father is wounded. When Buddhist farmers are hacked to death in the far fields and Buddhist women are raped and killed as they are fetching water or firewood, the situation becomes intolerable. When the neighboring Buddhist villages set a fire and Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists boys and men are hacking people to death, while shouting in Bengali, “Cut the heads off the Buddhist infidels”, when the Buddhist Temples are attacked and the statues of Buddha had their heads cut off and Buddhist monks have to fight for the first time in their lives because they are being attacked and killed, the Buddhist men must do whatever it takes to stop the violence against them, their families, their villages, and their culture.

Most of the population lives in the villages. Buddhists, Hindus, tribal Mro, Thet, Dagnet and others get along fine with each other. But all of them fear the Bengali Muslims [Muslim Islamic Terrorists] and their supremacist violence. Nobody is comfortable living with or near Bengali Muslims.

What is happening in Rakhine state, Myanmar, historically known as the Buddhist kingdom of Arakan, is also ongoing and happening in Bangladesh where horrible massacres, village burnings, rape and violence are decimating the remaining  population of Buddhists which is less than 1% of the total population of Bangladesh. On the western Border of Bangladesh, India has built the longest fence in the world to keep out the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya who were swarming into India, killing, burning and  steal land. In the North of Bangladesh, the Muslims are doing the same to the Bodo tribes who have been relentlessly displaced from their homeland by the aggressive and the supremacist Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya. As well in southern Thailand, the Buddhists are being terrorized and sent fleeing. In formerly tolerant Indonesia and Malaysia, Buddhists are in great danger. Buddhist temples are being destroyed often with government assistance. All of this mayhem is by people who have a religion called Islam which proclaims that Allah instructs Muslims to kill conquer and destroy every culture, every other religion and every person that does not submit to Islam. And, their holy book, the Quran, reiterates that hundreds of times. It is a religion of intolerance, supremacy and violence, in which its followers have no shame, no guilt, and no compassion towards infidels. Let it be said, there are many Muslims in the world who are peaceful and kind people. They are largely born into the faith and thankfully do not follow the Quran and are not interested in all this Jihad nonsense. But there are millions upon millions of Muslims, completely brainwashed by a primitive ideology that threatens the world all over as we can witness in Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and various countries of Europe even.

There are cultures of several minorities to safeguard and preserve. The Bengali Hindus who share the Bengali language and origins with Bengali Muslims are savagely treated by the Muslims and deathly afraid of them. There are minority ethnic Chin ladies in Rakhine state, near the border of Chin state. There are Meo tribe people who also have been living in the Arakan hills well before Muslims even set foot anywhere near here.

At the independence of India, a delegation of Myanmarese Muslims petitioned before Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan to allow their territories in Rakhine to be merged with the then East Pakistan and today’s Bangladesh. Jinnah rejected. Had Jinnah accepted the proposal, the Rohingya crisis would never have existed and all of them would be living amicably with their neighbours in the current Bangladesh

Much of the world has been misled and fooled by a relentless barrage of manipulative and demonizing and out right false media which has suffocated the voices, fears and concerns of so many victims such as the Rakhine Buddhists people. Think about this. Why do the Buddhist, Hindus and various tribal people, all get along fine with each other but all greatly feared the supremacist violence of the Bengali Muslims. Why do the indigenous Buddhists of the Arakan, living in their own homeland with their deeply rooted Buddhist culture have to live with supremacist violent Muslims whose ancestral, historic, cultural homeland is Bangladesh, who want to steel this land from the Buddhist and make it a 100% Muslim only land ruled by Islamic Sharia Law. The Rakhine Buddhists have been aggressively pushed out of their homeland, their villages burned, their people slaughtered. And this has been happening under a relentless campaign of false media, false identity and false history. The Bengali Muslims want the land only for themselves. They do not want to live in harmony with others because others are infidels. They know only to condemn and despise infidels and their infidel religions and their infidel icons, statues and temples. The Bengali Muslims can live in Bangladesh which is their actual homeland. They have proven again and again that they cannot live anywhere near non-Muslims. And, therefore they should not be allowed back in Rakhine state. When they are absent, there are no killings, no village burnings, no intimidation and no fears. Only then the Buddhist, Hindus, Christians, tribal ethnicities all be able to live peacefully and Rakhine state can have a chance to prosper.

Based on our research, it raises a big question mark on the present day Media houses who ran the propaganda to demonize the peace loving, Non-violent Buddhists and Hindus while making the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists (also known as Rohingya) as victims. Why? Because, the Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists burned their own houses while fleeing to Bangladesh? Why did Bengali Muslims (Rohingya) burnt their own houses? They burnt their own houses in order to play the victim card and get nicer homes from UN Agencies. Media today is controlled by big business houses. Media as well as the United Nations and Human Rights Watch have a pro-Muslim bias. One of the name that surfaces is that of George Soros who is known for destroying the culture of freedom of Europe by pumping in Millions of Islamist Radicals in whole of Europe under the garb of Refugees.

There were links between Pakistan Army and Pakistani Terrorist Groups in providing training to Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). Was the Massacre of Buddhists and Hindus by Bengali Muslim Islamist Radicals and their subsequent fleeing to Bangladesh and India a part of a larger conspiracy by George Soros and his associates to destabilize India? If India expelled these Bengali Muslim Terrorists, were there plans to settle them in Europe? Did Bengali Muslim Terrorists committed the Genocide on promises of settling them in India or Europe? These questions need to be investigated.

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