Taliban’s Doha Office must be turned into Balochistan’s Embassy

UN must Intervene Immediately in Balochistan. This article is an urgent wake up call to the UN, US and the world to come forward and dismantle Pakistan which is the Terrorist producing factory of the world to prevent more bloodshed of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, India and especially the civilians in Baloch Nation.

Why is it that Pakistan has not militarily reacted to the abrogation of Article 370 by the Narendra Modi government in the Indian Parliament? The Pakistan army has told the USA to leave Afghanistan and offered help to Washington to safely withdraw troops from Afghanistan

Why is it that Pakistan has not militarily reacted to the abrogation of Article 370 by the Narendra Modi government in the Indian Parliament? The Pakistan army has told the USA to leave Afghanistan and offered help to Washington to safely withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Hence, the Pakistan army is deliberately not taking any military action against India, because capturing Afghanistan is far more important for Rawalpindi.

The ISI first wants to establish its own government in Kabul, so the Army can directly control the foreign policy of Afghanistan. The Taliban, or Pakistan, will then more aggressively and freely train, equip and export Taliban Terrorists, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hafiz Saeed’s Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD) Terrorists to India to fight Ghazwa-e-Hind, the ISI doctrine against Hindus.

Pakistan sponsored, trained, funded and armed Taliban Terrorists
Pakistan sponsored, trained, funded and armed Taliban Terrorists

Pakistan’s ISI thinks that if it takes military action in this scenario, when Taliban US talks are at a critical stage, Washington may suspend negotiations, which will spoil Pakistan’s dirty game plan. The Pakistan army pretends to be impartial in US-Taliban talks, but is directing the Taliban Terrorists to intensify terror activities in Afghanistan, to put constant pressure on US forces. Pakistan’s Military, Mullahs and Media are feeding the narrative that military force is not the solution to the Afghan problem; Islamabad is urging Washington to not use military force but, behind the scenes, is leading the Taliban Terrorists to unleash violence. There is increasing bloodshed in Afghanistan as US-Taliban talks are underway in Doha.  

The ‘deep state’ actors in Pakistan have ordered the puppet civilian regime of Imran Khan to not take any action in Kashmir, until a US-Taliban deal is inked in Doha.

Once the Taliban (Pakistan) and US finalize the deal and agree on troops withdrawal, then Pakistan is free to unleash its Taliban Terrorists, JuD, JeM Terrorists (ISI’s strategic assets) into Kashmir via Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s top priority is to push US, NATO troops out of Afghanistan. After establishing a Taliban regime in Kabul, ISI will easily resume fighting in Kashmir with more brute force. Pakistan and it’s ‘deep state’ actors know that ordinary Afghans have been giving moral and political support to the Balochistan liberation struggle for decades.

There is an uprising among Pashtuns and Sindhis after the Baloch liberation struggle. The people have come forward to urge the Kabul government to support the Baloch and acknowledge their struggle. The people of Afghanistan and Balochistan realize that Pakistan is the only source of unrest in occupied Balochistan. The Pakistan army is solely responsible for decades of bloodshed in Afghanistan and the region beyond. People believe that the only way to maintain a durable peace and economic prosperity in the region is to join hands to curb Pakistani sponsored imposed war against the Baloch and Afghan nations.

If we look at the draft Taliban deal, which is doubtless prepared by Pakistan’s ISI, it says Taliban will not allow Baloch freedom seeking forces to use Afghan soil, clearly indicating that Pakistan is prepared to crush Balochistan liberation sympathizers in Afghanistan.

The delay in taking military action against India in Kashmir reflects Pakistan’s future strategy. Rawalpindi is eagerly waiting to make Taliban sign the deal with the US to make US forces exit. Once the US-Taliban have inked the deal, Pakistan will accelerate attacks in Kashmir. Preparations for Ghazwa-e-Hind have already started.

After the abrogation of Article370 and ArticleA35, there is a massive demand within the Indian parliament and public overwhelmingly seeking that the Modi government recapture Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and announce recognition of Balochistan’s independence.

It is not the first-time Indian parliamentarians have asked the government to support Balochistan’s liberation struggle. There has been a similar movement in the US Congress to support the Free Balochistan Movement (FBM). The FBM has delivered a message from its leader, Hyrbyair Marri, to American Congressman, seeking support for a free Balochistan and urging the US government to carefully consider any deal with the Taliban.

The FBM has emphasized that the US approach towards the Afghanistan issue should focus on geopolitics and, instead of chasing shadows, Americans should focus their attention on Pakistan which is training, financing and facilitating the Taliban Terrorists and other religious extremist groups.

The delegation hoped that the administration of President Trump will change American foreign policy toward Afghanistan and put pressure on Pakistan to stop supporting the Jihadist groups that have been disturbing the peace in Afghanistan for many decades.

Recently we wrote an article “Balochistan Liberation Charter: A Contract For Freedom From A Repressive Pakistan” introducing the Balochistan Liberation Charter drafted by Hyrbyair Marri and his like minded friends in Balochistan and abroad.

What should be done?

To contain China and uproot Pakistan sponsored religious terrorism, it is a rare opportunity for India, Afghanistan and USA to fully support the indigenous struggle of Balochistan. Pakistan must not be allowed to unleash its proxy Taliban to hold the peace and prosperity of Afghanistan and beyond, hostage. People on the ground are urging Afghanistan, Balochistan and India to form a coalition to protect their common interests and work to safeguard common goals and defeat their common enemy, Pakistan and it’s growing terror infrastructure.

A NATO like coalition ABIC (Afghanistan Balochistan India Coalition) is the need of the hour, where Afghanistan and India should train Baloch freedom fighters, empower Baloch institutions and help nation building of Balochistan. For this to happen, USA must cancel Pakistan sponsored talks with Taliban, which only serves Islamabad’s interests. 

Taliban’s top leadership (ISI assets) who receive directions from Rawalpindi must be apprehended, their passports revoked and deported to Afghanistan. They must be charged with war crimes in Afghanistan for last 18 years. The Taliban Doha office must immediately be shut down and declared illegal. Qatar must be asked not to host Taliban who are involved daily in war crimes against Afghan forces and civilians.

UN Must be asked to intervene immediately in Balochistan
UN Must be asked to intervene immediately in Balochistan

Taliban’s Doha Office must be turned into Balochistan’s Embassy, which guarantees regional peace and stability. Kabul, Delhi and Washington must allocate land for Balochistan’s embassy and exiled government in their countries. The friendly countries must hold a global conference in Washington, Kabul or New Delhi, inviting the Baloch pro-independence leadership, to discuss future peace plans and mechanism to end Pakistan sponsored war imposed in the region. A humanitarian aid and relief fund must be created to support war hit Balochistan.

The UN must be asked to immediately intervene in Balochistan, form a fact-finding mission to investigate mass graves, massive scale of Pakistani war crimes, military offensives and use of air force against civilian populations in occupied Balochistan.

About the Author: Article is written by Sobdar Baluch. He is a Baloch writer, Human Rights Activist and a free lance journalist. Email: sobdarbaluch@gmail.com, twitter handle: @BaluchSobdar

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