Pakistan PIA Civilian Plane Crashes: Public Money spent on Terrorists

Pakistan PIA Civilian Plane Crashes. A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus A-320 carrying 99 passengers and eight crew members crashed in a residential area near the Karachi Airport on Friday.

Pakistan PIA Civilian Plane Crashes: Public Money spent on Terrorists
Pakistan PIA Civilian Plane Crashes: Public Money spent on Terrorists

Abdullah Hafeez, the PIA spokesperson, said that flight PK 8303 from Lahore was about to land in Karachi when it crashed at the Jinnah Garden area.

PIA spokesperson Abdul Sattar confirmed the crash and added that the flight, A-320, was carrying 107 passengers and was flying from Lahore to Karachi.

“The captain informed the air traffic tower he was having problems with the landing gear before disappearing from the radar,” he said.

The PIA aircraft was flown by Captain Sajjad Gul.

As per previous reports since 2016, PIA stocks have been found in serious shortage of the spare parts of ATR and A-320 planes. As the parts are not being imported for quite some time, the shortage has become acute during the recent months.

The national airline has contracted a foreign company for the import of parts. And this is why it takes months for the parts to arrive in the country.

On the other hand, the parts of A-320 planes are in acute shortage too and the parts of already grounded planes are being used due to which delays are being observed in including the grounded planes back into the fleet too.

As per sources Pakistan is obtaining spurious spare parts from China also.

In the videos you can see that locals are trying to help each other.

Was it a 15 years old plane that Pakistan purchased from Chinese Junkyard?

As per sources it was a 15 years old plane that Pakistan had purchased from China. China had discarded the plane but Pakistan is fond of buying everything discarded by China. Pakistan feels pride in using the leftovers and trash of its iron father China.

This raises a question over who cleared the plane.

Why was Pakistan Army and Airforce called for Rescue? Where was Pakistan Government and Local Sindh Govt?

People are asking why exactly the Pakistan Air force was mobilized? On one side it talks about over-dependence of Pakistan on military and on the other side, it reeks of some conspiracy.

At the same time, Pakistan Government lead by Imran Khan and the local government in Occupied Sindh is also being criticized of not doing enough for the rescue operations.

Public Money Spent on Building Terrorist Infrastructure

Pakistan that has spent every penny in building terrorist infrastructure and the loans it gets in buying arms to infiltrate terrorists into India is being criticized for overlooking the needs of the civilians.

People are criticizing Fauji Foundation for looting Pakistan. Karachi that contributes the maximum revenue to Pakistan GDP, is neglected by Punjabi Pakistan.

Was the PIA Plane deliberately crashed by Pakistan Govt?

Muzaffar Bhutto was trending in Pakistan since morning which caused a lot of heart burns by noon. Then this PIA crash it changed the whole narrative. People are questioning if the crash was in all probability a diversion from this trend of Muzaffar Bhutto?

Surprisingly, a few names in the list of dead raise eyebrows.

Is it possible that all these Pakistan Army Men alleged to be travelling in the crashed PIA flight were actually killed on Border clashes with Indian Army or were blown to pieces by Balochistan Freedom Fighters in Balochistan and their names were included in list of pessangers to give them a closing?

Points to Ponder

How long Pakistan will neglect the needs of the civilian population and will play to the tunes of the Fauji Foundation?

How long before the Public wakes up and Sindhudesh gains Independence from Punjabi Pakistan? Sindhudesh that is contributing maximum to the Pakistan GDP, can certainly survive on its own once it gains Independence from Punjabi Dominated Pakistan.

Pakistan as is known for burning the train in the past to prevent the Karachi people to visit political rallies against the Govt can go to any extreme end. Even to kill its own civilians, is not ruled out.

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