Imran Khan on his visit to the US. Will President Trump talk about Human Rights Abuse issue

Will US Government Help Partition Pakistan? Will Balochistan Soon Become New Independent Nation? Is US Government planning to make Balochistan a new Independent Nation? Is Imran Khan summoned to the US for ending terrorist organizations operating in Pakistan? We looked at different aspects of Imran Khan’s US visit.

The economy of Pakistan in recent years has been in decline leading to a debt-ridden State. As such, the Government of Pakistan has become increasingly dependent on the resources extracted from the Baloch lands, and from the investments offered by others currently involved in the exploitation of the region, particularly China. The Chinese presence has brought further suppression as the Chinese organizations operating in the region have followed the lead of the Pakistani government and continually refused any form of dialogue with the Baloch people. The people of the region are not receiving any share of the financials gains from the ongoing mining and development.

There are news that China plans to settle 500,000 nationals in Gwadar as part of its China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project in Balochistan, adversely impacting cultural, geographical, economical and historical rights of Baloch Nation and its people. Pakistan is also relocating large number of Punjabis in Balochistan for jobs in different CPEC projects. These two factors will being a paradigm demographic change in Balochistan. The Baloch people believe they must fight to preserve their cultural identity, while striving for institutionalized legitimacy and recognition of their existence.

Imran Khan Visit to the US

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s much hyped visit to the USA conceals the most important aspect of the trip; the selected Prime Minister is accompanied by the country’s all-powerful Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa, ISI head Faiz Hameed and DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor.

Why the men in uniform flown to Washington? Two questions come to mind. Is it to revive the ties back to old times so the military aid can start flowing again something which Pakistan craves for?  Or, is Pakistan about to join the American, Arab and Israeli alliance against Iran? Pakistan thinks they can become a crucial partner should the Americans decide to take military action against Tehran.

Pakistan’s Misplaced Optimism

A source in Pakistan told, “USA is looking for a face-saving exit strategy from Afghanistan.  We can leverage their geographical position to draw more benefits from the sole superpower of the world like we did in the past.”

In one of the Tweets, President Trump had said, “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”

However, the top military leadership in Pakistan is still hopeful they can hoodwink the Americans for more funds. Pakistan leadership is still day dreaming about their golden days when in the name of war of terror, they got Billions of Dollars on one hand and hiding the same terrorists on the other.

However, Pakistan top brass don’t realize the American patience has long run out. Despite US dependency for logistical reasons Pakistan is often seen as the main spoiler in Afghanistan than peacemaker. The American President Donald Trump has no appetite to bankroll other countries or their armies. He cut off the military aid to Pakistan in January 2018.

Bruce Reidel the former advisor to Trump’s predecessors Bill Clinton and Barack Obama said the Americans from 2007 started feeling the double dealings of Pakistan. In the last 12 years that trust deficit has only ever increased, especially after the Abbotabad raid in May 2011 which led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden by US Navy SEALs.

The Americans are not wrong in their suspicions. The Afghan Taliban are working in tandem with the notorious ISI. Mullah Omar’s death in Karachi was confirmed by Pakistanis themselves, the American drones tracked and killed Mullah Mansour inside Pakistan. Despite repeated pleas from Washington the deep state allowed Haqqani network to flourish in Pakistan.

Haqqani Terrorist group members walking around the city of Wana, South Waziristan in Pakistan under the full watch of Pakistan Police and Pakistan Army
Haqqani Terrorist group members walking around the city of Wana, South Waziristan in Pakistan under the full watch of Pakistan Police and Pakistan Army

In these pictures you can see Haqqani Terrorist group members walking around the city of Wana, South Waziristan in Pakistan under the full watch of Pakistan Police and Pakistan Army. They roam around the streets freely.

Pakistan and the United States find themselves on opposite sides of the coin in fast changing geo-political scenario in the region. Washington’s strategic partnership with India is anathema to the thugs of Rawalpindi. Pakistan’s bonhomie with the Chinese is not seen favorably by Washington. It is difficult to imagine that Pakistani military leaders will be able to swing the American opinion in their favour when so much damage has already been done due to military establishment’s backstabbing.

Misconception of Pakistan joining the anti-Iran block

USA’s fast deteriorating relationship with Iran has the Middle East and the world at large on the edge. It is uncertain what the future holds.

As per the source, “should the U.S., Israel and Arabs decide to hit Iran militarily then Pakistan could become important player of the American led coalition vis-a-vis Tehran.” Pakistan Military establishment believes, “The Saudis and UAE will make sure Pakistan is part of the alliance and Pakistan will take advantage of US-Iran conflict”

Will US take Pakistan in Alliance against Iran?

Question is “Based on experience, will US take Pakistan again in its alliance if they decide to attack Iran?”

Pakistan played a double game with the US. Pakistan harbored Osama Bin Laden and other Top Terrorists in a war wherein the U.S. lost over 2300 of its soldiers and over 20,000 wounded. If Pakistan would have wanted, they could have cut all arms supplies to Taliban Terrorists however the same terrorists roam freely in Pakistan streets today. Recently a US soldier was killed fighting Taliban.

Terrorists in Army uniform working closely with Pakistan Army
Terrorists in Army uniform working closely with Pakistan Army

We obtained a video wherein Pakistan’s Federal Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi (in white) clearly making pledge to protect UN designated Terrorist Hafiz Saeed and others arrested by Pakistan government as an eyewash before Imran Khan visit to the US.

Pakistan’s Federal Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi (in white) clearly making pledge to protect UN designated Terrorist Hafiz Saeed

Hafiz Saeed, the UN designated Terrorist was arrested and released 3 times (December 2008, September 2009, January 2017) in past 10 Years. There are many evidences available where this UN designated Terrorist was seen addressing Public rallies during the recent elections in Pakistan. If Pakistan Government conveyed to Trump Administration that he was caught after searching for 10 years, It is a big lie.

Contrary to Trump’s characterization of a prolonged “search,” however, Pakistani authorities have been aware of Saeed’s whereabouts for years. In fact, his political party participated in national elections last year, and he was photographed casting his ballot.

Hafiz Saeed, the UN designated Terrorist  photographed casting his ballot
Hafiz Saeed, the UN designated Terrorist photographed casting his ballot

In a 2012 news conference in a hotel near the Pakistani army headquarters, he also publicly mocked the U.S. bounty on his head. “Here I am in front of everyone, not hiding in a cave,” Saeed declared. He said of the $10 million U.S. reward: “Why don’t they give it to me? I can tell them my whereabouts on a daily basis.”

One of the U.S. soldier who was deployed in Afghanistan told that Pakistanis would steal the arms meant for US soldiers. He told about the pilferage of arms from containers that were shipped to Afghanistan via Pakistan. Pakistanis would use welding machines to cut open the containers and would steal large quantities of the arms and ammunition.

Implications if US takes back Pakistan in its alliance

It will be bad news for Pakistan’s 2 neighbors India and Afghanistan — the two worst sufferers of ISI sponsored terrorism in the neighborhood. This will also have far negative repercussions for the smaller nations within Pakistan — the Baloch, Muhajirs and Pashtuns — fighting to throw off the Punjabi colonialism in the nationless fascist entity.

Iran accuses Pakistan of helping Saudi Arabia and UAE fanning the Sunni radicalism in the Baloch belt of Iran. Pakistan’s use of Sunni Islamist extremists within Pakistan occupied Balochistan in many ways vindicates Tehran’s allegations on ISI’s terror activities. Over the last couple of years there have been some rumors the Iranians in return could be turning a blind eye to the activities of the Baloch guerillas fighting Pakistanis, if not directly backing them.

The current Pakistan and Iran relationship is marred by sectarian biases and distrust. In this backdrop, Pakistan could be tempted to back the American onslaught against Iran as a guarantee for more dollars, arms and the world at large turning a blind eye to the Genocide of Baloch, Sindhis, Muhajirs and Pashtuns by Pakistan Army.

If Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa, ISI head Faiz Hameed and DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor are the uninvited guests in Washington then there’s nothing to worry about. However, if they’re indeed summoned by the Trump Administration to devise future plan of action other than inside Afghanistan then it’s a bad sign for the future.

Terrorist Infrastructure in Pakistan will continue to be financed and sponsored.

Pakistan expects that in response to support to the US, in case US decides a military action against Iran, US should close its eyes to the Genocide of different ethnic groups of Baloch, Pashtun, Muhajir and Sindhis.

Pakistan is actively running the trade of human trafficking and Organ Harvesting after disappearing people from Baloch, Pashtun ethnic groups. Pakistan would want US to turn blind eye to the gore in Baloch, Pashtun, Muhajirs.

Pakistan would also want US to bail it out of the present bankruptcy.

Persecution of Religious Minorities and Ethnic groups

Recently we covered in detail about the persecution of Christians in Pakistan in our article Pakistan A Living Hell For Christians. But Takes Foreign Aid From Christian Countries.

We also wrote about how Islamist Radical Pakistan is making the religious minorities of Christians and Hindus extinct using its draconian Blasphemy Laws in our article Christian And Hindus Face Blasphemy Laws, Acid Attacks, Forcefully Converted To Islam In Pakistan

Recently EP Times published an article titled A Call to stop Labeling the Baloch people as Terrorists

Sixteen, cross-party, pan European Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) sent a signed letter to President Trump requesting his intervention in the deteriorating situation in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. During this week’s European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg, France, the MEPs highlighted the dire situation for the Baloch people stating that “The people of the province have legitimate grievances – they are relatively powerless against the State trying to silence them.”

Members of Congress have also written a letter to Donald Trump, asking him to raise the issue of human rights abuses in Pakistan’s Sindh province.

The letter also criticized Pakistan for taking the United States’ money as assistance, and highlighted that the “expected improvements have not occurred”.

Since 2001, the United States has given Pakistan more than $30 billion in various kinds of assistance. The aid was supposed to improve social and economic conditions in Pakistan, as well as promote good governance. The improvements have not occurred, the letter read.

The letter refers to the recent outbreak of HIV Aids in the Sindh province, in which, reckless negligence by using unsafe syringes and needles for blood transfusions, infected at least 681 people, who were tested positive for HIV in one month.

“Of these, 537 were children, including a tragic case of a 16-month-old little girl,” the letter stated.

The letter also highlights the “ongoing human rights abuses” against Hindu and Christian religious minorities in the Sindh province.

List of Terrorist Organizations run by Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI and Pakistan Army

We obtained a list of few of the Terrorist Organizations which are currently operating in Pakistan with the active support of Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI and Pakistan Army. However the number of Terrorist Organizations operated by Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI and Pakistan Army is quite high. These Terrorist organizations are used by Pakistan to spread terror in its Neighboring countries Afghanistan and India.

Besides that, these terrorist organizations are being actively used as Death Squads by Pakistan Army to hunt down Baloch Freedom Fighters. There were recent reports of these Terrorist organizations burning down complete villages of Baloch ethnic group and looted their houses. They killed everyone in those villages and didn’t even spare small children.

  1. LeT(Lashkar e Taiba)
  2. JeM (Jaish e Muhammad)
  3. Taliban 
  4. Al Qaeda
  5. LeS (Lashkar e islam)
  6. Ansar Ghazwatul Hind
  7. ISIS 
  8. LeJ Lashkar e Jangvi 
  9. Al Badr Mujahideen
  10. Sipah e Sahaba
  11. Jaish ul Adl
  12. Harakat Ul Mujahideen
  13. Lashkar e Omar
  14. JKLF
  15. TTP Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan
  16. UJM United Jihad Movement 
  17. Harakat UL Jihad
  18. Mutahida Jihad Council
  19. Kashmir Jihad Force
  20. AL Umar Mujahideen
  21. ISL Islamic Student League 
  22. Jamaat al Fuqra
  23. Muslim United Army
  24. Nadeem Commandos
  25. Sipahe Muhamad pakistan
  26. Tehrikee Nafaz e Pakistan
  27. TJP Tehrike Jaferia Pakistan 
  28. Harakat Ul Ansar
  29. Islamic Jamat e Tulba
  30. Ikhwan ul Mujahideen
  31. Al Mustafa Liberation Fighters
  32. Al Mujahid Force
  33. TeJ (Tehrike e Jihad) 
  34. IIM (Islamic Inqilab e Mahaz)
  35. Lashkar e Jabar
  36. Al Barq Pakistan
  37. HUJI( Harakat UL Hihad Islami)
  38. Mujahideen e Tanzeem e Pakistan
  39. Umar Tamir e Nau Pakistan
  40. Popular Front Mujahideen Pakistan
  41. Muslim Janbaz Force Pakistan

Points to Ponder – Alternate View

As per Balochistan Freedom Fighters, if US could help Liberate Balochistan and form a new Independent nation Balochistan. It will be a win-win situation for the US and the people of Balochistan. Balochistan has large reserves of natural resources that Pakistan is currently exploiting. Pakistan has offered large stakes in gold and copper mines to Chinese companies. Once Balochistan becomes an Independent nation, US can help Balochistan to develop those mines and setup industries in Balochistan. This can create more jobs for Baloch people as well as US citizens.

Banners appearing in US to appeal President Trump to help end Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan
Banners appearing in US to appeal President Trump to help end Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan

As per Baloch Freedom Fighters, US can have access to the Gwadar Port and can have direct access to Afghanistan via Balochistan.

Similar are the views of Muhajir and Sindhi Freedom Fighters. They also want Freedom from the tyrannical rule of Pakistan. If Sindh gets freedom, US can have direct access to Karachi Port and have partnership with Muhajir and Sindhi people.

Another ethnic group in Pakistan, Pashtuns are also exploited by Pakistan. Thousands of Pashtuns have been killed by Pakistan Army. Pashtuns do not have representation in Pakistan Government. Their 2 elected politicians Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir were recently taken as prisoners by Pakistan Army. They were labeled as terrorists despite the video evidences showing they were on peaceful protest march of PTM lead by Modern Day Gandhi, Manzoor Pashteen.  Human Rights Activists like Gulalai Ismail were arrested under Anti-Terrorism Law. Pashtuns are disenchanted with Pakistan Government. Many Pashtuns want to merge with Afghanistan.

Moreover, these new small nations of Balochistan and Muhajiristan (Sindh) will not be Islamic Radicals like the current Punjabi dominated Pakistan is. There will be more religious freedom for minorities of Christians and Hindus. There will be no place for any Pakistan run Terrorist Organizations.

People in Balochistan as well as Sindh say that a broken, divided Pakistan will ensure peace and security in Indo-Afghan region.

Will US Government look at the Alternate view? Will people of Balochistan and Sindh get their freedom? Will Pashtuns be able to get freedom or merge with their brothers in Afghanistan?

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