Response to the menace created by Anti-Hindu Handles in GCC Nations

We covered in details about the menace created by Anti-Hindu Handles on twitter, how there was a spurt in Indian and Pakistani Radical Muslim handles in past one month are scanning all social media platforms of Hindus working in GCC Nations and tagging Dubai police and other authorities in GCC Nations.

We tried to find out more information of what is happening when the Indian or Pakistani Radical Muslims or Leftists after so much hard work on scanning all social media profiles of any individual for malicious reasons tags GCC Nation Authorities and the Employers of the Hindu Employee in GCC Nations. Do they think that GCC Nations will treat their propaganda as an insult of Islam and would remove their Hindu employees who are at Senior or Mid management levels or even at different technical positions?

Given a malicious and frivolous complaint against a Hindu, how would GCC Employers and GCC Nation authorities react? Given the difficult times of Chinese Virus Pandemic when all the countries are going through tough times with hundreds or thousands of citizens dying, will a malicious and frivolous complaint against a Hindu employee matter to employers in GCC Nations or police authorities? What is more important for police authorities in GCC Nations? Is it more important to prevent the spread of Chinese virus by Radical Pakistanis and Indian Muslims who despite several restrictions find ways to assemble for namaaz or other religious feasts? Or would Police spend that time to locate Hindu employees and take action on a frivolous and one off social media post that may not be even there and which they may have shared for the information of others?

What will be the reaction of Hindus, after Muslims like the twitter handle @hatehunter7 that we exposed in our previous article Twitter Handle @hatehunter7 gets 200 Hindus out of Job in Gulf, keep on maliciously targeting Hindus in GCC Nations?

All these above questions led us to find out more information and we contacted some Indian Government officers and tried to find information from GCC Nation authorities.

What did Indian Officials had to say?

An Indian official on conditions of anonymity told News Com World @NewsComWorld, “We are constantly in touch with the Law enforcement authorities in GCC Nations. We are told that the authorities in all GCC Nations are in fact very angry on hundreds of Pakistani and Indian twitter handles tagging authorities in tweets against some employees working in GCC Nations. Law enforcement authorities in GCC Nations told us that because of these complaints and numerous of replies, their social media handles are rendered useless and they cannot discharge their basic duties. Law enforcement authorities in GCC Nations have requested Indian officials to find these people in India and take action for disrupting the work of Law enforcement authorities in discharge of their official duties.”

What do Human Resources (HR) of MNCs operating from GCC Nations had to say?

A lady Human Resources (HR) of a Multinational Corporation (MNC) operating in GCC Nations, on conditions of anonymity told News Com World @NewsComWorld, “all these emails that we get are sent to spam folder and ignored. We have spent a lot of money in hiring the right resources for discharging duties for different levels of management and our technical staff. We cannot dismiss them on the basis of a frivolous and malicious complaint by Pakistani or Indian handles. We know very well about Pakistanis. We do not give them even a low-level job. They are not at all welcome in our company. Some companies hire Pakistanis only for low level jobs. We cannot forget the contribution of Indian employees in earning revenue for our companies. For us our revenue is more important as we are answerable to our investors. If we lose one senior or mid-level or a first line manager, it is not possible for us to fill that post easily and it impacts our revenue. Hence we have set filters to mark all such emails as spam.”

HR further said, “If anyone tries to harass us for any confidential information related to any of our employees, for the safety of our employees and our companies we are registering criminal complaints to Law enforcement agencies in respective GCC Nations. We value our employees who have worked tirelessly in generating revenues for our companies even during the Pandemic. We have given offs/vacations to our employees because of the Chinese Virus Pandemic as it is not safe to commute and travel and work from office premises. But as soon as the pandemic is over, we will get back all our employees and will work towards the success of our company.”

What do Indian Embassy Official had to say?

We spoke to an embassy official in one of the GCC Nations that has seen the spike in such complaints by Pakistani and Indian Radical Muslim handles. He also on the conditions of anonymity told News Com World @NewsComWorld that, “We are in close contact with higher authorities in all the countries. Our Foreign Affairs Minister is keeping a close tab of the situation. We have developed very good relations with all the countries in the GCC Nations. All the countries including UAE value the contribution by Indians in building their business empires and Indians should be rest assured that we will take every step and action and will do everything that is needful.”

Response to the menace created by Anti-Hindu Handles in GCC Nations
Response to the menace created by Anti-Hindu Handles in GCC Nations

What was the Hindu Right-Wing (RW) reaction?

We spoke with a few Right-Wing Hindu activists belonging to different Hindu organizations. One such RW Hindu Activist told News Com World @newscomworld, “We are very much aware of the Radical Pakistani and Indian Muslims joined with some Indian Leftists and opposition party workers sending complaints to law enforcement authorities of GCC nations and registering complaints with police authorities in those countries.

We have formed small teams of technical activists. All these teams have one Lawyer attached to each such team. We are also scanning social media accounts of all Muslims and if we find any Hinduphobic or Anti Hindu or any tweets against any of our Leaders, we are contemplating filing complaints not only with HR of companies operating in India, Europe, US, Australia, South Asia, but also we will be using help from the advocates attached to each such team to file a criminal complaint with the police in different Indian states where the case may belong to.”

He further said, “Muslims are our brothers. We want good brotherly relations with Muslims. We have so far participated in all their religious festivals. But now the limit is crossed. We never wanted to do this. But now we are forced to do the same what Muslims are doing to our Hindu brothers working in GCC Nations. We cannot reach the Law Enforcement authorities in GCC Nations, but we can certainly reach the Indian Police authorities and ask them to register our complaint if any of the social media posts of any Muslims are found to be hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus.”

He further added, “We want peace in the country. This is a difficult time for everyone. People are trying to survive during the Chinese virus Pandemic. But this act of a few Radical Indian Muslims and Opposition parties in India, has left us no option but to return them the same favors. If this leads to loss of any job or criminal proceedings against any Muslim brothers, kindly forgive us. We never wanted to do this, but we are forced to take such an action by people belonging to your religion. If you cannot condemn a few Radical Muslims from your religion doing this against Hindus, that means you are co-conspirator with the few handfuls of Radical Muslims and we will have to take action. Kindly maintain peace. Do not post any hateful content against Hindus or our Gods or our religious scriptures or against any of our Hindu Leaders. Else we will have no option but to do the same that Muslims are doing against Hindus.

He further told, “Hindus can find many other jobs, just imagine if a complaint is filed against a Muslim working in a MNC, not only he will lose his current job but will not get another job in any MNC in India.”

What did HR of MNCs working in India had to say?

We spoke with the HR of a Multinational Corporation MNC with its office in India. We were told that they have a process of background verification of all the new hires. Whether they are freshers or experienced, if we hire them, they have to go through a background check. As a part of background check we hire third party investigating firms that check not only the background of the new hires from police and neighbors, but we also keep a watch on all their social media activities. If any person is flagged red, whichever religion he may belong to, he will not get another Job in any MNC as all the MNCs share the data in a common data bank. Hence, we request all Indians who want to work in any MNC in future, not to post anything on social media that hurts the sentiments of other religions. If once a person is blacklisted, no one can help him in getting job in any MNCs.”

What did Law Enforcement authorities in GCC Nations Say?

Our team spoke with one of the officers in Police authorities in GCC Nations. One Law enforcement officer said, “We do not take action on any anonymous complaints. If a person has any grievances against any Non-Muslim  working in any GCC Nation, he needs to give his complete address and identification papers and visit the specific GCC Nation they want to register complaint in. If we start entertaining such malicious and frivolous complaints with malafide intentions, then anyone can create hundreds of fake social media handles and email IDs and can keep sending us hundreds of emails as spams to settle their personal scores or personal enmity or professional jealousy. Let the person visit the respective GCC nations and contact their local Indian Embassy and let the Indian Embassy approach us for any action. If you look at the number of emails and social media notifications we received, it is insane, as if we do not have any other work to do. Moreover, this is the time of pandemic. We are not bothered if a person has posted or shared someone else’s post on something related to events in another nation. We have limited staff and we have better things to do then spoiling our relations with the friendly nation India.”

He further said, “such frivolous complaints are not maintainable in any court of law in any GCC Nations. If the complaint is genuine, the person needs to contact Indian Authorities sharing his complete information. That information is passed to the relevant authorities through an internal route. The MHA of India through MEA then contacts the local Indian Embassy in our GCC Nations. Indian Embassy then approaches the law enforcement authorities for actionable proceedings. None of the complaints by tagging any police authorities or emails to them is entertained and no action is initiated on such frivolous complaints. Fake people who are sending such complaints, whichever country they are, they are wasting their time as well as the time of law enforcement authorities in the GCC Nations.”

What did the Law Enforcement authorities specifically in UAE say?

We spoke with one of the Law Enforcement officers specifically in UAE. The officer on conditions of anonymity told News Com World @newscomworld team, “We have received the complaint where in personal information of Hindus working in GCC Nations are posted by some social media handles. We have also seen the pictures of some troublemaker trespassing in the building and premises of the company within our local jurisdiction. We have obtained the CCTV footage of the time when the said troublemaker trespassed and clicked the pictures of the office where the Non-Muslim victim whose identity was publicized by the Fake Social media handle. We have blocked the Passport to restrain that troublemaker from leaving UAE. We will soon take appropriate action against him.”

What did Criminal Lawyers in GCC Nations say?

Our News Com World @newscomworld team spoke with some of the criminal lawyers in some GCC Nations. There was a unanimous opinion that such frivolous complaints with online tagging and emails are not maintainable. One such Criminal lawyer told, “We follow Sharia law where the proceedings are very quick and swift. However, when the question comes of prosecuting a foreign national, then a lot of complexities are involved. There are bilateral agreements between different countries and their citizens cannot be prosecuted without the law of natural justice. It entails that the person making the complaint should be present in the GCC Nation and no such complaint is entertained on the social media handles tagging. Further the process takes almost 2 years with no results. However, there are many chances that we can lose productive employees.”

He further said, “Moreover we have started getting queries from citizens of US and Europe who are working in GCC Nations. They are very disturbed with the online troll Muslim Radical handles from Pakistan and India. They are questioning us on how far it is safe to work in GCC Nations. If any action is initiated against any Indian, it will have an adverse impact on people from US and Europe and will lead to many companies and efficient employees leaving the jobs in GCC Nations. We need to ensure that none of our actions cause any trouble to our Indian friends who have loyally worked for generating wealth for GCC Nations. We are always ready to help our Indian Friends. Anyone who is troubled by the online fake handles, can get in touch with their Indian Embassy who will contact the right people and we will get them proper relief.”

Points to Ponder

When the Law enforcement authorities in GCC Nations are fed up of Pakistani and Indian Radical Muslims and leftists sending hundreds of malicious and frivolous complaints, how will the action of few handful of Radical Muslims be taken by Hindus at large? Will it create more love between Hindus and Muslims? Will this action of few Radical Muslims and Leftists Fake handles not invite retribution from Hindus at large? Since Majority of Indian Muslims do not consent to the activities of few Radicals that could cost jobs of some Hindus, but their silence makes them co-accused in the eyes of common Hindus.

What will be the reaction of Hindus? Time will tell. However as per our conversations with different RW people, the action will not distinguish between radical and non-radical Muslims. They must reign in the activities of Indian Radicals and stop the hate mongering Leftist, Liberal, Radical journalists from inciting Indian Muslims from doing something that can have equal and a greater opposite reaction.

Who will benefit if there is chaos in India, if there is communal disturbance between Hindus and Muslims? Why the hatemonger Radical journalists who themselves do not follow the teachings of Islam, but because of the Left inclination are bent on destroying the communal fabric of India. We have not seen this in any other country.

Will the Indian and Pakistani Muslims working in GCC Nations act more sensibly and responsibly in future? What if on the complaints by Human Resources (HR) of any company or the Hindu victims whose identity is exposed by Pakistani or Indian Radical Muslims, Gulf Authorities and HR of their employer companies take action? This is a double edged sword. People should restrain from hurting religious sentiments of other religions and desist from making fake and frivolous complaints.

People who make such complaints are naive and have no idea of the life in GCC Nations which are not radical and are very liberal and respect all religions. However, the Radicals in Pakistan and India have invented new form of Islam that is extremely radical and violent. It is the time GCC Nations including Saudi Arabia take the leadership and reign in Radical Muslims from Pakistan and India.

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