2 persons already Electrocuted. Third person also died.

Corrupt Imran Khan and Arrogant K-Electric are considered by people of Karachi as responsible for killing over 36 people in Karachi during the recent rains. Electricity Infrastructure in Karachi is in dilapidated state. Some people consider lose wiring, poor maintenance, lack of trained and qualified staff, cost cutting by K-Electric, Poor sanitation, poor rain water management, incompetence of government regulatory authority NEPRA in checking lack of preparation prior to the rainy season as responsible for the death of over 37 people in one major City, Karachi alone.

While a majority of Muhajirs and Sindhis in Karachi blame Corrupt Imran Khan as responsible for all the deaths and looting of poor Karachi people. As per people, K Electric is Katil Electric or Killer Electric. Punjabi dominated Pakistan is using Killer Electric to suck the last penny from their pockets.

A tweet on Twitter telling hundred's of dead in Karachi alone due to electrocutio
A tweet on Twitter telling hundred’s of dead in Karachi alone due to electrocution

During the last spell of rain in Karachi on July 29 and 30, at least 20 people were electrocuted to death. NEPRA, the country’s power regulatory authority, has blamed K-Electric for their deaths. It recently ordered the company to pay the victims’ families compensation.

Electric short circuit

NEPRA says K-Electric’s negligence, incompetence and power transmission system were at fault. Ahead of the rains, K-Electric wrote a letter to the commissioner and other authorities, asking for help during the rain. It asked them to remove water from around electric poles and establish an emergency hotline for better communication.

2 persons already Electrocuted. Third person also died.

In a video we obtained, we can see 2 people were already dead due to electrocution and the third person who was still alive, also died later as the help did not arrive at time to save him.

A widow whose husband died of electrocution, standing in front of the Karachi High Court for seeking justice

Karachi’s daughter stumbles door-to-door for the FIR against electric after her husband’s death. And this widow has gone astray for justice in the heat of severe heat stroke. One of the citizen journalists outside the Karachi High court explains her plight.

Video Expose

In a video we obtained, Jaffar Abbas Journalist on News 92 Exposed the Government, all political parties, K Electric and all its negligence and corruption.

Wood on the poles is death. I am trying to stop it. When Water will flow and stick to the pole with 11000 Volt without earthing, the wet wood will also have the same amount of current flowing through it. We are displaying it to the people that if you see the wood tied to the pole, don’t touch it. Else you will also die. K Electric have started a new campaign which is a joke with the people of Karachi. They have pasted stickers on the poles that if you pass next to the pole, you will die. Where does it happen in the whole world? In a city where there are a crore of poles, whoever touches pole will die and the company will not be liable. If you are doing a private business and in a small rain 50 people die and in a big rain 200 people will die, who passed this rule?

Jaffar Abbas Journalist on News 92 Exposed the Government, all political parties, K-Electric and all its negligence and corruption

No one to ask them, they buy everyone, all political parties are silent. From the people who are standing behind me, you can very well guess, someone’s 8 years, 12 years, those mothers whose single sons died are standing out of supreme court.

K Electric is showing no accountability. Karachi people are lifting the dead bodies and Politicians were having tea party, they didn’t feel ashamed ,2 kids died in the next street in L Block, they were stuck with the Electricity pole, K Electric made fun of their death as well. K Electric spokesperson said that all those died had died stealing electricity from the Electric poles. In Karachi 11 kids died. Total 37 people died of electrocution, but no complaint was registered because the Government hospital reached only their dead bodies were counted. All those dead bodies that went to private hospitals were never counted. The death toll is higher than 37. The rainy season that is going to come, you will see 150-200 people will die in Karachi alone because of this negligence.

In another video we obtained about a debate on a Pakistani national TV, the spokesperson of K-Electrical arrogantly said that the investigations are in progress and whatever the outcome, appropriate action will be take but refrained from telling what that appropriate action would be. Instead of showing empathy with the families of the victims, she blamed most of the people dying of steeling electricity. Journalist Jaffar Abbas exposed that the linemen hired by K-Electric have no proper diplomas or any license. They hire boys for 7k -8k salary and get the wiring done.

Political Blame Game

‘Blame game’ between the Sindh government which is led by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the City administration which is lead of Imran Khan’s political ally Muttahid Qaumi Movement (Not the MQM of Altaf Hussain), emerged on the media, making the situation in Karachi even worse.

Jamat-e-Islami is active, K electric didn’t visit any victims place, no politicians visit any single family who lost their sons. In some streets more than one kids died and the people were confused in whose burial they should go.

Dilapidated state of Electricity infrastructure in Karachi
Dilapidated state of Electricity infrastructure in Karachi

Jamat-e-Islami has been running it’s movement against KElectric for 3 years. “We make sure people of Karachi that we will not let them run away. We will recover every single penny looted by KE and abraj group.”

Jamat-e-Islami politician Hafiz Naeem Ur Rehman during a protest said, “14 years since privatization, you could not, you couldn’t do the earthing, the first drop of rain falls, you stop the electricity, if light is there how many people would die, If Electricity is not there, how many people die, if electricity is there, how many more would die. He said instead of taking action against the officials of K Electric for the death of many locals including young boys, government is protecting K Electric. (Video)

Jamat-e-Islami politician Hafiz Naeem Ur Rehman during a protest

Another politician Abdul Rashid demanded that government should file cases against the Officials and owners of K Electric and all the people who died, their families should be given compensations. (Video)

One person on Twitter tweeted, “So instead of spending money fixing their poles that killed 15+ people and several animals, K-Electric hired bloggers to fix their image. Waah”

Many animals died due to electrocution

Another person tweeted, “Parents of innocent children murdered by the barbaric @KElectricPk demand justice from the court and will keep on protesting until the managers of @KElectricPk are publicly hanged or put behind the bars for their crimes Innocent citizens get killed by the negligence of @KElectricPk and when their families protest against the Injustice, they’re mocked and insulted by @KElectricPk saying that those killed were stealing electricity..”

Judicial Activism

A judge in Karachi has declined to accept a police report seeking disposal of a case against K-Electric after a man was electrocuted during recent rains that flooded the port city.

The police filed an interim report in ‘A-Class’ – a report pertaining to the cases in which accused persons are unknown or untraceable – before the Additional District and Sessions Judge (West) Haleem Ahmed.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday, 6-August 2019 came down hard on the Sindh government, municipal authorities and K-Electric, the primary supplier of electricity to Karachi, over the deaths of dozens of people due to electrocution during recent rains in the metropolis.

A three-judge larger bench headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmed was hearing a number of applications regarding various civic issues in Karachi at the apex court’s Karachi registry. Justice Faisal Arab and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah were the other members of the bench.

Justice Arab during the hearing noted that 22 children had died after suffering electric shocks during the recent rains in Karachi and other parts of Sindh but that the deaths had had no impact on the power utility.

“For Abraaj Group, K-Electric is the goose that lays the golden egg,” the judge remarked, adding that with the exception of K-Electric, all of Abraaj’s departments have collapsed.

He said K-Electric “makes a profit of Rs50 million in exchange for five paisa”. The company also “sold all the copper wires” and replaced them with aluminum cables, Justice Ahmed added.

“Did anyone ever carry out an audit of K-Electric?” the judge said, wondering again what alternative plan authorities had for power supply to Karachi.

Families of some of the persons who died due to electrocution
Families of some of the persons who died due to electrocution

He also asked the provincial authorities why they had not hesitated at handing over “such a sensitive [power supply] system to a foreign company.

“K-Electric did not deliver anything,” Justice Ahmed remarked, regretting that the entire infrastructure of the megacity had been “ruined”.

Justice Arab observed that people usually do not die from electrocution in any modern city.

In an apparent reference to Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar and Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, Justice Ahmed said that he had seen “some people enjoying sipping tea at Cafe Piyala” during the Karachi rain.

“Some people only found out how many people had died of electrocution while sitting in their office,” the judge added, without naming anyone.

“The Karachi mayor kept himself shielded from rainwater by wearing a raincoat while the people around him kept getting drenched.”

Justice Ahmed further said that Karachi’s authorities and the Sindh government had “completely failed” to fulfil their responsibilities.

He noted that the federal government has now taken up the task of cleaning Karachi.

“Do you realize what will happen if the federal government too fails [to complete the task]?” the judge asked the provincial law officer, before answering the question himself: “The people are watching everything. You don’t realize what impact this will have.”


K-Electric is the only Pakistani electric supply company, based in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. KE supplies power to Pakistan’s largest city and economic hub, Karachi, home to an estimated 22 million people (as of 2018). The company has a customer account base of over 2.5 million, and around 10,000 employees.

In 2009, the new management, led by Abraaj Capital, took charge of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC).

As of 2017, the Abraaj Group and Aljomaih/NIG have a 66.4% stake in KE; the Government of Pakistan’s shareholding stands at 24.36%.

Pakistani Swindler Arif Naqvi, Corrupt Imran Khan – K-Electric

In our previous article titled, “Pakistani Swindler Arif Naqvi Of Abraaj Investment Defrauds US Investors Of Over $1 Billion” we told about Arif Naqvi and how he defrauded global investors such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank, US financial institutions, US retirement and Pension Funds, US investment advisers and an agency of the US government. Arif Naqvi is facing extradition trial in UK.

After he started facing cases in Dubai, Naqvi has been active in Islamabad for selling his shares and company, K-Electric.

According to sources, Naqvi, given his close ties to ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was much active in finalizing a deal between a Chinese firm and the K-Electric.

Corrupt Imran Khan facilitating deal between Arif  Naqvi and the Chinese company
Corrupt Imran Khan facilitating deal between Arif Naqvi and the Chinese company

Reportedly, Naqvi is a close friend and adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan and has also funded the PTI in the lead up to the general elections.

In an expose, Reham Khan, ex-wife of Corrupt Imran Khan, in her book exposed that Arif Naqvi funded 66% of the Election funding of Imran Khan in 2013 General elections. However, Nawaz Sharif’s party won the elections and Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Reham Khan, ex-wife of Corrupt Imran Khan, in her book exposed Imran Khan that 66% of the Election campaign in 2013 was funded by Arif Naqvi
Reham Khan, ex-wife of Corrupt Imran Khan, in her book exposed Imran Khan that 66% of the Election campaign in 2013 was funded by Arif Naqvi

For a very long period the company was running in losses. Arif Naqvi of Abraaj Group, swindled money and his shrewd ability to move around finances, created another big problem of circular debt – where one energy firm owes money to another along the supply chain. 

Pakistani swindler Arif Naqvi had extensive connections to the Pakistan’s elite, a hefty amount of wealth in the country, access to private jets and the ability to falsify documents. The life of the fund that was used to invest in the company ran out in 2016. This coincided with the time when Abraaj was hoping to sell its stake to another investor at a profit.

Arif Naqvi tried to bribe Nawaz Sharif by contributing to party funds and some charities run by Nawaz Sharif and family, however Nawaz Sharif knew that K-Electric is the only Electricity company in Karachi Sindh and its strategic sale to Chinese company means leaving people of Karachi at the mercy of the Chinese. Nawaz Sharif used all means to prolong the deal by creating multiple procedural and bureaucratic hurdles. Nawaz Sharif obstructed the deal by stonewalling regulations and refused to rubber-stamp the deal on unspecified national security grounds.

Stories were floated in media of Arif Naqvi bribing Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif. An article was published wherein it was mentioned “Omar Lodhi — partner at Abraaj — in October 2015 informed Naqvi of Malik’s assurance that former chief minister Shahbaz Sharif was “willing to give a strong endorsement” of the K-Electric deal to Chinese bidders.

The email also attributes the businessman saying it is “important for him to share every detail with the brothers and get their blessings as well as their instructions as to how this money [$20 million] should be distributed,” such as “a portion to charity” or “a portion to the election fund kitty”.

But the same has been denied by Nawaz Sharif who acting in national interest, stonewalled the sale of K-Electric to Chinese.

Being the founder of the Abraaj Capital, Naqvi was much interested in sale of the only power company in Karachi, which he has been in control of for the past 10 years.

Arif Naqvi invested heavily again in the next general elections and did everything possible and made Imran Khan victorious in the elections. Imran Khan became the Prime Minister.

According to sources, PM Imran Khan was personally taking interest in making the K-Electric- Shanghai Electric Power Company (SEP) deal go down successfully. He reportedly held meetings with SEP teams as well in this regard.

The holding company of K-Electric, KES Power Limited (Abraaj Investment Management Limited), a company incorporated under the laws of the Cayman Islands, which currently owns 66.40% shareholding in KE, has entered into a Sale and Purchase Agreement dated October 28, 2016 (SPA) with Shanghai Electric Power Company Limited.

In terms of the SPA, KES Power has agreed to sell all of its 66.40% shareholdings in KE (Sale Shares) to SEP.

However, the progression of the said transaction is subject to clearance of all dues of K-Electric and issuance of National Security Certificate from the Pakistan government represented through the Privatization Commission, in accordance with the Original SPA signed on November 14, 2005.

The SEP teams have frequently been visiting Pakistan for clearance of the issues linked with the deal. However, the issues related to security certificate, dues and others were yet to be cleared to finally pave for the deal.

In order to facilitate the sale of K-Electric, corrupt Imran Khan increased the electricity per unit prices to astronomically high value so that K-Electric can show profits in its books and the sale looks lucrative to the Chinese buyer. Corrupt Imran Khan government didn’t care for the poor Sindhis and Muhajirs as the Punjabi dominated Pakistan government doesn’t care for other ethnic groups. Moreover, it is pertinent to state that there is also a continuous struggle going on in Sindh for Freedom from repressive state of Pakistan since the Punjabis overtook the government after Jinnah. Since then Punjabis only exploit Sindhis and Muhajirs for their benefits.

When contacted, Privatization Commission Secretary Rizwan Malik said the deal was being made between two private firms, so there should not be any major issue in the aftermath of Naqvi’s arrest.

However, the next visit of SEP team to Pakistan will clear how the development would affect the overall transaction. “Our duty is to secure interest of the country while facilitating the deal,” he said.

Since Arif Naqvi is in custody in UK, facing extradition to the US where he is charged with over Billion dollar of US funds. Arif Naqvi is in dire need of the sale proceeds from K-Electric. Imran Khan is doing everything possible to save his old friend at the expense of Muhajirs and Sindhis in Karachi, Sindh.

The arrest of Naqvi may delay the deal but with the backing of corrupt Imran Khan, the deal may go ahead. Imran Khan has already sold Gwadar and vast mines in Balochistan Nation to the Chinese companies, it will not be surprising if he will sell K-Electric to Chinese soon and leaving the people of Karachi with high costs of Electricity.

It may recall here that in October 2016, Abraaj Capital sold its majority 66.4% stake in K-Electric to SEP for $1.77 billion and the consummation of the transaction has been stalled for various reasons.

The government’s stake stands at 24.36 per cent in K-Electric, foreign shareholders hold 3.09pc, public 2.69pc, mutual funds 1.67pc, public-sector company’s 0.13pc, financial institutions 1.48pc and others’ 0.18pc.

High Electricity Prices to facilitate Sale of K Electric to Chinese company

A deal, signed between Arif Naqvi and Chinese company, about 32 months ago in October 2016 at $1.77 billion, is likely to be implemented in a few months after the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) recently revised the power tariff upwards for end-consumers by Rs2.15-3.63 per unit, it was learnt.

Electricity infrastructure in Karachi, Sindh
Electricity infrastructure in Karachi, Sindh

“This (revised tariff) is a major breakthrough in the execution of the business deal,” remarked K-Electric Chairman Ikram Sehgal

“Naturally, this should speed up the transaction, which has been pending for around three years now,” he said. “I think if no hiccup comes in the way, the Chinese firm will take over the company (K-Electric) by September-October 2019.”

Water logging in Karachi
Water logging in Karachi

To recall, the power-sector regulator – National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) – had revised down the tariff for end-consumers by Rs3.50 to Rs12.07 in March 2016 for the next seven years under the multi-year tariff (MYT) 2016-23.

The tariff was revised downwards, though K-Electric requested for an increase of Rs 0.66 to Rs16.23 per unit for the next seven years compared to Rs15.57 under the previous MYT. The regulator and K-Electric both had reasons in support of their stances.

July’s tariff, however, became obsolete after the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) notified new tariffs in May 2019. New consumer bills are being sent as per new tariffs.

“Now, we have prepared the company’s accounts for the year 2017 by calculating the sale of power at the recently notified new tariff,” Sehgal said.

K-Electric has raised the tariff by Rs2.15 per unit to Rs17.60 for the consumers using 301-700 units per month, it was learnt. The tariff has been revised by Rs3.37 per unit to Rs20.70 for over 700 units per month.

Tariff for peak hours has been increased by Rs3.63 per unit to Rs21.63. Tariff for off-peak hours has been raised by Rs3.50 per unit to Rs15.83.

Peak hours are from 6:30pm to 10.30pm during April to October and from 6pm to 10pm during November to March.

Naya Tabdili Pakistan of Corrupt Imran Khan

People of Karachi are condemning corrupt Imran Khan a lot.

Naya Pakistan of Corrupt Imran Khan. Extracts maximum revenue from Karachi but no civic amenities. Tonnes of garbage lying on the streets of Karachi
Naya Pakistan of Corrupt Imran Khan. Extracts maximum revenue from Karachi but no civic amenities. Tonnes of garbage lying on the streets of Karachi

In our previous article Special Eid Gift By Pakistan To Minority Mohajirs, Sindhis, Christians And Hindus. Demolished Hundreds Of Their Houses. we showed how Punjabi dominant Pakistan Government is persecuting Sindhis and Muhajirs

One of the user on Twitter started a thread to explain how this Naya Pakistan’s Tabdili Government (Local and Federal) both are failure. He enumerated his monthly expenses that can explain how corrupt Imran Khan has made the life of Sindhis and Muhajirs miserable.

1. Every month I’ve to withdraw from my savings to run the expenditures of the month.

2. No shopping or dine outs possible now

3. K Electric surcharges will be making it more difficult from this month

4. Snatching is on its peak.

5. My fuel expenses were 16500 a month, now its 21000.

6. No job opportunities for people of Karachi.

7. Medicines bill were approximately 5000 now its 7000.00

8. The prices of Grocery Items jumped to 9,000.00 to 11,000.00

9. After paying all the taxes we still don’t clean water to drink and water for daily necessities, adding another 6,000.00

10. Approximately 40 hours of load shedding in a month after paying all bills on time adding another 5000.00 for Generator Fuel and Maintenance.

The miscellaneous payments aren’t included like Marriage and Birthday gifts, surprise visits to hospitals and clinics. The government has failed us Big Time. The #Budget2019 will be making it more difficult to survive.

Another Twitter user tweeted, “Please save the Karachites from K Electric they are overcharging and all the profits are going to foreign country”

Questions being asked

Does corrupt Imran Khan government care for Sindhis and Muhajirs in Karachi? Will the Sindhis and Muhajirs continue to be exploited by successive regimes of Punjabi dominated Pakistan? With no job opportunities being created, Industry coming to a standstill, with no investments coming and with no income, how will the people of Karachi pay astronomically high electricity bills? With people losing their children to electrocution during rainy season, will the families of the victims get compensation?

Pakistan has adopted the state policy of promoting Terrorism. Terrorists and Islamist Radical groups brought in from Punjab and other places and settled in Karachi, destroying the culture of Sindhis and Muhajirs. Political leaders like Altaaf Hussain who founded MQM, are forced to live in exile in UK. People of Sindh have no solution in view except to demand freedom from the repressive Pakistan.

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