6th December 2019 Sadiq Khan responsible for converting Britain as a colony of Pakistan: Pakistani Terrorist Usman Khan along with Pakistani descent Terrorist Anjem Choudary

Jive Jive Londonistan: Is Sadiq Khan responsible for converting Britain as a colony of Pakistan?

Britain is fast becoming a colony of Pakistan. London Mayor Sadiq Khan who is of Pakistan Origin is greatly responsible this change. London which was once famous as one of the Worlds most fashionable tourist destinations has now become infamous because of the large number of illegal immigrants (mostly of Pakistani Origin) who have quickly turned London into a hell hole.

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5th September 2019 Broken window pane after violent protests by Pakistanis in the name of Kashmir in Sadiq Khan's Londonistan

Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan: Fear Psychosis and Destruction of Tourism

In the midst of all the controversies surrounding London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs, Pakistani Knife violence, Pakistani violent agitations, hooliganism, the worst sufferer is the UK Tourism Industry. As the word is spreading around the world of London getting converted into Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan, People are avoiding visiting London.

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