A Rogue self proclaimed 'Princess' Hend Al Qassimi trying to Influence India's Elections using a Fake Islamophobia Narrative.

A Rogue self proclaimed ‘Princess’ Hend Al Qassimi is Trying To Influence India’s Elections using a Fake Islamophobia Narrative.

A Rogue self proclaimed 'Princess' Hend Al Qassimi trying to Influence India's Elections using a Fake Islamophobia Narrative.
A Rogue self proclaimed ‘Princess’ Hend Al Qassimi trying to Influence India’s Elections using a Fake Islamophobia Narrative.

In one of the tweets a self proclaimed rogue “Princess” tweeted, “Over 3,420,000 Indian migrants are estimated to be living in the UAE, which is over 27 percent of the total population of the UAE. (2017 data)”

What does she want? Does she know the economic impact to UAE if these people are forced to return back?

She being a member of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce as she claims (though we did not find her name of the website of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce in Board of Directors)

Or is it because she is jealous of the success of Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

See a few of her tweets.

Can someone tell what she thinks? Does a Muslim with stable mind purportedly from a Royal family can tweet these? What if ordinary Muslim females in countries like India, Bangladesh or even Pakistan think of going to a temple or a Church, will her society tolerate her? Is she going against Islam by posting such tweets?

See another set of her tweets

She actively targeted Indians working in Gulf Countries for their personal views on the Fake narrative of Islamophobia. Can a person not have his own personal views? Not according to the Rogue ‘Princess’, it is categorized as hate mongering.


Another Expose was made by T. R. Sriniwas with twitter handle @trsriniwas who is also the Chairman – BJP Hyderabad City Gulf NRI’s Coordination Committee in Telangana

He provided the evidence that UAE national and one of the lady ‘Princess’ from ruling Al Qasimmi family of Sharjah is interfering in the Internal affairs of a Sovereign country India now.

Attaching the Screenshot of the tweet of T. R. Sriniwas exposing the rogue 'Princess'
Attaching the Screenshot of the tweet of T. R. Sriniwas exposing the rogue ‘Princess’

He attached the screenshot of a Chat wherein the rogue ‘Princess’ conspiring to throw away Indian Government lead by PM Narendra Modi. She was seen telling an Indian “We make the silent voters vote for us and not Modi.” Who is us? The person questioned her if she means the opposition parties in India? She replied yes.

 Attaching the Screenshot of chat with the rogue 'Princess' posted by T. R. Sriniwas exposing the rogue 'Princess' conspiring to throw away Indian Government led by PM Narendra Modi
Attaching the Screenshot of chat with the rogue ‘Princess’ posted by T. R. Sriniwas exposing the rogue ‘Princess’ conspiring to throw away Indian Government led by PM Narendra Modi

Question arises here, how does she relate herself with the Opposition Parties in India? Is her account being managed by Congress Party in India? When she used the word “us” and “we make the silent voters” does it not sound that an Indian who supports Congress Party in India or any other Radical Islamist who opposes Narendra Modi led BJP government at the Center wrote those comments?

Later she clarifies, “we can’t vote, U can. Only 67% of Indians voted, 32% can crush Modi. And we show the people that vote for him how wrong he is. Minds will change.” One fails to understand why is she doing this propaganda against Indian PM Modi?

He also shared a picture of the rogue ‘Princess’ with the leader of the Opposition, Congress Party with one of the congress strategist standing in the back ground.

  Attaching the Screenshot of Instagram page of rogue 'Princess' posted by T. R. Sriniwas exposing the rogue 'Princess' with a Politician from opposition Congress Party in India
Attaching the Screenshot of Instagram page of rogue ‘Princess’ posted by T. R. Sriniwas exposing the rogue ‘Princess’ with a Politician from opposition Congress Party in India
  Attaching the Screenshot of Instagram page of rogue 'Princess' posted by T. R. Sriniwas exposing the rogue 'Princess' with a Politician from opposition Congress Party in India
Attaching the Screenshot of Instagram page of rogue ‘Princess’ posted by T. R. Sriniwas exposing the rogue ‘Princess’ with a Politician from opposition Congress Party in India

Reading the above text anyone can tell that she has been hired directly by Pakistan, ISI, Congress Party in India, Radical Nexus to run a Propaganda against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and she is nothing but a Evil/Rogue self proclaimed ‘Princess’ who is being paid by vested interests to spoil relations between India and UAE.

Pakistan in the past could never engage Propaganda Lawyers and the rogue ‘Princess’ earlier and how suddenly several such handles spewing venom against India, Hindus, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came up? We exposed this in our previous article Bankrupt Pakistan Hires Propaganda Lawyers In Middle East To Poke India .

Turkey Hand

Real perpetrator behind all this mayhem India is facing in Gulf countries all of sudden is Turkey. Recently this news surprised the world India’s main opposition opens office in Turkey.

Just days after Turkey extended its support to Pakistan at the UN on Kashmir issue, India’s grand old party, Congress Party, opened its overseas office in Turkey. It should be recalled that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had mirrored Pakistan’s lines on the Kashmir issue, saying that the issue needs to be resolved through “dialogue on the basis of justice, equity and not through collision”, in an attempt to create an illusion that India has been in the wrong .

Later, Erdogan defended his statements on Kashmir saying that he would continue to raise the Kashmir issue. After Erdogan’s hostile comments on Jammu and Kashmir, Indian PM Modi had retorted back in the same coin by meeting the heads of Ankara’s rivals- Greece, Cyprus and Armenia, who have a bone to pick with Turkey.

Seeing this defeat Turkey decided to hit 2 targets with one stone. Opening of the office in Turkey by India’s opposition party gave Turkey to pitch in Arab propaganda Lawyers and someone so called ‘Princess’ just by mere association with Harem of Al-Thani Royal family of Qatar. Turkey got an opportunity to spread the Radical form of Islam in the Arab world in the form of hate against Hindus, India, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s largest social service organization RSS. The purpose was to create a public opinion against all the royal families and Kingdoms that the rulers are against Islam and working with Kafir Indian Government.

The real purpose as we have mentioned in our previous article as well is to establish a Neo-ottoman Empire. We covered it in details in our previous article Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire: Who Is Financing It?

These Propaganda Lawyers, this alleged royal ‘Princess’, India’s Opposition Parties, Pakistan are mere pawns in the chess of Turkey and they are expendables.

Pakistan that is the real faithful servant of Turkey was the best fit for the purpose for its perpetual enmity with India.

It should be noted that none of these Turkish Pawns – Few Arab Propaganda Lawyers, rogue ‘Princess’, Pakistan, India’s Opposition Parties, Indian Radical Muslims, or Muslims in Arab world – ever raise any opposition against Pakistan that has committed the biggest Genocide of Muslims in the 21st Century. Millions of Baloch, Mohajir, Sindhi, Pashtun, Ahamadiya, Shia Muslims have been disappeared and either sold for organ harvesting or killed for the control of lands and resources by the Punjabi dominated Pakistan Army. None of these Turkish Pawns ever criticized Turkey’s role in Genocide of Kurds and Syrian Muslims in Syria. None of these Turky’s Pawns ever raised question against Turkey committing Genocide of Muslims in Libya and other countries. None of these Turkish Pawns have ever recognized the Biggest Genocide of Christians by Turky i.e. Armenia Genocide. What rights do they have to speak against India, Hindus?


It is sad to note that the religion which Hitler called Männerreligion is resorting to all sorts of cheap and unmanly techniques to uphold itself. The new trend making rounds is Kafirophobia where everyone with a head on his neck started reporting against Indians against perceived insults to Islam. Though the origin of this round of hate originated in the stables of Pakistan’s ISI and is spearheaded by a few Kuwaitis under Pakistani influence, there are other prominent Muslims who put their weight behind this perceived insult to Islam, one of them being the colorful Sharjah ‘Princess’ Hend Al Qassimi.

After the COVID epidemic forced the world into a global lockdown, one of the movies which became famous was 12 Monkeys because it deals with a situation similar to COVID. A terrorist group by name 12 Monkeys unleashes a virus on the world which decimates the whole world. Those who survive send someone from future to find out who is it, who spread the virus and ways to tackle it. It turns out that the head of the terrorist group is a patient released from a mental asylum through his father’s influence, who ultimately subdues his father and unleashes his father’s research of the world.

The moral of the movie can be viewed from many angles. One of them is, power in wrong hands will lead to utter devastation. While an FATF Grey listed country is trying to be the champion of Islam by projecting it’s warped view of superiority, blood and gore, it is utterly flummoxing that people of saner countries like Kuwait and UAE are joining hands in that warped agenda of Kafirophobia.

What do Indians saying

As per an Indian we talked to, “Hend al Qassimi from the Harem of Al-Thani must know that she is considered as the female Osama Bin Laden — as several of her followers are Islamic Radical Terrorists from Pakistan and other countries.”

He said, “In last few decades the face of Gulf countries has changed. If you would have seen Gulf in 1970s and the Gulf in recent times, it is totally different. Who did all the work? This female Osama Bin Laden knows it. Indians work in Kuwait and Dubai — Not for Free, but for wages. If an Indian works in America, it does not mean he is a slave without rights as this ‘Princess’ thinks.”

He further said, “We should ask PM Modi to summon the UAE ambassador and ask him to profile this so called ‘Princess’ who tells endless foul lies about India and Hindus.”

He further continued, “There are 230 Million Muslims in India. India is a paradise for them. Not one Indian Muslim will ever agree to be a citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh or any other Islamic nation where they will be alien third class citizens.”

He further continued, “Why are Hindus and Christians in Pakistan Denied ration during this Chinese Virus Pandemic? They are being told to either convert or die. Have you seen this barbarity anywhere in any other religion or any other non-Muslim countries?”

He further said, “The ‘Princess’ should question herself, why are Yazidis being killed? Because they are Hindus. Thousands of yazidis have been killed, in the past few years. With many of them including women and children buried alive (convert to Islam or die), thousands of women have been taken as SEX slaves. Yet none of the Indian Fake Stream Media reported this. Did this ‘Princess’ condemn Pakistan or her own religion to condemn killing of Hindus/Christians/Yazidis?”

He further said, “Only thing she knows is playing the victim card and make one nations fight against each other. Once thrown out of the Harem of Al-Thani, she made Al-Thani Royal Family a villain in front of the world and caused deterioration of relations between Al-Thani Royal Family and other Arab nations until her revenge was taken. Who knows if it is still continuing. She is now playing the same ‘Victim Card” and is making Gulf countries against India. Who will suffer? Check the data, how many Hindus compared to Muslims from India work in UAE or Kuwait? More Muslims work in these countries and Muslims will be the worst impacted as their source of Income will be impacted. Ultimately though India will lose over all, but looking at a microscopic level, Muslims will be hurt the most by her actions. Is this all because of her hate for Modi? What did Modi do to her? No it is not because of Modi, it is because of the orders she has to malign Indian PM Modi, Hindus and spread hate in Gulf against Hindus and India and if any rulers intervene, they must be made villains and their thrones be toppled.”

Clearly this confused attitude of her begs one to question if she should be allowed to hold the power and authority she holds? Should she not be investigated for any conversations she had with Pakistan or Indian Opposition Parties? Should her direct or indirect contact with Turkey not be investigated?

She has mentioned 23% of UAE’s population is India’s and believes that the 23% are living off Dubai’s money. Does she know if her not so well thought of tweets can risk the lives of all Indians in UAE and a mass exodus? Indian expatriate community is one of the most organic and most undemanding communities anywhere in the world. They tend to show more loyalty to the country of their residence than India. While 23% may be a statistic for her, does she know the role of that 23% in making UAE what it is? At least two countries proved what happens to their economy if Indians are ejected out – Pakistan in 1947 and Uganda in 1976. Is it something UAE can risk?

Being a member of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce, she should understand the impact of India stopping purchase of oil from UAE. Is it a risk UAE can take?

The question is this. A rogue ‘princess’ who has a history of shooting off her mouth every now and then, can she be allowed to destroy a country called UAE just based on her whims and fancies, an exact replica of the movie – power in the hands of the undeserving?

Ignoring the long term impact, if India, angered through her attitude and comments, stops the export of essential medicine to UAE, how exactly is UAE planning to tide the crisis on hand?

Points to Ponder

Is it possible that this is the revenge of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce against the two big brothers of UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi – if Sharjah won’t get investments, Dubai and Abu Dhabi won’t as well. Is it a case of personal jealousy against more successful people cloaked in Islamic supremacy?

Will the Gulf countries wake up to the biggest conspiracy by Turkey using Pakistan, few Arab Propaganda Lawyers, so called ‘Princess’, India’s Opposition Parties to create anarchy in Gulf Kingdoms to establish Neo-Ottoman empire?

Are the Gulf Kingdoms not aware of the contributions of Indians in building wealth for the Gulf Nations? Are the Kingdoms not aware of the filth spread in Gulf nations by the Pakistanis? Do the Gulf Nations prefer Pakistani Radical Filth to pollute the peaceful Islam and popularize Islam worldwide as the Radical Political Islam which uses Islamic Terrorists and Jihadists to archive its goals?

Will the Arab Kingdoms take action against the few Arab Propaganda Lawyers and the rogue ‘Princess’ and prosecute them for Treason?

Will India let foreign rogue ‘Princess’ interfere in the internal affairs of India?

People are questioning if this rogue ‘Princess’ can interfere in the internal affairs of a Sovereign Democratic Republic India, what if the other nations promote Democracy in their Kingdoms? What if Turkey that wants to overthrow Gulf Kingdoms and establish Neo-Ottoman empire in the Gulf nations is helped by Pakistan in achieving its goals? By the precedents that this rogue ‘Princess’ has set in interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, what Turkey and Pakistan are doing in Gulf Nations is justified.

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