21st July 2019 Christians are persecuted in Pakistan. Islamist Radicals mob burnt Pakistan Christian Houses and shops

Pakistan A Living Hell for Christians. But Takes Foreign Aid From Christian Countries.

Pakistan is always begging money and Foreign Aid from the West which is predominantly Christian. One of the Journalists recently questioned Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on the Begging Bowl Syndrome. What for Pakistan need the funds? Did the Politicians in US and Europe look at the conditions of Christians in Pakistan before funding FATF Grey Listed Pakistan?

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21st October 2019 ISPR

Did Pakistan ISI Conspire to Cause Communal Riots in India? – Hindi

पाकिस्तान ISI ने गोधरा कांड की तरह ही कमलेश तिवारी की हत्या की योजना बनाई। गोधरा में पाकिस्तान द्वारा भारतीय संसद पर हमला करने के बाद भारतीय सीमा पर दबाव कम करने की योजना बनाई गई थी। क्या होता यदि यह हत्या इंडिया में भारतीय सीमा से सैनिकों को वापस बुलाने के लिए पाकिस्तान की एक चाल थी जो देश में बड़े सांप्रदायिक तनाव पैदा करती?

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20th October 2019 Afghanistan Army Killed 1238 Pakistan backed Taliban Terrorists: Air Strikes in Progress

Afghanistan Army Killed 1238 Pakistan backed Taliban Terrorists in last 18 days

Afghanistan security forces killed 1238 Pakistan Backed Taliban Terrorists , (including many ISIS Terrorists) and wounded 393 Terrorists, as a result of continuous clearance operations in last 18 days. Huge quantity of Arms and Ammunition, Drugs were seized, and vehicles used by Taliban were destroyed. These figures are provided by Ministry of Defense, Afghanistan during different press releases over the past 18 days.

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15th October 2019 US President Trump Imposed Sanctions on Turkey for killing Kurds in Syria

President Trump Imposed Sanctions on Turkey, EU Nations to follow suit : Turkey Stock Market Crash

US President Trump imposed sanctions on Turkey over Syria Invasion. He signed the executive order imposing the sanctions on Monday night (14-October 2019). EU Nations also met in Luxembourg on Monday and banned all Arms Exports to Turkey. They also considered placing sanctions on Turkish Oil drilling companies. After Monday’s Stock Market crash in Turkey, the fresh sanctions are expected to further crash the Turkish stock market and put pressure on its currency LIRA.

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13th October 2019 Imperialist Turkey Invasion of Cyprus

Imperialist Turkey Threatens to Invade whole of Cyprus, Encircles Cyprus

Imperialist Turkey is being condemned worldwide. Periodically stoking tensions with Greece and Cyprus has always been a part of Turkish foreign-policy strategy. This time is far more dangerous, however, because there are signs Turkey might be ready to escalate its confrontation beyond mere rhetoric. Tension mounted in the Eastern Mediterranean on 8-October as the Imperialist Turkey Navy practically encircled Cyprus with almost 20 vessels, including frigates and submarines.

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11th October 2019 Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) leader Ata Ullah

In Asia’s largest Terrorist attacks, Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known as Rohingya Killed hundreds of Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar

Bengali Muslim Islamic Terrorists known (also known as Rohingya) committed Asia’s largest Genocide and the Terrorist act in Rakhin State in Myanmar in 2017. Hundreds of Buddhists and Hindus were killed in different villages in a coordinated attack by these Bengali Muslim Terrorists. However, because the Buddhists and Hindus were killed, the International Media trashed this news under the carpet. However because the Muslims migrated to Bangladesh and India, the International Media and the UN and Human Rights organizations demonized Myanmar Government, Myanmar Army, and gentle peace loving, non-violent Buddhists without even checking the reality.

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6th October 2019 Islamist Radical Terroristan Pakistan responsible for bleeding Kashmir

Islamist Radical Terroristan Pakistan Responsible for Bleeding Kashmir

Islamist Radical “Terroristan” Pakistan is responsible for Bleeding Kashmir. Kashmir was once a Hindu Land, and for centuries different invaders and rulers plundered this land. The culture of Kashmir became unique with lots of Hindus and soft and moderate form of Islam known as Sufism was followed in Kashmir. However Terrorist Nation Pakistan which was a born enemy of India, had been constantly needling India and bleeding Kashmir. Who is the worst sufferer? Over a Million Kashmiri Pandit Refugees are forced to live the lives of refugees else where in India. Original culture of “Sufism” has been hijacked and destroyed by Pakistan by infiltrating Terrorists for several decades and brainwashing people to become Radical Islamists.

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6th October 2019 Islamist Radical Terrorists Mingled with Civilians in JKLF March in POK to Infiltrate in India.

Islamist Radical Terrorists Mingled with Civilians in JKLF March in POK to Infiltrate in India.

Islamist Radical Terrorists have Mingled with civilians in JKLF march in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. As part of a political rally called the Peoples’ Freedom March, hundreds of Islamist Radical Terrorists and supporters of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front have started to march from Bhimber in Pakistan occupied Kashmir towards the Line of Control in what their leaders claim is a bid to cross over to India in the Kashmir Valley.

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