Afghanistan Army on an Operation

4 Humvees detonated by Taliban Suicide bombers in Kandahar, Afghanistan: 154 Taliban Terrorists killed in last 4 days

FATF Grey Listed Nation Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists detonated Four Humvees on Sunday morning in Maroof district of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. At least 19 people including 8 Election commission employees were killed in the suicide attacks.

In recent successful major offensive by Afghanistan Army and NDS in last 4 days, 154 Pakistan’s Taliban Terrorists including 11 Taliban commanders were annihilated and 11 were captured alive. A district in Faryab provice was cleared of the Pakistani Taliban Terrorists.

Here are the Pakistani Taliban Terrorists major casualties figures in last one week:

Faryab, Ghormach – 57 Pakistan’s Taliban killed.

Faryab, Gorziwan – 15 Pakistan’s Taliban Terrorists killed. (30 june)

Balkh, Sholgara – 48 Taliban Terrorists including 11 Pakistani Taliban Terrorist commanders killed.

Nangarhar, Achin – 14 Pakistani Taliban Terrorists killed, 8 Terrorists captured alive.

Kabul, Sorobi – 20 Pakistani Taliban Terrorists killed (28th June)

Afghanistan Army and NDS in fresh offensive against Taliban Terrorists

This comes amid ongoing negotiations between US and Taliban in Doha.