Commercial for Ariel Soap, owned by US based Proctor & Gamble released a commercial showing several women representing different professions including a Doctor and a Journalist are seen pushing Dirty bed sheets hanging on a clothesline off the screen.

Ariel Detergent Advertisement that rattled Islamist Radicals

The sheets are printed with common phrases that are refrains used by Islamist Radicals to reinforce the oppression of women, and a common fear creating tool “Tum ek Larki ho” (You are a girl), “Parh liya ab ghar sambhalo” (You got educated, now handle the household), “Log kya kahenge” (What will People say)?, “Chardiwari mei raho” (Live within the 4 walls ) and the last phrase “Yeh daag hamey kya rokeynge (How can these stains stop us), which signals scandal every time a woman chooses to challenge gender norms in a Radical Islamist Pakistan society.

The Ariel detergent soap commercial ends with a close-up shot of the Pakistan women’s cricket team Captain Bismah Maroof saying, “Stay within the house, These are not only sentences but stains”.

Islamist Radicals started showing their anger on Twitter and other social media platforms calling it an attack on their religion and using the hashtag “#BoycottAriel” on Twitter. YouTube is filled with videos calling US and its companies a lesson and boycott their products. Pakistan’s Radical Islamist calling it as a blasphemy and asking their government to take action against the Directors of the US Multinational and ban the commercial.

Terrorist Nation Pakistan has used Radical Islam as a tool to brainwash Muslims worldwide to spread Islam. That gave rise to the concept of Political Islam that intends to invade the entire world and establish the oppressive Sharia Law around the world. Radical Islamist in Pakistan are afraid that if the women get empowered and get freedom, their strategy to invade whole world by Population Explosion would be defeated. Since they keep Women uneducated and under fear of religious blasphemy, they can force them to produce many children. However they are afraid if they get freedom and women empowerment takes place in Pakistan, they would not produce many children and their Radical concept of Population Jihad will get defeated. That is the reason they emphasise on outdated concept of “honour” to systematically label the women who talk of oppression and want to pursue their own professions & Careers and want to live their lives of their own choosing, marry grooms of their own choosing, wear cloths of their own liking etc.

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