Children chilling around with Police Officer in Kashmir

Kashmir remained peaceful on the day of Eid, contrary to the expectations of many Liberal and International Media houses who didn’t leave any stone unturned to spread Fake news, that could have caused riots leading to deaths of Many. Jammu and Ladakh regions were also very peaceful. In Jammu and Ladakh regions in fact the normal life has resumed. However people are still in the celebration mood after the Abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Ladakh Regions.

In our previous article “Post Abrogation Article 370 – Life In Jammu, Kashmir And Ladakh” we shared news in details about the celebrations in Jammu, Ladakh regions. Also shared about different communities including Bakarwal and Sanitation workers celebrating their freedom.

In the old Town of Srinagar city, Eid prayers were marked all across in all Mosques. There was complete Peace, complete calm. It has been a week since the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A and also the Union Territory status for Jammu and Kashmir. There hasn’t been any mass agitation or mass protests, contrary to the high expectation of the FATF Grey Listed Pakistan. There have been small incidents of stone pelting but overall there has been peace. National Security Adviser of India, Ajit Doval is keeping a close watch in Srinagar. Top Security apparatus also keeping a close watch. Ariel survey is done continuously to monitor the Srinagar.

Kashmir Remained Peaceful on the day of Eid, Prayers marked all across Srinagar in all mosques.

250 phone booths have been opened in different places in Kashmir.  Besides that if anyone wants to make any calls, they can walk upto the nearest Police Station and can make the calls from there as well. Internet service has started in Ladakh.

Restrictions completely lifted in 5 districts of Jammu and limited to night in 5 districts. Similar local relaxation was done in 9 districts of Kashmir. Over 5000 calls were made by people in one day in Srinagar via public points for phone connectivity.

Tens of thousands of people offered Eid prayers in Kashmir with utmost veneration and peace.

Eid Celebrations in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir remained peaceful.

Large number of people congregated for Eid-ul-Adha prayers in thousands of mosques all across Kashmir valley. It was Peaceful all around.

Eid being celebrated across Kashmir valley peacefully without any protest or violence. If someone tells you, police or state did not allow prayers, show them this video showing top vantage shot of entire Srinagar city. Loudspeakers audible with prayers. Prayers for peace! (Video)

NSA Ajit Doval interacted with J&K Police and CRPF personnel who were working for 16-17 hours a day. NSA appreciated their commitment and spirit. Amazing spirit and hard work. Excellent cooperation was seen between Jammu & Kashmir Police, CRPF (Paramilitary) , Army, BSF and all security agencies whose morale was high.

As per Jammu and Kashmir Police, “The situation in the state has remained normal so far. No untoward incident has been reported from anywhere.”

There has been calm all over. But news is hard to come by. As per reports there was only one clash/demonstration in Srinagar. Lot of senior officers were on road on Eid Day, monitoring things. Choppers were keeping an eye from above.

Srinagar tonight. Full of colours. In the video from noted journalist Aditya Raj Kaul taken during ariel survey during night, he said, “I can hear the Azaan right now in the neighborhood mosque. NSA Ajit Doval participated in Bhara Khana to celebrate Eid with the brave Jawans of Jammu & Kashmir Police. J&K Police is committed with a resolve to restore peace.”

Ariel view of Srinagar, full of colors. Ajan can be heard. Srinagar remained peaceful

NSA Ajit Doval did a recce of Entire Srinagar including downtown, Soura, Pampore, Lal chowk area, Hazratbal, Pampore, Budgam (in Budgam Charar e Sharif area), South Kashmir including Pulwama and Awantipora on Eid day. Everything was normal and people were seen celebrating Eid.

Best moment from NSA Ajit Doval’s visit to Anantnag in South Kashmir. Gujjar Shephard asks Mr. Doval, “Drass see aaya hai yeh. Drass jaante ho?” (These sheep have come from Drass. Do you now Drass?) Later shakes his hand out of happiness when informed that he is India’s National Security Advisor. (video)

Noted journalist Aditya Raj Kaul reported from Maisuma in Srinagar which is next to Lal Chowk. Restrictions are in place. Section 144 imposed. Once known for place that had stone pelting, protests, massive agitation led by Terrorist turned separatist Yasin Malik. You can see the entire area, brave CRPF person keeping a close watch on the entire area. Keeping the security of people in mind, maintaining vigil. Shops are shut on the day of Eid. People are coming out. What was once a hotbed of stone pelting in Srinagar, on the outskirts of Lal Chowk is today silent. Terrorist Yasin Malik who used to stay here is today in Tihar Jail.

Ground report from Maisuma in Srinagar. CRPF person keeping a close watch on the entire area

Not a single person to pelt stones at the so called ‘official kingdom’ of Terrorist Yasin Malik in Maisuma, Srinagar. Next to Lalchowk. Children were witnessed singing and interacting with the personnel on ground to celebrate Eid. As per reports, no violence was reported.

Hazratbal Dargah (Shrine) in Srinagar, Kashmir today. No mass violence or stone pelting reported yet. Only a few reports of small protests after Eid prayers.

Aditya Raj Kaul told, “The magical moment when we flew over the powerful Shankracharya Hill. This morning I had climbed the hill for darshan at the temple to pray for peace in India. And captured the morning Eid prayers. Bow my head to the almighty for peace, love and calm in Kashmir. Har Har Mahadev!”

Ariel view over Shankracharya Hill

Jamia Masjid, Srinagar and Hari Parbat Temple after an aerial survey today afternoon in the valley. Kashmir looks calm and peaceful as people stay indoors on the holiday. Not many on the streets. No sign of violence or any stone pelting. Radical elements not out on the streets.

Azaan from the Shankaracharya Hill in Srinagar. Captured it this morning at 8:30am after climbing up the hill. Thousands of people celebrated Eid and offered prayers in hundreds of mosques across the Kashmir valley.

From Shankaracharya hill, I could see nearby mosques filled with the faithful for prayers. Burnhall school, Saeb saeb astaan, BadamiBagh cantonment ground was brimming with people offering namaaz.

It’s been 7 days since the move to abrogate Article 370 from J&K. This road connects zero bridge and moves towards Tourist Reception Centre in Srinagar, Kashmir. There has been calm and no major violence. Monday brings Eid and joyous mood across. Let’s hope and pray for peace.

Veteran Kashmiri Journalist @ahmedalifayyaz speaks to me on Pakistan likely to increase infiltration of terrorists into Kashmir as a counter reaction. Says, a section of Kashmiris feels Pakistan is likely to send terrorists who could cause mayhem, attacks and blasts in Kashmir.

Pictures of normal Traffic movement from Srinagar on Monday Eid Day. Kashmir remained Peaceful
Pictures of normal Traffic movement from Srinagar on Monday Eid Day. Kashmir remained Peaceful

Amidst all the rhetoric and propaganda against India in foreign press, interviewed the most credible voice on ground, veteran journalist @ahmedalifayyaz , about situation in Kashmir and the road ahead. He says, ‘People have not resorted to violence. Only couple of demonstrations.’

One of the twitter users tweeted, “Just a reminder for younger generation: in 1995 when Char-i-Sharif was burnt down by Mast Gul of Pakistan, BBC showed visuals of Russian forces/tanks fighting Chechnyan Islamists, passing it off as Indian action in Kashmir. Point being: there are forces at play that we don’t see.”

Fresh Pictures of normal Traffic movement from Srinagar on Monday Eid Day
Fresh Pictures of normal Traffic movement from Srinagar on Monday Eid Day

Birds flying at Lalchowk at morning. Heavy traffic at Dal Gate, Sonwar Road, Gupkar Road etc. Popular bakery shops about to run out of stock. There is an eerie calm. Every Kashmiri is tired of violence and shutdown. Longing for peace.

As per reports coming in, “Many people were spotted fishing at the Dal Lake in Srinagar. Vegetable seller also visible on the Boulevard Road. People want normalcy. People want happiness. People want development. Conflict Entrepreneurs in politics, media and civil society however have other plans.”

Senior Police Officer, Imtiyaz Hussain said, “Situation limping back to normal in Kashmir. Administration is doing it’s best to reach out to people. Heartening to see people behaving with maturity and cooperating with Police & government institutions.”

Foreign bikers group leaving Srinagar after a successful trip in Ladakh.

Army men walk past school-going children in Pulwama in South Kashmir. “If you have a bag, we have your back.”

Kids going to School in Kashmir under the protection of Paramilitary.
Kids going to School in Kashmir under the protection of Paramilitary.

Kashmiri school-going girls this afternoon under the protection of Indian Army in the terror infested area of Pulwama of South Kashmir. More power to these girls who work hard against all odds to get education in Kashmir

Ahmed Ali Fayyaz @ahmedalifayyaz – a very credible voice from Kashmir on current situation said, “We went to Batmaloo, Hazratbal, Bemina, Panthachowk, Pampore, Pulwama, Khrew, old Srinagar, Nishat, among other places without any help, escort, PSO, curfew pass, permission. Many others went to Sopore, Anantnag with no hindrance.”

Supreme Court says Government is free to do whatever is possible to ensure no loss of life

Supreme Court on India refuses to intervene on Kashmir situation, says Government is free to take a call on restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir given the sensitivity of the situation. Matter adjourned to two weeks. State needs to do whatever is possible to ensure no loss of life.

Hearing on petition filed in Supreme Court by Tehseen Poonawalla seeking withdrawal of curfew, blocking of phone lines, internet, news channels & other restrictions from J&K: SC asks govt,’how long you are going to continue this? (restrictions)

Attorney General replied,’we are reviewing the day-to-day situation. It’s a highly sensitive situation, it’s in the interest of everyone. Not a single drop of blood has been shed, no one died. SC says,’we post the matter for hearing after two weeks and we will see what happens.’

Verified Twitter Handles for Authentic News on Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Regions

We are providing a List of Twitter handles that People must follow for authentic information from Kashmir. Do not trust any other source of information that are intended to promote misinformation. Rumors can cause loss of life. International Media that is sourcing its information from vested interests is a source of spreading Fake news.

1) DC Srinagar: @listenshahid
2) SSP Security: @hussain_imtiyaz
3) DIPR: @diprjk

Twitter Handles of Journalists for reportage:
1. @rahulpandita
2. @ashishsphotos
3. @AshishSinghLIVE
4. @rohanduaTOI
5. @AartiTikoo

Important : Doit suivre les comptes Twitter pour obtenir des informations authentiques du Kashmir :
1) DC Srinagar : @listenshahid
2) Sécurité du SSP : @hussain_imtiyaz
3) DIPR : @diprjk @IndAmbFrance  @Le_Figaro @lemondefr @SanamF24 @libe @LaurenceDefrano @DelanoDSouza

Rumor monger

Pakistan and its citizens are running a continuous malicious propaganda against India. Thousands of Pakistani troll Twitter accounts have emerged, sharing Fake videos and old pictures spreading rumors of police action against people of Kashmir. Social media warriors in India bravely busted their lies and fake propaganda.

Fake news was planted by Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI/ISPR in Pakistan suggests that a Kashmiri policeman has killed 5 CRPF men. This was absolutely false story being planted by Pakistan media to instigate a divide within security forces in Jammu & Kashmir. People shouldn’t fall for this trap by Pakistan agencies.

A Blue Tick Twitter handle @WajSKhan of Pakistani journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan working for Columbia Journal also peddled the same Fake story in line with the Pakistan’s malicious propaganda against India. Indian Government has condemned the Fake news and would be taking strict action on this issue.

Fake being spread by Pakistani journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan @WajSKhan of Columbia Journal
Fake being spread by Pakistani journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan @WajSKhan of Columbia Journal

Reply to rumor mongering

Replying to the Fake News planted by WajSKhan, CRPF India Tweeted, “The malicious content of this tweet is absolutely baseless and untrue. As always, all the security forces of India are working with coordination and bonhomie. Patriotism and our tricolour lie at the core of our hearts and existence, even when the color of our uniforms may differ.”

Complaint Made to Twitter by CRPF India against WajSKhan for spreading rumors through his tweets
Complaint Made to Twitter by CRPF India against WajSKhan for spreading rumors through his tweets

Inspector General of Police in Kashmir Swayam Prakash Pani releases statement exposing the fake narrative of international media on the valley situation. Says, valley is largely peaceful. No firing incident. Media should act responsibly.

Inspector General of Police in Kashmir Swayam Prakash Pani releases statement exposing the fake

Pani said the Jammu and Kashmir administration was committed to maintain peace and order and the state police worked in this direction. “The Eid namaz was offered in different mosques and after the prayers, the congregations dispersed peacefully. There have been a couple of minor, localised incidents of law and order which have been handled very professionally.

“In these incidents, there have been a couple of injuries which have been reported. Otherwise, the entire Valley situation is peaceful,” he said.

Referring to the law and order situation, Pani said some arrests were made but these were “absolutely in the ambit of law” and all those arrested were produced before the court and legal actions are being taken. “At this stage, every district has got its own priority and depending on the local situation, depending on the incident, they respond and they try to maintain the order,” he said.

Pani also said there has been a malicious campaign on social media and the contents of these were strongly refuted by the police. “We request citizens not to pay attention to such things. We have strongly denied this,” he said, referring to a tweet by the Pakistani journalist.

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Monday asked Twitter to block eight accounts on its platform for allegedly spreading rumours about the prevailing situation in the region.

Union home secretary Rajiv Gauba recommended the suspension of the following accounts: @kashmir787 (Voice of Kashmir), @Red4Kashmir (Madiha Shakil Khan), @arsched (Arshad Sharif), @mscully94 (Mary Scully), @sageelaniii (Syed Ali Geelani), @sadaf2k197, @RiazKha61370907, and @RiazKha723. While Sharif is a journalist with ARY News, Scully works with Pakistan Today.

Social Media was filled with rage against the Pakistani Journalist for planting Fake news that could have caused riots and lead to loss of many lives. One of the twitter users tweeted, “If @BBCNews considers #ZakirMusa fanboys representative of Kashmir, then it clearly has no idea what’s going in this part of the world. Shame on BBC for running al-Qaida propaganda in Indian Kashmir. PM @narendramodi @DrSJaishankar  must take it up with @BorisJohnson  Johnson govt.”

Another angry twitter user tweeted, “@columbiajourn Are you also joining the category of #FakeNewsMedia? Is there a competition between you and @BBCNews and @nytimes to prove which is the biggest #FakeNews Peddler? Your #FakeNews can cost lives @AmitShah @HMOIndia @NIA_India @PIB_India @PIBHomeAffairs @TheIntelMonk”

There is a growing public opinion to ban fake news peddler International Media from entering Jammu and Kashmir and ask their reporters to leave India. Some

As per the journalist Rahul Pundita, “travelled to the interiors of terror hotbed of Pulwama. Including villages of Pampore, Samboora, Kakapora, Balhama. Youth in local mosques are being told to fight Indian state. Indoctrination never ends. People have no idea what Article 370 means but want to pelt stones. #Kashmir”

Next time someone tells you that #Kashmir is under curfew, show them this video at Dal Gate in Srinagar. Liars need to be shown the truth. Some journalists as well lying through their teeth. Restrictions are surely in place but there is no curfew. People eager to celebrate Eid.

This is Kashmir today. And will be Kashmir tomorrow. Don’t believe fake propaganda by some because their Conflict business over blood of Kashmiris is getting choked.

Imtiyaz Hussain tweeted, “What weed do they smoke and what fantasy world they live in? If this is what verified handles are peddling,imagine the storm of propaganda unleashed by thousands of fake(Kashmiri look like) handles of @OfficialDGISPR. Truth has the ultimate power to decimate their imagined world”

Moses Dhinakaran, “I pity your exasperation fuelled by your helplessness at not being able to implement your sinister designs in #Kashmir. You have stooped to a new low with this fake news. The security forces of India are united and exist for a cause much mightier for your hatred to permeate.”

These ‘journalists’ who thrive on anti-India hate are now staring at their conflict business model being broken. Listen up, I am not just a journalist. I am a Kashmiri. It’s my home. So spare me the sermon and do your job sitting in Kashmir. Provoking violence isn’t journalism.

Off duty Police officer playing Cricket with children on Tuesday morning in Kashmir

This is 11am at Dal Gate, Srinagar. Abuse me as much you can. Yet videos won’t lie. I have never denied radicalisation. Never said people are happy with internet/phones shut. But they also want end to violence and Pakistan sponsored rioting & indoctrination. Kashmiris want peace.

If these ‘journalists’ would have got internet at Omar Abdullah or Mehbooba Mufti residence, they would have stayed at Gupkar and abused India in flowery language over Goshtabas, Kebabs and Phirni. Sadly that can’t happen for them. Hence this frustration to attack us now.

Interesting to see two editors and a reporter paradrop to Kashmir for ‘reporting’ and return via next available flight because they aren’t used to work under trying circumstances. Upon landing in Delhi, they abuse their Delhi colleagues reporting from Kashmir against all odds.

Aarti Tikoo Singh, a noted journalist exposed the hypocrisy of the Lutyan, Libral Media. In her tweet she said, “Absolutely, it is the biggest disqualification if a journalist has a Kashmiri Pandit name in India. The regressive liberal clique of New Delhi hates no one more than a Pandit journalist because they know only he/she has the ability to bust their lies & falsehoods about Kashmir.”

The elite had businesses outside; they could send their children to foreign universities who then returned to Kashmir and taught young boys that even Edward Said was a stone thrower. They returned to their seminars elsewhere; the young boys went to jail

Engineer Rashid arrested for Terror Funding

Top Sources reveal that the arrest of Engineer Rashid is a major success for NIA in the terror funding case. Rashid was being funded by terror conduit and middleman Zahoor Wattali and was his front in mainstream politics. He was trying to be kingmaker in Govt formation. ISI mole.

Rashid Engineer Arrested in Terror Funding case
Rashid Engineer Arrested in Terror Funding case

Senior Journalist Rahul Pandita reported from Srinagar that Rashid Engineer begged his interrogators, “Give me a chance”. Former J&K MLA arrested by NIA in terror-funding case even asked a top army commander for help.

Intel Reports

Intel Suggests Pakistan feels betrayed by local terror group Hizbul Mujahideen for not being able to support their proxy war in Kashmir over last one week. No terror incident has been reported across the Kashmir valley in last 7 days. Local Kashmiri Muslims take a sigh of relief.

There are also reports that FATF Grey Listed Pakistan will attempt to infiltrate large number of Terrorists in Indian side of the border. Pakistan is rattled with the peace in Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of article 370. All these decades Pakistan had used Kashmir as a tool to create a delusion for its public to divert their attention from their economic failures and bankruptcy. Since Pakistan economy is currently going through an economic turmoil, prices rising, stock prices crashing, Pakistan rupee going to touch 200 level with respect to US Dollar, reports suggest that Pakistan may start some minor skirmishes at the boarder.

Reports came trickling in about the heavy movement of tanks and other armament by Pakistan in its Occupied Kashmir. Indian agencies are keeping an eye on troop movements and will respond in a suitable way when necessary.

It looks like mobile network in Kashmir may be shut for a long time. No official word yet.

There were many angry exchanges between police and people on barricades. Till about 10 am all passes issued by the government were deemed invalid. However, they were honored again after Eid prayers.

Severe restrictions were placed on vehicular traffic all over Kashmir. But people were allowed to walk around. Prayers were held in mosques, but only those living around them could attend.

Apprehensions that once communication is restored, violence will break out in Kashmir. How much depends on how the situation is handled. Security forces are behaving well all over Valley.

In all, a majority of Kashmiris have no idea what abrogation of article 370 means. Argue with them for a minute and one realizes they are totally ignorant. All they know is “India will now take away everything.” From our sources we know that the NSA is aware of it. Big challenge.

With elimination of top terrorist commanders in mind, Army puts in place “cash on delivery” model

Big Investments coming up in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh Regions.

The government could soon announce an economic package exceeding Rs 1 lakh crore for the Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, government officials familiar with the plan said. The aim of the package being put together is to integrate the economies of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) and Ladakh with that of mainstream India.

The Modi government has an ambitious plan to transform Kashmir into the Switzerland of the Indian subcontinent by tapping its potential for tourism, sericulture, horticulture and food processing, the officials said, listing details of the plan. Handicrafts and other non-polluting industries can also be developed in the region, they added. In November, the officials said, the government will host an investment summit for attracting capital to the region.

The Centre may also direct state-run companies to invest in the region. Two major opportunities await public sector energy firms – hydropower projects and solar power. J&K and Ladakh have the potential to become power suppliers for north India and the public sector can pave the way for private investments, an official added.

State-owned NHPC Ltd, which is the largest investor in the Valley with 2,339 MW under operation, is developing an additional 3,810 MW. According to the official mentioned above, these projects have an investment potential of around Rs 40,000 crore, which will have cascading effect on the region.

The government will also present a blueprint for the implementation of its flagship schemes — Swachh Bharat Mission, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) and schemes for development of Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes — in the region.

Simultaneously, the government plans to expand and use the network of the Common Service Centres (CSCs) to reach every village. This is to be used for the delivery of services and implementation of schemes, the officials said. Currently, the state has over 3,000 CSCs.

Industry has recommended a 10-point policy agenda for growth of the region, including the creation of a better investment climate and a focus on sectors such as tourism, infrastructure and connectivity, agriculture and horticulture, and renewable energy, among others, a CII statement said.

Reliance Industries Limited chairman Mukesh Ambani on Monday announced that the group will make several announcements related to investment in the newly formed Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh in the upcoming days.

Mukesh Ambani also said that the Reliance group will set up a special task force focused on making investments in Jammu and Kashmir.

Measures being taken by Civil Administration for General Public and Employees of J&K

· Treasuries and Banks are being made functional during this period even on holidays. ATMs are functioning smoothly, and it has been ensured that the cash is replenished on regular basis and people are drawing cash as and when required.

· Salary of all the Employees and “Wages” of DRWs/Casual Labourers etc. are being released.

Measures being taken by Civil Administration
Measures being taken by Civil Administration

· G.P Fund/Pension/Gratuity and other payments are being paid.

· Payments for Developmental works are also being cleared on priority.

· The delivery of vegetables/LPG/Poultry/eggs has been ensured at the door steps through mobile vans. Six (6) Mandies/Markets have been established in Srinagar City. Further, 2.5 lac sheep on hooves are available for public for Eid-ul-Azha sacrifice. In rest of the districts, the District Magistrates have made elaborate arrangements for the forthcoming Eid-ul-Azha.

· Ration Ghats in every district have started functioning to supply ration to the general public. Out of 3697 Ration Ghats in Kashmir Division, 3557 ration Ghats have been made operational to provide ration to the general public.

· Special and elaborate arrangements have been made for the safe and Hassle free return of Hajis from Saudi Arabia, for which flights will commence on 18th of August. All Deputy Commissioners have nominated their Nodal Officers who will be stationed at the Airports from 18th August, 2019 for the convenience of the Haji Sahiban. Special Help Line desks will be established at Airport and Hajj House for the convenience of Hajis.

· The Government has made sufficient stocking of essential items. Wheat has been stocked to suffice for 65 days, rice for 55 days, mutton for 17 days, poultry for 1 month, Kerosene Oil for 35 days, LPG for 01 month, High Speed Diesel (HSD) and MS for 28 days.

· All bakery/Poultry/Mutton shops are open today and long queues were seen outside these shops.

Measures being taken by Civil Administration -2
Measures being taken by Civil Administration

· Traffic is plying smoothly in Srinagar City and being regulated round the corner.

· All the health institutions at primary, secondary and tertiary level are functioning fully with doctors and Para Medical Staff. Identity Cards of the Medical Staff are being treated as movement passes. Further the medicines are available in sufficient quantity in all the institutions.

· Flights are operating as per the schedule and air tickets are being treated as movement passes.

· Magistrates have been deployed at every critical place to act as facilitators for the convenience of the general public.

· 300 special telephone booths are being established to help public to communicate with their kins and relations.

· Adequate arrangements for sanitation works have been made through Municipal Corporation and Municipalities.

· To ensure 24×7 Electric supply and immediate restoration of faults/breakdown, sufficient staff has been deployed and all receiving transmission/ distribution stations are fully functional. Adequate equipments (transmission cables and transformers) are also in stock.

Measures being taken by Civil Administration - 3

· To ensure water supply, Staff has been deployed at Pumping Station and Filtration Plant round the clock.

· For Eid preparation, other than, the Provisional Stores, Bakery and Sweet Shops have been facilitated to remain open and cater the demands of the people.

· Laision Officers have been activated through Resident Commissioner, New Delhi in various places including Aligarh and New Delhi, to facilitate students of J&K for communicating with their families as well as celebration of the Eid Festival.

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